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Default If we had the internet during Civil War times

we would have called abolitionists SJW snowflakes.

That is all. Good day sirs
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Default Re: If we had the internet during Civil War times

The abolitionists were a bunch of crusading religious fanatics who were openly terroristic and drove the country to the most destructive war it has ever seen. Sorry to break it to you: US history has created a mythology around these people and ignored that they were as responsible for 800,000 unnecessary deaths as anyone--a kind of blood oath that guaranteed that the US would become a gigantic military Empire and supposed moral arbiter of the world--the crusading spirit is the same as that which currently infects American militarism, global Empire, and all the problems it has wrought, the uniformity it has imposed, the diversity it has destroyed. Not much praiseworthy about these people other than that their moral fervour was channeled against a valid injustice, unlike the SJWs of today--the crusading and puritanical spirit of America that was encapsulated by such people has not been a good thing for the world at all, certainly not if you care about diversity of peoples, languages and cultures.

Such crusading moral absolutism can only ever lead to war, and civil war is the worst kind of war. Are you saying you want another war? I see the way many people are basically justifying what would amount to a power coup on the Trump administration--you realise this would mean war or the imposition of a totalitarian State to prevent it, right? How can you not see this? Stop the madness already. I know it's actually what many of the sjws want, otherwise they wouldn't be flying the hammer and sickle, a symbol which represents an ideology with a good deal more blood on its hands than even the cultural anathema of Nazism. So yes, sjws are as bad as Nazis at this point.

Case in point:

Detentions by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency jumped to 41,318 between January 22 of this year and the end of April.

That was up from 30,028 arrests in about the same period last year.

The dragnet follows presidential orders widening the scope of who can be targeted for immigration violations.

Almost two-thirds of those arrested this year had criminal convictions, said ICE.
But more than half the increase in arrests was of immigrants who had committed no crime other than being in the US without permission

SJWs are demanding that Americans criminally victimise themselves for their ideology. How disgusting can you get? Do you have any idea how brutal some of the criminality carried out by these people is? Do you know what you're asking when you expect people just to put up with this because a slight majority of illegals arrested aren't violent criminals? Right, sjw States are harbouring these people, just like the abolitionists harboured runaway slaves--so you have moved from criminal defiance to protect those who were unjustly held in bondage, to criminal defiance to protect a class of violent criminals who victimise your fellow citizens on a mass scale--this is the spirit of abolitionism descended into downright madness, severed from all degree of perspective and sanity.

You just want to tear away at the fabric of civilisation and humane living don't you? Admit it: this is your resentful vengeance on a life you despise and want to bring destruction to?
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