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Default Re: Why is Joakim Noah a Top 10 prospect?

Originally Posted by adamcz
I think that Noah is a lock to be a good role-player in the NBA. On offense, the best he'll ever be is 3rd option on a decent team, but there is zero risk that he'll be worthless and out of the league in a few years.


The teams that drafted on potential and ended up with Tskitishvili, Haslip, etc. would probably love to trade those guys in for a sure-fire good/great role player.

Exactly. Noah is a guy who will stick in the NBA. He may not have all that vaunted 'upside' 'potential' but he is a polished prospect that can be counted on. Sometimes that's all a GM needs in the mid-1st round.
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Default Re: Why is Joakim Noah a Top 10 prospect?

Originally Posted by geeWiz15
I hate how the entire world is on his nuts. if he does ANYTHING, the announcers will gush about how much of a competitor he is. um what about the fact that his teammates are the ones doing all the work and all he does is set screens, pass to them, and block a few shots. his teammates are the ones rebounding and scoring and playing team D. and he gets the credit. and he's the top 5 draft choice. I really don't get it. does anyone seriously think this guy is going to carry their team one day? he doesn't have any fking SKILLS... I think that's a prerequisite. ugliest shot I've ever seen, no post moves, way too skinny. I think he's a terrific glue guy, pretty much the best glue guy known to man but this is a deep, talented draft class and you gotta go for more than that.

You don't get it cause you're totally off about him. You probably seen one bad game and made your judgement off of that. He was the Florida's best rebounder, shot blocker for the entire tournament and you overlook that cause you continually know nothing about college players nor how well they do. Only to you does a guy who averages 12/9/2/2 has "no skills". Lets look at the other big men that'll be in the draft:

Al Horford: 13/10/2/2
Roy Hibbert: 13/7/1/3
Brandon Wright: 15/7/1/2
Aaron Gray: 14/10/1/2
Josh McRoberts: 13/8/4/3

None of them are hardly head and shoulders statistically over Noah. Horford and Wright probably will go higher, but the rest of them are limited by their own physical capabilties or mental (McRoberts). If you were smart and knowledgeable about college ball-which you're not-I'm sure you'd bring up Big Baby (Glenn Davis, since you're probably scratching your head) and Nick Fazekus. However the reason why they aren't considered top prospects is apparent and bringing them up would not help your case.

If you have actually watched a game, you would see that Noah has all the intangibles to being a good player. He's more athletic than everyone on that list except Wright. He's a better leader, and he's probably the most coachable out of all of them. He has plenty of skills. Other than his slim frame (which is easily rectified with hard work - a quality he possess), there is nothing negative about him at all. He may not end up a great player when stacked against the other likes of his class like Wright, Durant, or Oden, but end being better than other top 5 chosen bigs like Andrew Bogut, LaMarcus Aldridge, Tyrus Thomas, Shelden Williams, Darko, or Drew Gooden is more than worthy for a top 5 nomination.

What I'm going to ask you to do is stop commenting on any college player or college game until you actually start watching games. This **** has gone long enough with you. Last year you were talking out of your ass during the tournament and you continue do so now. You don't know ****. That much is apparent to everyone but yourself.
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Default Re: Why is Joakim Noah a Top 10 prospect?

Originally Posted by Baller1986

NOah= Brian Grant
Noah wishes that his NBA best would equal Brian Grant's. Before injuries Grant was a very solid inside guy.
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