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Old 04-14-2009, 01:15 PM   #1
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Default O.K. These Defensive Systems Gotta Go!

Sam Mitchell's system was predicated on the Raptor perimeter defenders forcing the guy to the lane where if everyone rotated correctly help would finish him off. Triano's is predicated on the opposite, where you force your man baseline and help would come limiting the offensive players floor space. Well in a practical sense Triano's might make more sense, but in execution both have the same problem. Guys in showing the coach they are executing the plan stand well to the side of the offensive player way to often, forcing them a straight line to the baseline help. Well they take this straight line and in one second they are allready under our basket. The help can't possibly be in position that quickly, after all they are distracted by their own man as well.

Little wonder our perimeter players are so weak defensively, they aren't trained to man up and stop their man straight on. It's too easy to just let their guy go baseline and shun the responsibility to the next guy. At least if your head on, square to your attacker, it takes an extra second for them to blow around you and your help actually has some time to react and get there.
Not to mention, god forbid, you might actually stop the guy altogether once in a while. The way they defend now that hardly ever happens. Even a guy like Marion looks bad in our system. Poor Jermaine o'Neal was punch drunk from all the blow by attackers he was responsible for ultimately stopping under the basket.

Until we learn to defend players head on or get perimeter players who can actually defend that way, we will not be an upper tier team. Sure you need to team defend and rotate and help, but with the systems we've been using there is no accountability for manning up and stopping your own man.
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Default Re: O.K. These Defensive Systems Gotta Go!

It worked against Butler in the final play last night. But I see what your saying.

We don't really have guards who can defend on the perimeter well at all. That's probably the reason for why we defend the way we do. Triano and Smitch tried to work with what they have defensively. Which isn't much.
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Old 04-14-2009, 07:29 PM   #3
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Default Re: O.K. These Defensive Systems Gotta Go!

The help needs to be there just in case but the defender should take more responsibility and straight up try to stop his man.

When your playing basketball u would rather him go one area either baseline or middle but you don't let the man your guarding go to that area easily and that is the problem on the raps the lack of effort.

Its not the system its the effort.
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Default Re: O.K. These Defensive Systems Gotta Go!

3 seconds defensive viotation rule prevents defenders to do the help in time. NBA matches are thought to be a show, not to be a tactical battle that few people would understand.
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