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Default Re: Janeane Garofalo = Ignorant Wench

Doesnt seem like they actually know what they are protesting....

I know there were some real tax protesters out there and I give them props for that. I know true tax protesters are protesting the Federal reserve and the fiat monetary system and the incredible debt that is being put on us and our future.....

but see, Fox doesnt represent those people... as far as the people who are there specifically to protest Obama and support Fox's fake grass roots campaign, I think they have just co-opted and corrupted a genuine event... Tea parties are meant to protest unreasonable taxation....

If you dont have a problem with the monetary system as a whole than you dont really have any reason to protest taxes right now...

the numbskulls out there have actually had their taxes lowered and yet they pick this point in time to protest... it makes no sense at all

Like I said, if you oppose the federal reserve and the monetary system we currently have, then a tea party makes perfect sense because Obama is ballooning our debt right now and this is yet another chance to petition to get rid of the fed...

other than that these people are pawns of fox news and right wing politricks
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Default Re: Janeane Garofalo = Ignorant Wench

Originally Posted by A.M.G.
So what are these self-described "teabaggers" protesting exactly? I'm from Canada, so if somebody could illustrate what exactly President Obama has done that warrants Boston Tea Party style protests, it would be much appreciated. What particular issues or decisions are the object of these people's ire?

But Jaeaneaene Grafafolo instantly labelling all of the protestors as "a bunch of racists" is pretty immature, counter-productive, and hopefully incorrect. And what the **** has she been in lately anyways?
I am under the impression that smokers started it as a way to protest the increase in taxes on their precious cancerous substance. it was then usurped by the anti-stimulus crowd, even though it makes no sense and is a terrible parallel. Nevermind the fact that 40% of all taxes go to the military (which is a bigger budget than the next 48 militaries combined), obama is mortaging our future. it didnt happen under reagan! no, cause we like him and hes a true american hero. but this barrak HUSSEIN Obama is turning our country to communism!

I do agree that garafallo is a dumbass, but there is clearly a racist element to the anti obama crowd. Not all of them, but when you meet people that insist on emphasizing his middle name to associate him with those terrible muslims, its pretty obvious.
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