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Default Re: Police break innocent man's neck, leave him in a coma and paralized for life

Video of the RCMP taser death
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Default Re: Police break innocent man's neck, leave him in a coma and paralized for life

Not sure what I'd do in that situation, but after watching the video of him just begging to see his mom makes me believe that kind of duty is not for me. If I was a cop, I'd want to put bad guys down. I don't want to be responsible for the death of some poor schmuck who just wanted to see a relative. I can't put myself in the shoes of the officer who tackled this kid into a coma. I almost became a cop once, but I realized how quickly there were personality changes in relatives and friends who became cops as well. I'd probably let my training do the actions for me, but I couldn't live knowing I put an innocent guy down for the rest of my life.

The airport fella, if he was already screened at the departing airport, I can't possibly think he's going to have any weapons on him unless he's some James Bond type of cat. If I notice he doesn't have any visible weapons, I try to take him down by force, not with any type of weapon. Common sense eludes us all sometimes.
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Default Re: Police break innocent man's neck, leave him in a coma and paralized for life

Originally Posted by ShannonElements
I think in this day-and-age most people just inherently know not to act out at the airport, but I can buy that.

They tased him 5 times? lol, yeah that's excessive. That's some sh!t I would do in GTA.

Imagine that you're a cop though. You're on duty at one of the most lusted after targets in the world -- an airport. Some foreign guy's passport is flagged and starts acting a fool. You've been trained to approach every situation while considering the worst. The guy could have a bomb strapped to his chest. Do you believe he does? No, you believe in the inherent goodness of people, but then you recall your comrade who believed the same thing, and was shot point-blank in the face when casually approaching the driver's window after a minor traffic violation.

So, the foreign guy who doesn't speak a lick of English, whose passport has been flagged, who begins to act "aggressive", could potentially have a bomb strapped to his chest. Would you tackle him or tase him?

Ok, so say the cop is right in tasing the guy at first. Fine. That isn't what is in dispute. He accomplished his goal after tasing him once, most definately after the second one. WHy do it again for 3 more times.

That's like a cop that has to use physical force to put down the subject,handcuffing him, and then continuing to beat on the person.

At some point a line is crossed.
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Default Re: Police break innocent man's neck, leave him in a coma and paralized for life

lol, after watching that, yeah they were excessive. They had the dude surrounded and were already in arm's reach of him, so they should have just physically subdued him. Unless of course the protocol is to subdue someone with the least amount chance of incurring damage to yourself, which is in line with how I was trained.

Also it looked like one of them hit him with their baton a few times while he was already on the ground? Couldn't really tell.

And hindsight is 20/20. NOW we know he wanted to see his mom. Would you have known that at the time? Do you speak Polish/Russian? In HINDSIGHT it's understandable how he was acting, but in the moment he just seemed like a lunatic, and it's obvious from the comments of people in the video no one had the slightest clue what he was going on about.
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