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Default Re: Brees wins Offensive Player of the Year award

you could replace a lot of guys on the panthers offense and get the same production. dangelo williams is nice but their blocking was great, a lot of runningbacks could have had that kind of season on their team. jake del homme is an average QB. you could put anyone in his spot. BUT steve smith was by far the most irreplaceable player on that team, a team that finished 13-3. without him they would not have won their division, maybe not have made the playoffs. you couldnt just put any receiver in his spot and got the same results. if you watched any of the panthers this year, you could see that.he was a BEAST this year and was hands down the best offensive player.

First the rest of the post i copied this from didnt address Steve Smith anymore nor Adrian Peterson. So since this part addresses Steve Smith? I'll start by laughing. Give me a moment.

Ok. You make the claim Deangelo Williams could be not only replaced but production be as well? Ok. But Adrian Peterson OL is one of the best in the biz at clearing holes especially that left side which is the $$$$ side. I'm sure no one in the NFL could duplicate what Peterson has done production wise right? Put Clinton Portis there and he couldnt. Put Deangelo Williams there and he couldnt. Right? I'm sure Adrian Peterson did something magically that didnt show up on a stat sheet. Something he did to defenses that allowed say Berriman to be single covered right? Yanno something. To say AP was deserving of the OPOY award but then discredit Deangelo Williams is funny. Now dont take this as me saying Adrian wasnt deserving. But your argument to boost Steve Smith by saying Deangelo OL blocked good for him (most RBs who produced nice stats often do) while other guys could have replaced him is funny.

You cant replace Steve Smith with Larry Fitz, Andre Johnson, Plaxico Burress to name a couple WRs and not have got production out of the position? Sure you can. And dont twist this and assume I'm saying Plax = Steve Smith. Smith is better. No debate. But we're talkin production here. Offensive player of the Year goes to the guy who produces. Who does numbers. No if you take/remove that player from the scene is he replacable or not. You're talkin MVP, you're talkin about how valuable Steve Smith is to his team.

Drew Brees won the award based on his numbers. You can say he stat padded all you want. But thats the criteria. If not Drew Brees you look for the next player who produced, did numbers. Steve Smith? How? Adrian Peterson lead the NFL with yards from scrimmage but guess who was #2. Michael Turner who also scored more pts (touchdowns) than Peterson as well. I'd like to think Turner is just as worthy of an offensive player of the year mention as Peterson. But Steve Smith? Ok.

Couple guys this season that did very good numbers. You refuse to accept stats, numbers, production with your criteria. Your definition is changing what the award means and is based on. Good job.
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Default Re: Brees wins Offensive Player of the Year award

Originally Posted by starface
the awards and the AP are a crock.
best point made in this thread...

people will remember MVPs though...

but no one gives a damn about the OPOY will be forgotten right after this year's Super Bowl...

the only time it "MIGHT" matter is when going back to look over a player's credentials...and even then it doesn't matter to me. Favre's 3 MVP Awards don't make him any better to me...
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Default Re: Brees wins Offensive Player of the Year award

I think people sleep on Favre a little bit nowadays. At least the fans do, anyway. The media certainly doesn't.

But there was a four year stretch where he flat out balled like few other quarterbacks ever have for that amount of time. He was Breet Favre without the interceptions. Won a superbowl, advanced to another one, three straight MVP's.... there is a reason this guy is so highly regarded.

He's far removed from those days. It's a shame that people who are younger won't remember prime Favre, because there were few like him ever. They will remember the interceptions and turnovers version of Brett, most likely.
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I trust me!
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Default Re: Brees wins Offensive Player of the Year award

Major props to starface for praising Steve Smith.
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