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Default Re: Plyometric Ability: React like a cat and explode like lightning!

Originally Posted by ivienthol
The main thing about plyometrics is don't over complicate the workouts. For the easiest example just take sprinting a short distance as fast as you can. Or if you're boxing, short flurries of punches. Or pull ups as fast as you can. The key is to not feel fatigue and turn it into a cardio marathon, otherwise you're doing it wrong. They're made for real life scenarios so you can be explosive at them when the time comes.

As stated, they're more a side dish to strength training than their own workouts. So don't make a day filled with plyo exercises. Just add a couple different ones on the days you're already working out. There's a million different ones you can do so pick and choose which ones you need. Otherwise you're just they'll be so spread out you won't improve much.

Yea I wish I had of known this before I did the VJB... now my knees are kinda messed up cus the VJB has too many plyos in it. I would say do weight training and add in maybe 6 sets of explosive plyos... That's really all you need and it shouldn't mess up your knees. The 15-20 sets Kelley B has you do works... but it can cost you your health. Different reactions for different people though so I'm not saying it's bad for everyone.
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Default Re: Plyometric Ability: React like a cat and explode like lightning!

Yea you have to monitor yourself to see how many sets you can do without feeling fatigue. It's different everyone.

But also remember just because you're not feeling tired doesn't mean you're doing them right either. You have to ask yourself if you're doing them as fast as you possibly can. If you feel like you're being a little slower on a later set you're over doing it, even if you aren't feeling tired.

It's a self balancing act and you really have to be honest with yourself or you'll be wasting your time. If you have a trainer you don't have to worry about it since they'll be doing the monitoring. But most won't so just be real with yourself.
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