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Default Re: Peyton Manning has to be on HGH

Originally Posted by Nanners
its a little ****ed up that deflategate was THE story for last years superbowl and so little is being made over this. tv was littered with douchebags like ray lewis and mark brunell crying crocodile tears about how belichick and brady ruin the "integrity of the game"... fast forward to this year and its absolute silence from those same NFL talking heads on this story.

The only reason anyone ever cared about any Deflategate made up bullshit was because they are so damn jealous of Brady, Belichick, and the Patriots and that they win all the time.

That's it. If you actually look at Spygate, it was the same exact thing. Nothing but jealousy. Numerous famous NFL coaches have said they did the exact same thing Belichick did and it was never an issue until Goodell and the Jets somehow decided it should be.

Just like the same thing with Deflategate, only in that case, Goodell decided to go even one step further and make accusations of something that never even happened at all.

Goodell, other NFL teams and former players, jealous fans, etc., don't give a damn about Manning possibly using HGH and then lying about it, because Manning is a career loser, and no one is jealous of him, or of the two teams he played on.

Just imagine if Goodell would have been the commissioner of the NBA during the Michael Jordan Bulls dynasty of the 1990s....Jordan would have surely been banned for life from the league for some made up fake "violating the integrity of the game", and for some made up fake false accusation of "cheating", by the 3rd or 4th championship. The same thing probably would have happened to Phil Jackson by the time he won his second title with the Lakers.

The mere fact that so many people still think any of this "Patriots cheating" crap is real, is because they are jealous and retarded.

The Panthers and Vikings actually did make violations to the football (the Patriots never did) and were caught doing so on camera, and not once did the media or any fan base in the USA, nor the NFL care about it.

49ers, Broncos, and Dolphins have cheated probably more than all other NFL teams combined in history, and yet all you hear from media and fans is how Shula, Elway and Montana "never cheated", but how "all Brady and Belichick do is cheat".

The whole thing is ridiculous and always has been, from the first moment ESPN started the whole "Patriots are cheaters" propaganda with the fake and made up story about taping the Rams' practice before the Super Bowl, something that has been proven as an absolute made up lie, and something that ESPN even had to admit they lied about on the air in order to avoid being sued. The fact ESPN even had to admit on air they lied about that, but yet most NFL fans and sports media, and some former players STILL claim it happened, is a pure proof that none of this ever had to do with anything but hatred and envy.

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