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Old 10-25-2012, 02:27 AM   #91
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Default Re: Jefferson Money Advice

Originally Posted by ZeN
I find that depressingly hilarious.

And yeah, the reason I dont want to continue dabbling in those substances is because of having limited amounts and then dealing with the withdrawal.

Right now im limiting stimulants and trying to keep away from overindulgence when it comes to anything and everything.

With that said im still around 200-300mgs of caffeine a day which may seem like a lot but paltry in comparison to my usual daily doses. Vitamin D, H20 and exercise have helped quite a bit.. But the positive effects of things like that taper off rather quickly. That may be psychological mostly tho.
Thats the smart thing to do. One medication has side effects and only leads to another script. It's a cycle, and like you said, withdrawals.suck. especially if you dont have a regular supply.

If it werent for my rx, i would ether be going through hell or doing coke. I need to stop with the oxy too.

J$ suggested a few vitamins and diet changes which i need to try, but exercise definitely helps with ymy mood, those endorphins are priceless
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Old 10-25-2012, 05:01 AM   #92
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Default Re: Jefferson Money Advice

Originally Posted by JEFFERSON MONEY
Haha thanks bro you're too sweet. And i really mean that.

You are TOO sweet.

That swedish sunnuvabish motherfukkin pendejo millwad sexually harassed ur fam man. Want me to get on his case?


Ey yo, I am swedish, you're not, I'm a viking and you're a sand boy with pot.
How can you be from a city so black and bust shitty lyrics that's wick wick wack.

I love ladies, I want to leave their men at home and then go out with them and shake my booty and pull up the thong (phong).
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Old 11-16-2013, 09:30 PM   #93
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Default Re: Jefferson Money Advice

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Old 11-16-2013, 11:16 PM   #94
always Showtime
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Default Re: Jefferson Money Advice

whaaaatt how come i dunno there was a thread like diz jmoney
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Old 11-16-2013, 11:17 PM   #95
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Default Re: Jefferson Money Advice

Originally Posted by T-Time3
whaaaatt how come i dunno there was a thread like diz jmoney
J$ has a couple of these advice threads. Google them
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Old 11-18-2013, 12:33 AM   #96
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Default Re: Jefferson Money Advice

Originally Posted by JEFFERSON MONEY
...Beat the sh!t out of yourself and call yourself a coward, a punk, an insignificant phuck, a disgrace anything that will bring out tearz in yourself...
that's interesting. i think i'll try that.

like... instead of the process happening unconsciously, bring it in to the light.
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Old 11-18-2013, 12:56 PM   #97
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Default Re: Jefferson Money Advice

This was borrowed from Full Metal Jacket really. The idea of a mean, cold, strict Drill Sergeant RUTHLESLLY attacking you with the most potent venom and TOSSING BIG FUKING BOULDERS at your glasshouse Ego OVER and OVER and OVER again till you just Don't Give a Flying Fuuk. You are so utterly desensitized to the harshest words and most potent external stimuli that no slander could ever phase you.

A softer alternative to this is Bodhicitta. An old Buddhist meditation which involves surrounding your consciousness to engulf all that is in your experience as "I". Not attaching your sense of self worth to your body or your past or your future of any of that. Some Bruce Lee "Be formless like water" type stuff.

As a child you had a few hooks and buttons and things written in your wiring that people exploited for the sake of getting them under influence. Every person who has watched a show (House of Cards, Boardwalk Empire) knows this instinctively. Now the question is in real life, are you performing and staying cool, calm, collected, and grounded in your dealings with others, with your environment, and with yourself?

That's a battle all of us men are constantly fighting.

Your parents absolutely needed you to maintain those aforementioned hooks and buttons if they had any hopes of controlling your azz for 18 years.
- Fear
- Love
- Loyalty
- Guilt Trips
and all these principles were staples of how they got you to do their bidding. But what if the child's judgment is superior to the parents? In many cases it is. Then what?

Unfortunately those hooks and buttons can be used for malicious intentions.

A Ceo who uses a higher IQ person's talents to make them money is the smarter one, practically speaking. Right?

You know how women call "men" stupid? DESPITE the fact that men are, on average,
- superior problem solvers
- superior skills
- superior abstract thinking
- superior speed of thought process
- generally a stronger amount of curiosity
- generally more Renaissance-y
- able to effectively focus and engage in modus-tollens/deductive reasong

It's because of the power game. That game only.

There are two wills/frames constantly competing against one another. And you know damn well how wives can control men.

Using flattery could get them to fix up the deck. "Hey hunny i can't do this right now since u r sooo strong why dont u help with the patio."----> Meanwhile the man could have been deadset on a certain other project and this leads to mental efforts expended on something stupid and her feeling contempt (serious)
Pushing the right emotional buttons can catch you to lose your mind and swing wildly and lose your cool. Not good. And worse it can cause you to withdraw love from your spouse which is not what you want to do. As a man who believes in harmonious man-woman relationships, I advocate a little somthing called "Loving Dominance." and this can not work if you can be fiddled like a violin.
And of course, withdrawing love and affection when you're being tumultous. You signed up for a fukking partnerhsip.. to celebrate love amongst two individuals. You did not sign up to willingly hand over your balls to someone who used to be your lover yet wants to turn you into a fukking servant to facilitate her will. And this is sadly, whats happening these days.

Mike Tyson quickly discussed the art of intimidation and breaking someone's psirit when he stares at them. If you can stand your ground irregardless of whatever's thrown at you.. then you're doing way better than the majority of men who bend to pain and the storm.

I ask you men, to remain free. To conquer your ego. I ask you men, to embrace your flaws. Because evil forces are looking to keep you down in a time when we need you to be as powerful as possible. Because you are the backbone of society. Because each and every one of you possess that mix of brawn, brain, and courage which has sustained civilization through its worst atrocities. Because each one of you is a potential leader, a creator, a friend, and a brother.

What's far worse than these domestic battles are the influence of

Obama is a poor incompetent president point blank period.
But he used the notion of change.
This pushed the "discontent" button
This pushed the "hope" button".

Tyler Durden would've scoffed at hope very quickly because he advocated hitting rock bottom.. a move that frightens many but is a step towards liberation.

Many elitists try to get people on their ship by shouting out terms like
"the masses are asses"
"universe has two things that are infinite: something and human stupidity"
They push the "ego" button.

These can lead to things like eugenics and social strata etc. down the road.

Finally perhaps the most dangerous one is a figure like
Santa Clause

He wields a potent tactic called paternal love. Many many human beigns despite DENYING it over and over and over again want to "BELONG" to something they want to "SURRENDER" themselves. No matter how manly or free they are. Choose what you wish to do wisely. Loki exclaimed this in Captain America.

And you know what. It fukking brings results. It brings adoration. It masks some of the persons action.

The old saying

"Pardon a person of their flaws, throw stones at their enemies, paint them pictures of hope, and they'll do anything to help you"
is a proverb that
- Salesman
- Frauds
- Insincere Friends

have mastered to exploit humanity's hooks and buttons for their own personal gain.

Actions prove who your friends are. Not fukking sweet sounding words. Acts of loyalty prove who your friends are. Not illusions.

If we are to collectively liberate us and honor the principle of F.R.E.E.D.O.M, we will need to sever these hooks and act through our own will.
And once freedom has been attained from impulses; then we can proceed to make better decisions; for a better world. And as the saying goes those who are happy need the least.

Ironically, this was the point of Desert Religions (or so I've been taught) lol. Islam's intention was to take a bunch of Arab tribes who drank, fought, killed, and unite them and ascend them spiritually and with clearer thought. One of the reasons why alcohol was forbidden.


To fight against a potential police state. To fight against shackles. To fight for liberty.
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Old 11-18-2013, 09:17 PM   #98
Very good NBA starter
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Default Re: Jefferson Money Advice

The legend J$ strikes again!

Have you read any of these books?

I think the art of manipulation is fascinating.
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Old 11-19-2013, 02:21 PM   #99
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Default Re: Jefferson Money Advice

Never read either.

It absolutely is fascinating.

There's something thrilling about the dark side of human nature.

I'm no expert on this, but knickballer if you study parental psychology, historical propaganda, and subliminal encoded messages in songs you can probably get a taste of Mind Control humanity has employed. There are songs and choruses out there that market themselves to the human brain.

TO the windoowwwww, to the walllllllll

Toda WinDow to Da Waall

1-2 1-2 1-2 1

When i was a young lad and viewed Lord of the Flies for the first time and saw all the boys dancing around the fire and attacking Simon I was scared sh!tless. The mob mentality had lost their mind and killed one of their precious assets. Likewise, in 1984 the term was "groupthink." As well as the old Men in Black saying "A person is smart.. people are stupid" Having had attended a mosque regularly and spirited sports arena several time, there is a powerful resonance that consumes the conscious of the individual and almost has them losing their mind. But... it's so fukking powerful, and it just feels... Right. It's engraved into our own human DNA. Indiana Jones adn The Temple of Doom also rings a bell here.

And likewise if you see a really rock solid teacher, or a very inspirational sermon, Cialdini's Influence, you can see that in action as well done for good.

It's one of those things that just is.. like Survival. A tool completely dependent on the master's intentions.

I enjoy having Albanian friends because for some reason they seem more.... enlightened than others. They have the blood of Turks and Greeks in their veins so probably have a larger reference of examples to build upon.
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Old 11-19-2013, 02:35 PM   #100
Kubla Kemba
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Default Re: Jefferson Money Advice

Originally Posted by JEFFERSON MONEY

There's something thrilling about the dark side of human nature.

Lord of the Flies

Agreed. Lord of the Flies and other works of that genre, namely Conrad's Lord Jim and Heart of Darkness and Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment I have always found fascinating.

The films of David Lynch and Stanley Kubrick also tend to reveal the darkness that lies hidden in men's souls.
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