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Default 4, 10, 23, 33: The Retired Numbers

I was thinking about this.

The Bulls in my opinion need to retire a few more numbers in order to make this set complete.

First off, and this to me is a no brainer is Norm Van Lier. He was known as a tough defender and a great point guard for the Bulls in the 70's. Alongside his back-court mate Jerry Sloan, they form one of the NBA toughest back-courts.

His number 2 should've been in the rafters the same time as Sloan's.

The rest of the list is very subjective. I freely admit it and any of my points can argued against. I welcome the debate on this topic.

Here we go.

54 Horace Grant - his offensive rebounding and defense in the middle was a vital part to three of the Bulls' six NBA championships. He doesn't have overwhelming numbers, but in this case, numbers don't tell the whole story. He was tough and athletic for a PF. Bulls don't win the first three without him. His block of Kevin Johnson's in the 1993 Finals in the final seconds of Game 6 sealed the Bulls third Championship.

5 John Paxson - Pax is best known for being the Bulls GM and former radio broadcaster, but from 87 to 93, he was a lights out shooter and capable point guard. His jump-shot was picture perfect. In the 1991 NBA Finals, he was light out from anywhere on the court. So much so that Michael Jordan averaged 11 assists for the series mainly off of passes to John Paxson which he drained to the tune of being perfect from the floor for a couple of games. In 1993, he made the series winner in Game 6 of the NBA Finals to put the Bulls ahead for good.

24 Bill Cartwright - This is arguable but, the Bulls were in dire need of a capable center and Bill Cartwright (Wacky jump-shot and all) filled that need. He shored up the middle and I don't think he was fully appreciated since him coming here came at the expense of losing the beloved Charles Oakley. He was the final piece to what the Bulls needed in order to win it all and he came through.

91 Dennis Rodman - Granted he was only here for 3 seasons, but his contribution was immeasurable. His defense, rebounding and overall quirky personality and wild antics were the thing the Bulls needed to win their next three championships. Also, consider the fact that he was a valuable part of one of the greatest rivalries the NBA has ever seen (Bulls vs. Pistons), one could argue he was a vital piece in the development of the first three title runs. They had to beat him in order to win their first three and joined him in order to win the second three. Besides, who going to wear 91 anytime soon?

25 Steve Kerr - One could argue against this pick, but he filled a need that the Bulls needed at the time. He is one of the greatest 3-point shooters in league history. He knocked down shot after shot and his game winner in Game 1 of the 1997 NBA Finals solidified his spot in Bulls history.

7 Toni Kukoc - He was brought in to be the replacement, but what we got was the Waiter. He was a 7 foot SF and could shoot from deep before it was popular for big men to shoot from long range. He could handle the ball like a guard, pass like a PG and had post moves like a PF. His scoring and running of the offense off the bench were enormous to the Bulls winning. He was responsible, along with Scottie Pippen in keeping the Bulls afloat while Michael Jordan served a suspension, I mean retired from the league. I saw more of this guy than most Bulls fans considering I was always around him before games. He was a player unlike any Bulls player with the exception of Scottie Pippen.

This is my list. Basically I wanted to include guys whom I felt contributed major roles in the Bulls winning the six titles they have. While Scottie and Mike were the common link to all six, these guys were the foundation for it all and should get the respect they deserve.

If you feel I'm wrong please feel free to disagree.
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Default Re: 4, 10, 23, 33: The Retired Numbers

Rodman yes. I think Rodman should be a HOFer too. But for whatever politics over his image with Stern and the NBA, his number hasn't been retired anywhere.
Norm yes, and his Banner should have broadcaster credits.

Grant no. He skipped town as soon as he could. I don't think he would even come to his banner cerimony. Bad blood.

Toni, I wouldn't be against it. He wasn't great, but he was an awesome player.

The rest, no.

Heck, if the Bulls make as little as an ECF apearance, while Kirk is here, he could qualify. I think thats as low of a "Retired Number" bar, as I, personally, would accept. Bare in mind, I am not saying his number should be up there, but he could make it.
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NBA rookie of the year
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Default Re: 4, 10, 23, 33: The Retired Numbers

Well if things go well, Derrick Rose will go up next. You make a great point about Grant, but I feel like all of that is old.

I hear you though and norm should be in the hall also.
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