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Default The Dim Future

After this season is over, there will be no light at the end of the tunnel in Washington for Wizards' fans. Michael Jordan set this franchise back a few years when he took Kwame Brown #1 overall pick in the 2001 draft. Then he took Jared Jefferies in 2002.

Gilbert Arenas has hinted that he'll opt out of his contract most likely to pursue a bigger payday. Its up to Grunfeld to see if he wants to pay Arenas $100M or more over 5-6 years. There will be numerous teams aching for Arenas' services and would be willing to pay him that kind of money.

Jamison is also a unrestricted free agent and will be looking to goto a team where he can get a ring. Those are the Wizards two best players along with an oft injured Caron Butler. That brings up the dreaded "R" word...rebuild.

Scenario 1: If the Wizards want to let Arenas walk for nothing, then they'll have some big money to get some top named free agents in the summer of 08. With both Gilbert and Antawan off the books, they'll be well under the cap.

Scenario 2: They get some compensation for Gilbert and Jamison by trading them by the deadline. This would mean that this season would be tanked and hope to get the #1 overall pick to get Derrick Rose or Beasley.
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Default Re: The Dim Future

How about this one? They resign Arenas to a max deal (They can offer him more than any other team). Then they let Jamison and his 16 mil walk and sign a good big for around 10 mil a year. Then you have
maybe Blatche
Good big man
Add 2 first round picks next year and the future isn't so dim.
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Old 10-17-2007, 03:27 PM   #3
Not airballing my layups anymore
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Default Re: The Dim Future

If Gilbert does opt out, then he can receive higher offers elsewhere since he'll be an unrestricted free agent. As a restricted free agent, the team that owns the rights to that player is able to pay him more than any other team and thats the main reason he's opting out. In all reality, the Wizards aren't going to be a championship team this year or even next year so whats going to keep Arenas around? Imagine if he lands in Dallas or Cleveland, two teams that have had success. Arenas and Lebron? Scary thought. There's nothing keeping him in Washington right now.
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Default Re: The Dim Future

1. Even as an unrestricted Free Agent the Wizards maintain Arena's ''Bird Rights'' which means they can offer more money than any other team can, and one extra contract year as well. So if he wants max money DC is the team that can do that unless they agree to a sign and trade with another team.

2. Jamison is no scrub, he is an elite PF in the eastern conference and is a double-double threat every time he sets foot on the floor.

3. The Wizards were on track for the #1 seed in the east until injuries started to plague the team.

#4. Habachi is the biggest sports celeb in DC, no Redskin, National, Hoya, Capital, nor Wizard is as popular as he is.

Nope, Wizrards will pay him because barring injuries this season they will contend for the #1 seed, destroy the rest of the southeast division, and Blatche, Songalia and Pecherov will finally give them the big man depth needed rotation compliment the great wing combo of Butler-Arenas.

Earnie Grunfeld is the most under-rated, under-appreciated GM in the NBA. So I totally disagree with you opinion that their future is dim.

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