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Default Amar'e tweets, Vinny meets

Amare tweets, Vinny meets
Give Amare Stoudemire this. He's not going to keep it vanilla when he shares his thoughts publicly.

Last night, on his Amareisreal Twitter account, the artist formerly known as STAT posted, "If I stay with the Phoenix Suns, will I ever win Chmpionship? What do you think world. Suns fan be true to me. Don't be biased. Real Talk!"

Considering his team is coming off a lottery season and has included him in trade talks, Stoudemire probably has license to do so.

As for a Sun who already parted, here's an interview we recently had with Chicago Bulls coach Vinny Del Negro, the ex-Sun who rose from radio analyst to the front office before becoming Chicago's leader last year. He had also interviewed for the Suns coaching job, a process that helped prepare him to land the Bulls job with no coaching experience.

How did your first year of coaching go in reflection?

"It was such a growing year for me in a lot of ways, getting involved with such a young team and having to make so many adjustments. It was such a learning curve for me but I had an experienced staff. As the season went on, I had a vision of the way I feel we need to play to get the best out of our players. We made a good midseason trade, which helped, and got on a roll at the right time. Our younger players started to improve and buy into what we were doing. now it's a matter of hopefully continuing that momentum and finding a way to continually get better."

How was it to be the decision-maker on everything?

"I've had so many great coaches. I've been in basketball a long time but coaching no question is much different. Hopefully, every year I will get better. The game evolves. Things change. Your talent level is different. Players change. You just have to have your philosophies for what you believe in and go and implement them. Have a vision for what your team needs to do at both ends, how we need to practice, summer programs and find ways for how we can get better. There's just so many things that have to be done. That's why you need a good support system around you. It starts at the top and works its way down."

How was it to be in the hot seat and get criticized so much?

"It comes with the territory. You shouldn't take a job in the NBA as a head coach and not think it's going to be like that, especially with such a great tradition as Chicago, a big city with tremendous, loyal fans. They love their sports. They love their Bulls. You're going to get that. There's always going to be people who question everything. I stay focused on what I can control. I stay focused on ways to help the team improve. I don't worry about things from the outside. As long as I have the support from the owner and the front office, then it's my job to go out there and get the best out of his players."

How far do you feel like you came in your first year?

"I'm just trying to get better and learn from my mistakes. There's so many things that go into it. It's a year-round thing. There are so many decisions other than just basketball -- the managing of expectations, the managing of people and players, the media, everything that's thrown at you. Hopefully, I'll do a better job next year. Obviously, having as much talent as you can always makes the coach look good."
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Default Re: Amar'e tweets, Vinny meets

with Kerr as a GM, we will never win a title, Amar'e or not. The Suns were once, one of the best and most exciting teams to watch...yes I know, locker room problems arised but any good GM would make best of the situation, not trade a key player for a 20m contract to later trade him for peanuts.

Honestly, the Suns have a horrible FO. We always end up wasting money trying to get rid of players for their contracts...yet Sarber claims he doesn't view the suns as a business; he sure does manage it like a business though.
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