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I don't get picked last at the park anymore
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Cool Interview with Coach and GM

Hey this from one of the forums... I am not stealing this...but wanted other fans to see what's to come of the Toronto Raptors...

Copied and pasted:
"I just got back about an hour ago from my breakfast with BC and SM....

off the bat i gotta say, BC is a pofessional and you immediately get a sense of accomplishment, direction and fulfillment from hearing him speak.... extremely friendly...

coach mitchell... Professional and COCKY as hell ... he gives off this aura of let me get in the gym with the guys rather than answer these questions over and over again.. can't blame him really as im sure he gets grlled with the same q's... but very articulate and well spoken...

immediatly after the session.. i grabbed him and BC for a quick photoshoot and he's like. .

'maann.. i gotta go ' ... Brian's like SAM...just take a picture... he did.. hesitantly and took off.... BC and the SWIRSK hung around... but it did appear that Sam was in a rush as they said 10 gusy were upstairs as we spoke..

Ok .. as for the Q&A itself..

*Again.. sorry to say.. most raps season ticket holders are LOOOOOSERS .. who just sit there and look pretty and quite honestly dont know JACK about the raptors..

* I again threw out 3 of the 6 questions answered amongst over 20 ppl...
*Begining the session (like last week) Chuck introduces the raptors video.. its about 3 mins covering last years sure everyoens seen a bit of it on tv... but theres alot of footage.. great way to hype up the fans

* starts off with BC talking about how he's impressed with the turnout..the raps are here on their own will... Sam simply suggested to them that they may want to show up early.. EVERYONE came but nesterovic....Again reiterated that this NEVER EVER happens...

1)i asked Sam about last yaers learning curve and what htey're doing different this year

*we have veterans that know how to play and have experience
*last year there were MANY times when CV and JG didn't know what they were doing and looked baffled...he said that is normal for rookies
*Honed on when asking CV 'why he was at a certain spot' on defense he'd get a 'i dont know' reply .. which again he said is expected... but ppl need to realize that there is a learning curve for rookies
*...'many times Charlie didn't even know what city we were in b/c of the back 2 back or 4 games in 5 nights schedules' ...

- I m not sure if he kept mentioning charlie to condone the trade or just as a rookie example - he did mention jose and joey also but ref'd charlie more

2) Observing the palyers for about a week now... is/was there anything that caught u by surprise or that u didn't expect?

*No...nothing really .. i know all the guys.. i coached TJ in milwaukee..
*BC CUT him off laffing and goes.. YES... they all showed up and are genuwinely excited to get started and acclimated with one's a real refresher seeing these guys on the floor

3) Someone asked what is the backup plan considering if alot of the raptors play in the WC next year or qualifying tourneys and get injured.. we have no cap space.... (basically in ref to Pau Gasol being out till march and how memphis is screwed)

*BC.. the raptors have hired the Grizzlies' trainer and he told them all the concerns with Pau prior to the WC
*Brain said had he been in that situation he would have recommended Pau ( or his player) not to play
*The trainer (now with the raps) is not surprised Pau got injured
*BC mentioned its a risk to let them play but at the same time you have to do whats best for your team
i.e Decision to NOT let Bargnani play in WC upset Italy...but it was the best decision for the raps and Andrea.. the guy was dead tired after playing all year, flying to the draft the day after winning the championship..then going to the summer league.. he's WELL rested.. gained weight and strenght and ready to go
- Also.. if bosh didn't play.. this would be his first real action since early march when he got hurt... it was a GREAT experience for chris and kept him in shape.. bottom line .. CB4 NEEDED to play BALL
- Benefit for Jose and Garbs
- Nesterovic showed NEW LIFE in the WC... he is VERY HAPPY about coming here

-agreed that injuries can occur and should be warranted but you always have to do whats best for the palyers/team

4) asked about Defense and the new guys learning plays

-Both BC and SAm .. .European players know how to play D.. HELP Defense is their speciality
-spoke about how Garbs held Nowitizki in the WC.. but did it with help defense
- Garbs smart defender

...other Stupid irrelevant questions i can't remember..

OK.. NOW THE JUICE. . (sorry had to save this for the end like last time)

SAM MITCHELL Highlights: (he spoke of these guys voluntarily)

on Jose Calderon:

- PRAISED jose calderon like no other... says Jose is ready to go and will be an integral part of this franchise
- ALWAYS thinking of the team first ..wheterh he plays 5 minutes or 25...
- EXTREMELY new attitude and confidence after rookie season and WC
- Ready to accept responsibility

on Joey Graham:

-Extremely talented and skilled player..CAN easily be a STAR in this league.. YES .. he said STAR
-unbelievable strenght and athleticism
-struggled with the learning curve last year
-has the ability to cover KOBE, VINCE, LEBRON, TMAC...
-To the Fans: Expect BIG things from Joey this year

on CB4 and Mo Pete:
- Have emerged as leaders of the team
- Mo petes game keeps getting better
- CB4 is the only guarnateed starter
- CB4 has grown so much over the past seasons..and has soo much more room to grow...

On Bargs:

- Wants Barganni to play center
- believes he will create incredible match up problems for other teams
- Can Dribble, Pass and Shoot
- Plays the game with guard like skills
- 7'1 with shoes
- He will dicate his own playing time... 'Players decide who plays .. NOT ME'

Brian Colangelo:


- the majority of the team has realized they are not in shape after playing with TJ
- the guy is Lightning quick..possibly the FASTEST palyer they've seen
- Pushes the ball immediately
-Hard to keep up with him
-Caught Fred Jones (who has bulked up) trying to catch his breath on the sidelines...admitting that he luvs the style and has to get used to all the running
-Expect ENTERTAINING Basketball
- Joey graham, fred jones always ahead of the pack when tj pushes the ball...
- Chris and Rasho will complement each other GREAT
- Rasho has played with TD and KG ... he knows how to win.. never been on a losing roster... played with Sam
- Rasho has over 400 starts in his career
- Projected to Start games..but may not finish them (a la Bargs)


Heres MY FAVORITE PART .. this was mentioned TWICE by BC throughout the session....

QUESTION: u traded for an oft injured guard.. are u worried?

BC: (licks his lips, smiles...) 'Yesterday.. Tj Ford.. in transition on the break.. leaped up and slammed home a 360 dunk' ... ' In a game situation... i believe that should tell you about how he's feeling'

MORE TJ stuff...

(excitedly speaking he mentioned...)

*TJ has been throwing lobs to himself and dunking them
* Off the backboard lobs and slamming them
*For a 5'11 Guy to do that.. I believe his past injury is not an immediate concern.... we're looking at the positives

Thats all i remmber for now folks...

Sorry if its all over the place.. i've been up since 2am At work...


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Not airballing my layups anymore
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Sam is going to get fired LOL... he clashed with Babcock and now he understands he can't pull crap on BC cuz BC has him on a tight leash... when Sam snaps, he will be gone.. I agree that I too feel he has this cocky attitude about him watching interviews and stuff.. maybe that is why he has had confrontations with guys like Vince and Rafer.

Which brings me to my next question.. I thought since these are workouts outside the Pre-season schedule, weren;t coaches and personnal not allowed to be in the workouts hence how can the coaches know what the players are doing.. I think I may be mistaken...

They really want Andrea Bargs to be the teams Centre.. apart from him being 7'1 and 255 pounds, what else of Bargs makes him a Centre.. I see him as a PF with spot minutes at C and maybe defend as Centre... but that is about it..

Joey Graham a star?!? the guy looks soo lost last year and I doubt he will improve much because he looked was like 'Hoffa Lost' being hard chance to turn it around.. good to hear he is running well though...

Everyone knew TJ is athletic and fast.. now if we can hear something bout his strength on defense and his jumper we be set.

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Made that high school varsity squad
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he gives off this aura of let me get in the gym with the guys rather than answer these questions over and over again..

Yap thats what i am talking about, i am tired of people asking questions. Sma is basketball guy he just wants to play ball and get this guys to play ball which sounds like t hey are excited to do. People need to stop asking questions and critizing and just let Sam do his job. Great Article, nice to see TJ Ford is doing . Lol the rest of the team realized they are out of shape after playing with TJ Ford !!!

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Not airballing my layups anymore
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1.) I think Sam is going to get fired this year. The guy does seem extremely cocky especially in his interviews with the media. Not to mention the guy clashed with both Vince and Rafer and possibly a few more players who have yet to come out. The guy is a passionate coach who believes in hard work, which I respect, but as a leader you can't always rely on your passion. He clashed with Babcock last year knowing Babcock was a pushover but he would think twice with a GM like Bryan as Bryan has Sam on a very tight leash ("Just take a picture" LMAO!!). Hope Sam learned some strategies and plays during the summer.

2.) So they really are keen on putting Bargs at C.. besides the fact he is 7'1 and 255 pounds I still don't see him as the answer to our C in the future. The guy really needs to learn how to play in the paint first; not necessarily to stay there but so he can mix his game up a bit.. I guess that would come with time but is it wise to make a guy turn away from his gifts (superb shooting and good driving skills).. Hope the Raptors didn't pick him just cause he was one of the biggest guys in the draft.. that's just my opinion though I am optimistic about him. He looks up to Sabonis and wants to model his game after him, and Sabonis was a great inside-out centre so.

3.) We all know that TJ Ford is lightning quick, great court vision, and is a good athlete, but what I want to know is has the guy developed strength to play better D and has he improved on his jumper? I sure hope he has.

4.) Joey Graham a STAR?!? The guy looked soo lost last year.. 'Hoffa lost' meaning he had no idea what he was doing.. like a deer in front of headlights.. Yes he has tools and skills to become a GOOD player, but he lacks killer instinct and basketball IQ (IMO) to be effective.. What he needed was to build some confidence over the summer to play NBA ball... Hope he got help.

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