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Default How to be a great 1on1 perimeter defender

1- massive inner strength. it takes balls, swagger, machismo,guapo.. whatever you wanna call it, you need it to play great defense.

2- quick feet
- achieve this through suicides, defensive shuffles, lunge jumps, plyos and lots of ab work/core. bodyweight exercises are great for quick feet.

3- quick hands
- gotta be able to play the passing lanes, stop his crossover, and be able to contest any shot. work on your hand speed through fast dribbling, pushups,pullups, or medicine ball work.

4- timing and patience. you cannot steal the ball every time. its just impossible. so sometimes you gotta stay patient and wait for your moment to go for the rip, or jump for the deflection, or go after the block. know when to attack and how to attack.

5 -have great endurance - you cant just be a great defender for the 1st quarter and then let your opponent dominate you the rest of the game. you gotta be in his grill for 4 quarters. so you must have great endurance (and foritutde) to do this.

6- stay on your feet. nowadays, everyone in their mama has a great pumpfake move, so you better stay on your feet if you wanna stay outta foul trouble and stay in the game.

7 - get low and wide.
if you dont wanna get burned, you better know how to get low and stay low. you wanna feel the quickness in your lower back and hips. if you feel it in your knees , youre too high. get a good base, plant your feet wide, stay on your toes, and get low.

8 - arms out.
the Good Lord gave us these things to use 'em. our arms add another 2 feet to our defensive range, so stick them things out there. dont swing em like a crazy man, but hold em out there firm and tight. let your opponent know he has to drive be all 8 feet of you (wingspan) not just the listed 6 feet (or whatever you are)

9- head up. - i prefer to look at my opponent in the eyes/head.. he aint going anywhere unless his head follows him. so let him juke his hips, legs, arms, whatever.. stay patient, stay quick, and stick with him.

10- breathe. no matter what, keep breathing, your opponent isnt gonna stop trying to score on you and trying to embarass you, so dont stop breathing. in out , in out.. as long as youre breathing, youre living. .and as long as youre living, youre in that mufukaz grill playing hall of fame defense.

good luck. if you have any questions or comments feel free to contribute.

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Default Re: How to be a great 1on1 perimeter defender

Good Article. Always remember to think the game.
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Default Re: How to be a great 1on1 perimeter defender

That was pretty humorous but then very helpful too. Thanks for the great read. One thing I'd like to add though is that your hands should not only be quick, but active. You have to try to bother him and annoy him until he makes the wrong decision. I definitely have to work on having quick feet and staying on them though. I fall for fakes a lot, and I do have pretty quick/light feet, but it's just that I'm not moving them properly.
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