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Old 02-06-2013, 02:28 AM   #1
Step 11
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Default Greatest Movie Trailer Ever... the award goes to:


the trailer is epic... the movie blows +20
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Step 11
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Default Re: Greatest Movie Trailer Ever... the award goes to:

and Moon Bloodgood is Smoking Hot.

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Default Re: Greatest Movie Trailer Ever... the award goes to:

Not sure if best ever, but maybe the highest trailer/movie quality ratio. It was just so disappointing that the trailer is so much better than the movie. What a let down. I'm hoping part 5 brings back the chase element.
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"The One"
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Default Re: Greatest Movie Trailer Ever... the award goes to:

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Default Re: Greatest Movie Trailer Ever... the award goes to:

Too bad the movie turned out to be total shit. I was way hyped for it.
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Step 11
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Default Re: Greatest Movie Trailer Ever... the award goes to:

^^^WTF is that???
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Timmy D for MVP
Chuck Hayes Stan
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Default Re: Greatest Movie Trailer Ever... the award goes to:

I feel like the best trailers are the one's that as soon as you see them, you start searching for more information.

I think the last trailer that really made me do that was Pacific Rim. I was like: "Del Toro and monsters? Hmm... could be interesting... GLADOS!?" As soon as I heard GLaDoS I was like... mkay what's this movie all about?

Trailers like that draw interest into the movies. And sometimes they are waaaaay better than the movies themselves.
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