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Originally Posted by Kobe4MVP
Man, this was last season I think it's time to move on. While I think Raja's defensive abilities are waaaaay over-hyped, I don't think it's worth dwelling on the clothesline incident anymore. Obviously he's gonna get boo'd pretty good on Tuesday (as he should be), but I think re-hashing this particular incident isn't really worth our time.

[Kobe4MVP] I can respect what you're saying about not wanting to hear last year's incident anymore cause it's old news to you and you just want to move forward with it, well I see it differently than you do though having a difference of opinion IMO makes this topic even more interesting with having someone to debate with on this issue. Here's my perspective on why I reiterated on this topic involving Raja Bell now known for his infamous act that clotheslined our leader driving down the lane during last years p/o game. Kobe's our franchise player and shouldn't be dissed like that from a dirty player like Raja Bell trying to take Kobe's head off for no apparent reason, then I can only see it as Raja trying to inflict some serious damage to Kobe. So all I'm sayin' is that we as Lakerfans must support our Franchise player from viciously getting KO'd by thuggish opponents like Bell , and Kobe's teammates must protect their leader and prevent it from happening again because if the shoe was on the other foot Phoenix fans (whose always on Kobe's case anyways) would have yet another reason to be all over Kobe again like white on rice. Raja Dum Bell must really despise Kobe cause up till now Dum Bell hasn't apologized yet infact he acted more reassured of himself like he did the world a favor lol. So in those regards monitoring Raja Bell's behavoir towards Kobe might be a good thing cause there's still bad blood brewing imo and Raja Bell should be a marked man in Lakerland aswell as the league itself for his act of violence because head hunting has no place in this NBA.

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