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Old 08-16-2007, 05:56 PM   #226
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Default Re: Lebron says he is "number one leader" of Team USA

Originally Posted by Da KO King
You guys are insane. The guy is a team captain yet you're killing him for saying he has to lead vocally and by example?!?

I couldn't have said it better.

I can't be bothered to go back and read the last 15 pages of posts, because I looked at the first 3, and the comments were ridiculous.

There are idiots in this thread saying that they didn't hate Lebron before, but now they do because he said he's the leader.

Ok, first off. All you Kobe lovers? What the hell is wrong with you? Kobe Bryant has made a CAREER out of giving teammates the cold shoulder.

He may score the most points on the floor, he may be the best player out there, but do you really think he's going to motivate that team?

Kidd? Ok, maybe he's vocal enough. I don't know much about his off court voice.

But I do know that Lebron James led a pretty poorly organized Cavaliers team to the Finals. AND he's the captain of the team.

All these rumors about how team usa coaches want Lebron to stay home are great and all, very entertaining, but then why the hell did he get named Captain? NBA conspiracy? Big order down from David Stern?

Grow up guys.

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Default Re: Lebron says he is "number one leader" of Team USA

Cleveland — For the first two games of the Eastern Conference finals, no one was quite sure what LeBron James was doing, shooting or passing. It has been the same with USA Basketball.

During the season James said he was “50-50” about playing this summer. But there was a recent item in a Cleveland-area paper that said James, with a second child due in June, is planning a long vacation with his old high school pals and isn’t likely to play for the USA this summer in Olympic qualifying.

Team Chairman Jerry Colangelo has been emphasizing a three-year commitment for all players, but eased up somewhat in announcing additions to the roster last week that included former Bull Tyson Chandler and former Illini Deron Williams. Kirk Hinrich is already on the list.

But the feeling inside and around the U.S. team is that no one — except for his sponsor, Nike — would be too unhappy if James doesn’t compete this summer, or even in the 2008 Olympics. His game hasn’t been a good fit for international competition or with the USA team, and it might be better off without him.

No one wants to say it publicly, and no one disputes that James is a top talent, but there wouldn’t be any great sadness if James decides to stay home in 2008. There were some minor attitude issues, and one famous scene last summer in which Bruce Bowen, who is dropping out of contention for the team, openly lectured James about treating administrative staff members with respect.

James, team insiders said, had a habit of ordering people around without ever learning their names.

The bigger issue for the USA Basketball staff is James’ fit as a player. He doesn’t shoot particularly well, but he liked to keep the ball glued to his hand in last year’s world championships. He is a willing passer and really was at his best when playing point guard toward the end of the tournament.

But Chauncey Billups and Jason Kidd will play this summer, and both are far better floor leaders than James. And with a terrific playoff run, Deron Williams is dribbling his way into that crowd. They all are better than James at running a team.

Also, coaches worried about James’ ego and view of himself within the team. They found too often when he wasn’t getting his points, he’d try hard late in games to get numbers, apparently so he wouldn’t have to answer questions about poor statistical games.
There also was some discomfort about internal jealousies.

“We’re not sure how all this will work out,” one team insider said.

Because of injuries, Wade, Lamar Odom, Paul Pierce, Chris Paul, Joe Johnson and Brad Miller will not compete this summer, necessitating additions, including Mike Miller, Tayshaun Prince, Carlos Boozer, Greg Oden and Kevin Durant, as well as Chandler, Williams and Kobe Bryant.

The Bulls’ Hinrich and Houston’s Shane Battier have excellent chances to stick as role players, especially by playing all three summers. Attendance does count. Amare Stoudemire is committed this summer after being hurt last year, and insiders say the staff was very impressed with Anthony

Lebron James is bad for USA BALL in large amounts..small amounts could be ok

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Noob Saibot
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Default Re: Lebron says he is "number one leader" of Team USA

Lol at people bashing at LeBron, cuz he thinks he is the true leader of team USA. They're just words guys, they don't mean anything. Like LeBron said, he must lead by example and by voice, only time will tell.
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Default Re: Lebron says he is "number one leader" of Team USA

Amare when asked who the leader of team USA is: "We're all leaders but we're behind the veterans, Kidd and Kobe"...said something of that nature on Jim Rome yesterday.
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Default Re: Lebron says he is "number one leader" of Team USA

LeBron may lead with his play (points, rebounds, etc.) But in terms of vocal and veteran leadership, it's Kidd. He's the PG, the person who sets up the offense. And he makes everyone else, including LeBron, better.

I don't care who's named the "captain." Jason Kidd is the leader of the team.
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Old 08-16-2007, 08:13 PM   #231
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Default Re: Lebron says he is "number one leader" of Team USA

He's a fool. Without the officials in the NBA, he would not even average 20 a game. He should just stop talking from now on and bite his nails.

Kobe is clearly the leader of the team. He is their only leader. He is the best on the f'ing planet, Team USA will only win if he says so, and "Carmelo dominating practice", lol practice.
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