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It's called diglossia. It's a much more common phenomenon in Europe where dialects are more developed. Most people can speak both the dialect they were raised with and the official standard language. They can switch back and forth, and often used the dialect at home and the standard form when speaking to people they don't know. The problem with Europe is that often these dialects are so far apart, they aren't mutually intelligible, so you have to know the standard.

Ebonics is still close enough to standard English that we can all understand Snoop Dogg, no matter how high he is. Of course, there's also the stigma that the standard English is somehow more "white."

On a related note, my mum's family is from Liverpool and they all speak with a posh, upper-class British accents at home. I can speak the same way just as well as they can, but can also speak with the same ol' accent everyone around her speaks with. Of course, I only really do the British thing when I'm joking around, and occasionaly speak with a Bitish-Canadian mixture when I'm talking to my Grandad and Nan, but still.
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I'm not ignorant. I tell it like it is. Thats the way it is and thats how blacks talk, I wanted to know what other blacks thought. Idiots turn my words around . I am aloud to refer to African Americans as blacks just like you can call me white . Cry me a river and dig me a grave.
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Originally Posted by VCDrivesAPorscheToWork
i know you only have the best intentions in explaining ebonics, but unless you are an accredited source of the African American community, people will think you are a racist. i mean in life everything is about "perceptions and not intentions." everything must be done politically correct or there will be ramifications.

sorry but I have to report you.

You don't want to discuss this but you're just spitting lame junk out? Not buying it
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