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Tess Squad
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Default The Nuggets - JR Smith - NENE - screwed?

Is it just me or are the Nuggets frighteningly close to being screwed for a long time? Any fans agree with me, feel me, or no?

I think JR Smith is going to end up end up as role player for some, or a drop/add player for most fantasy leagues. I know I stand alone on this one. And, hey, if he's kept on a single fantasy roster more than 2 months it will be a giant improvement for him. God, last year the fantasy guru's built him up so much on forums out there I felt bad for the guy when everyone in the world wrote him off after week 3. He busted again on a worst NOK. He was on my squad for a few minutes after I drafted him. I mean he showed some sick talent as a rookie and played 25 minutes on a bad team. Then he comes back and lays down on an arguably worse team, playing less than 20 min. and losing his job real quick to Desmond Mason. Thats gotta be tough as a young kid seeing Mr. Drop/Add himself getting the nod ahead of you. So, yeah, as of now he will be a starter and will get stats enough to warrant a spot in most fantasy teams at first.

I hope for JR's case that he is a nasty ball player and that Denver is what he needs to bring that player out of him. Denver doesn't just hope, they are praying hard! - but more on that later - So, If Julius Hodge kicks that bullet-wound-infected-foot by the start or shortly after the start of this season we are going to see 25 min split time from JR and JH with Hodge getting the minutes in close games early on due to his experience (yeah college is enough to count someone experienced compared to JR).

But the Nuggs are SO THIN in their SG(G) position its stunning. Now, if Hodge can't recover in time or whatever, then JR is really all they have which is added pressure to JR. The rest of their SG(G)s are Rookies that no one can possibly have heard of unless they are related to them. And no one is talking about them now either, so they can't be all that great yet. Anyway, didn't Denver, if i'm not mistaken, have a couple mid-late 2nd Rd. picks this year that ended up going to to Chicago and/or Boston. So they didn't even get 1 player this year at all. Silly when they needed someone. So those Rooks? Who are they? Anyone know? Must be undrafted camp-invites?

The Nuggets are thin, and where they are deep they have injury potential (K. Martin, M. Camby, NENE, and isnt Joe Smith there now?). Their alternate PGs that have any experience are not at all likely to fill a 2 GD role. Part of the reason they are so thin is, i'm sure, because they have a lot of dough tied up with the NENE contract. They need that deal to start paying off this year, but its still an unknown. Denver could be facing a horrible future if a few unfortunate things happen. Unfortunately, right now, those few things are not so un-likely.

No wonder all the word coming out of the Denver camp and media is that "JR is making strides"; and "That wasn't beef JR had with so-and-so, it was a sign of his desire and intensity to succeed"; to "JR offense impresses"; and the classic "JR getting along with Coach Karl". I'm sure he's doing just fine in NBA camp. Its camp! But I'm sure the Denver's PR personell and Owners will stop at nothing to stop the lightest big of negative press to leak out to the normal fans, the season ticket holders, and the advertising sponsors regarding this inexperienced, or otherwise dissapointing to date H.S.'er they just got for the Howard Eisley paper and 2-2nd round draft picks. Seems like nothing for the 18th pick overall 2 years ago?!?! Damaged? Wasn't he on a worse team and he still sucked?!?! I would be worried if I were a Nugget fan. If I were a fan, I would have been dying for a fill in at the starting SG spot for so long now and I would now be nervous as hell with the position they are putting JR into. Hey, but its exciting for a GM to be sitting on what could be a huge steal. Dude cost you nothing, cuz you had nothing to give or pay thanks to NENE so its worth a shot. That I can see.

Moreover, before landing in Denver JR was officially a Bull but was never going to play more than 15 min. Chicago pulled the deal getting rid of JR Smith to make room for Adrian Griffin. Wow, "move over JR, Adrian Griffin's sitting on that seat at the end of the bench now- you know what why don't you go over there to Denver - you can start there, maye?!" Big difference in teams where they would rather have Adrian Griffin to take their scrub time and meanwhile JR is now starting on the Nuggets.

I repeat: The Nuggets could be in trouble! NENE really must come through or else he is a 5 year (or whatever his contract is) jail sentence for the Nuggets. Mello may be pushin' to leave by that time if JR/NENE don't pan out.

As a fantasy owner don't buy into a JR Smith is a top 100 or even 125 player. Factually he's not top 150 because of prior statistics. Fantasy-wise id put im in the top 150 for his potential to help you in bigger leagues. He does have quite the large upside according to his hype, and realistically his only credible backup has a hole in his foot. Everyone else is a straight PG or an undrafted rookie. WOW!!!! Welcome to Denver. But do not welcome that hype onto your squad unless you are in a league with 10 teams and 13+ roster spots, or 12 teams with 12+ spots. Certainly keep an eye on him.

Honestly, can anyone disagree with me? I want JR to do well. He could be very exciting with Mello, Camby & Martin. But Denver is putting a sh!t load of hopes and pressures on a kid that failed on a team that sucked and wasn't really expected to do much with anything anytime soon anyway. If thats the case in Denver they will be an "almost-make-the-playoffs-but-lets-hope-they-dont-again-this-year-so-we-can-get-another-lottery-pick"

I'm not going to reply, i've said enough. I hear that a lot.

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Good analysis on JR. I drafted him real late in one of my drafts. No way i'd take him higher than 8th round. He'll make too many bonehead plays for Karl's liking and getting full fantasy value on a stacked roster like denver is much harder than in NOK
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i think his attitude will shape up a little bit, that plus the fact that the nuggets have absolutely nothing at SG, will translate into a solid season for JR. def worth a 12 or 13 rd draft pick
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