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Old 06-29-2008, 08:02 PM   #1
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Default NW draft day grades

utah- A
portland B+
minni - B
seattle- C+
denver- D

utah did the most with the least- utah, by far the biggest and probobly the best, just got bigger- they added great value at the 23rd spot in koufos 7-0 c- & then imo the may have struck gold at 44 with a tomic 7-1 f/c- those two added to fesenki 7-1 added to the guys they have right now give great depth and future potential inside-

portland hit the home run in the draft of any of the good teams- going in and getting bayless(even if id did end up being just a couple spots up) for jack & rush was imo a GREAT move- what a great fit for the blazers & for bayless- he will be the point gaurd of that franchise for 10+ years- starting day 1- he will also be great for those key guys in roy/alderige/oden - bayless gives them another one of those caliber peices & its at the most important spot
- but portland imo did screw them selves out of an A++ with their jockeying around of their other picks-if batum turns out huge i guess they are forgiven- & i respect any ro*******ing of the spurs- but i think they hit big with aurthur and dorsey and believe bringing both of those 2 into the fold would have been scary

-minnisota made a great move in adding an all star sg/sf(miller) and 2 2nds for guys they didnt want but thought they were the most valuble picks(oj & chalmers)- so i guess this trade was a big picture thing that may be the best for cap & roster reasons but for draft purposes love alone is at best a decent day- love gives them that perfect 4th through 7th guy- for sure an effective role player- though he is completely ro*******ed by the teams best player?

-seattle- i thought seattle should have taken the chance to add the #2 scorer they will need and take bayless- this may be their ro******* in getting better- however i love westbrook and think he is a future star- he will come along much slower than a bayless-
- the ibaka pick was good but imo the dj white trade and the rest of the picks are all such back of the roster moves they dont really even matter- but i think both seattle & detroit look stupid in that trade

i guess i actually respect seattle betting their whole big draft on westbrook- it just makes me think they could have had a way bigger day

-denvers managment shows a pitiful show of arrogence for about the 4th year in a row-pretty much saying "our sqaud is so good, we dont need a thing" and trades the #20 pick for something 4-6?? years down the road- imo ajinca will be a star in the nba- would have been THE perfect longterm replacement for camby- nugs did trade in to pick 39 and grab themselves sonny weems- i dont know for sure but this kid stands a chance to play in the league so that would be a steal- but with a roster with barely any talent at pg you draft a sg- the only pos on the team that has 7 guys that can play it?? denver needed an impact from the draft and passed on it- weems potential saves the grade from being F-
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Old 06-29-2008, 09:48 PM   #2
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Default Re: NW draft day grades

Utah-C They got a weaker, skinnier Okur when they drafted Kofous. And Tomic wont be coming over for a few years.(and right now hes no good)

Portland-A They absolutely STOLE Bayless without giving up any of their young core guys. Added Batum for Arthur and Dorsey. Portland has no use for Arthur or Dorsey cuz they would get absolutely ZERO playing time.

Minny-B We will see how this works out for them. I have a feeling Love will be a solid NBA player, but i also have a feeling OJ Mayo is going to explode in the NBA.

Seattle-C They should have taken Bayless at #4. Westbrook is going to be a bust.

Denver-F What did they even do?
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Old 06-29-2008, 10:18 PM   #3
I rule the local playground
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Default Re: NW draft day grades

looking back at mine and then yours i think you are more right- & i dont think utah should grade higher in some ways- i stick w thinking that tomic has huge potentil and that koufos at that pick was the only and most logical and best choice for them-

and if i give tomic credit for potential i think i should definitly give batum points- portland for sure gets an A

i think portland could have got that baum deal done another way? i actually think aurthur & dorsey would have been the perfect additions- unlike other teams portland can take back of the roster shots- dorsey would be the enforcer and not make oden fill that role- sure he maybe only plays 10 mins but he is ready day 1- aurthur could be perfect third big guy down the road after oden/aldridge- you would have been just stacked up front-

mainly why keep wanting 2nds "next year" i thought maybe portland grabbed some great values and just peddled them off to play again next year- we will see , and there is still alot of if and when about batum- but you are the biggest winners of all time if batum is a star because i do think bayless will be bigtime for you - as a nuggets fan this is the first time ive ever thought you could be better than the nugs

nuggets are the only team in the division not getting better- blazers will not catch this year though- they still have a lot of learning to do- la at pf , oden at c, roy & bayless w each other and the rest-

minnisota & seattle may be interesting- is there a chance that almost every team in the wc could be good this year?

seattle needs to trade for eddy curry- they could take ridnour and ??- they now need a #2 scorer at the c position now that they have went defender at 3&1- sonics will stay about the same if one more scorer isnt added- & a c, so you have to combine it w curry
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there, there
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Default Re: NW draft day grades

portland just jumped denver with this draft.
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Default Re: NW draft day grades

I agree that Bayless is a great fit for the Blazers. He will be the PG, but Roy is the guy that the offense runs through. His shooting will really open things up. I also agree that Arthur is going to be a great player, but with Aldridge and Frye already there you don't really need another starting calibier player. Dorsey on the other hand would have been nice off the bench. If Batum pans out then they had a great draft, if not then they did give up a couple of bigs that they could have at least used in future trades to lure a big time player.

I love Koufus for Utah. He may not contribute much this season, but as he gets bigger he will be more of a force inside and continue to be a good outside shooter. Don't forget that he is only like 20 so he has another 3 or 4 years before it is fair to say that they drafted a weaker, skinnier Okur. Tomic is what he is, a big man with potential.

As for Seattle, they better pray that Westbrook improves a lot. He was a pretty good college player, but outside of the things he could do with his athletic ability, he didn't show a lot of great basketball skill. The one thing that makes me think he can do well is that he played very well when Collison was out, but that is such a short amount of time that it is hard to get a real reading on him. To me it seems like every UCLA PG does well in college with Farmer, Collison, and Westbrook for a few games. We will see how they all do in the NBA, but it could be more of the fact that their system is made for PG.
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