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Decent college freshman
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Default Post your best comeback win

So I was playing Madden 07 (yeah I know, Im cheap) online today.. I found my typical warm-up matchup against some guy with about a .500 record. I like to do this to really get going before I challenge some higher ranked players. Anyway, he picked the Falcons, so I'm thinking, ok he's going to run Vick all over the field, and I'll get approx 8 turnovers. No problem. Here's a timeline of what happened.

He wins coin toss. Gets ball. I approve because I like clock managing and getting the ball back at the half.

He runs all goal line formation runs -- I pick up on his "strategy" quickly and force him into a 4th and 8 around his own 40. He runs Vick on a bootleg, then hits a receiver on a crossing pattern after about 12 seconds of scrambling. Drive ends up as a TD. Goes for two and I stop him. 0-6

I recognize the guy sucks and I'm pissed because I have a cold.. I decide to run all goalline runs back at him. Around his 30 yard line I get myself into a 4 and inches and get stuffed. He gets ball back. Goes the other way with similar drive as first, using exact same plays. Still the first quarter, but he's already RUNNING THE CLOCK. 0-12 (missed another 2pt). I'm pissed.

I get the ball and somehow stall my own drive within field goal range. Fearing a blowout and knowing I can come back, I settle for 3. 3-12

He gets another drive in which he converts two 4th and longs, ridiculous lucky %$#. ANOTHER missed 2pt conversion and the score is 3-18. He continues to run the clock. I'm getting impatient and I've basically lost my head at this point.. I can't believe I'm losing to this guy.

I throw a pick on the first play of my next drive. He returns it to around the 50. Next play, he breaks a TD run, and proceeds to taunt me by running his RB across the field instead of straight into the endzone. 26-3. There is about 1 minute to go before halftime. I think about quitting, but I have a 12W streak going into the game, and he taunted me, so I commit to winning the game somehow.

I know I'm getting the ball back after half time, and I'm down by 23.. I don't usually go for 2, but I know I will need to to get back in it. I score with 10 seconds left in the half, get the 2pter, and force his incompletions to end the half down 26-11.

I get the ball back at halftime, drive the field quickly and score TD + 2. 26-19. I'm getting excited but I haven't gotten a stop yet and my defense is on its heels after giving up so many 4th and longs.

His next drive, he scores again. He also gets the 2pter on a Vick run out of shotgun. Fine -- 19-34 going into the fourth quarter. He's still running the clock on me.

I answer within 35 seconds of the 4th, +2. Down 27-34, I can feel the Madden Karma gathering on my side. He starts his clock running goal line running plays, and BOOM, user strip and he fumbles in my territory. I convert a TD quickly, and to put the pressure on him to score again, I take the +1 and tie it up. He can't believe i've tied it. 34-all.

Next drive, I force him into his umpteenth fourth and long in his own territory. This time I get the STOP. A quick drive and I've taken the lead, 40-34. To keep him on his heels and unable to do anything but tie, I go for 2 and get it. 42-34.

His last drive, I force him into 2 more 4th down situations and he converts both of them. After forcing him to run the clock down, he finally gets in the endzone. With only a few ticks left on the clock, I STOP the 2pt conversion. I start sending messages on xbox live. I give my gf high fives. I giggle like a little school girl. I should have blown this guy out, but thank God I didn't let him beat me. Sorry this story was so long. Post yours now!
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Default Re: Post your best comeback win

5 seconds left on the clock and was down by 2 points.
and it was the opponent ball.
so i used ray allen to steal, then shot a 3 with victory.
i was happy cuz it was playing on superstar mode
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Old 01-11-2009, 12:16 AM   #3
shorty doowop
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Default Re: Post your best comeback win

lol dont remember too well since it was a long time ago..

my friend came over and we played nba live 2001.

there was a a bet involved but i forgot it..

played 12 minute quarters, which i rarely did.. down by 50 points in the half.. 2nd half, just killed it.. final score was like 245 -235, something like that..
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Don't Stop Believing!!
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Default Re: Post your best comeback win

I was playing Madden 07 a while back and I was down 14 with one minute left. One TD, onside kick, and another TD. I went into OT and knocked in the field goal.
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Default Re: Post your best comeback win

My friend and I played the hell out of NCAA Football every year. I was always better but he usually kept it a decent game and would win now and then.

One time I was just crushing him in the 98 PSX version 35-0 at the half with NC St (he was Florida St). He was going to quit but I talked him into switching controllers at the half.

I ended up winning 49-42. He wouldn't play me for about 6 months after.
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