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Default The Suns offseason breakdown (thus far)

Phoenix Suns Offseason


Amar’e officially ended his playing days with the Suns signing a a five-year, $99.7 million contract that will reunite him with coach Mike D'Antoni. He leaves as a fan favorite but could never get us to the Finals. He was Rookie of the year in 2003, I remember being very excited that year to get him. The Suns were looking at him and Nene Hilario (now just Nene) and smartly chose the High Schooler. He was a 5 time all star, a one time all first team, and a 3 time all second team player. Amar’e had microfracture knee surgery and a lot about him was up in the air. Would he ever be the player he was again? Amar’e came back not just as explosive as he was but he also came back a better all around player, he added a 15ft jumper to his game, became a better passer and a leader. You could see the writing on the wall though this last year when he got benched in the 4th quarter by Coach Gentry that if you’re gonna be a leader on this squad be a leader all the time. Amar’e responded and had a great second half of the season. Still in the end with all the trade rumors enough was enough for the two sides. I have mixed emotions none of them negative for Amar’e, I understand him wanting to leave, I understand him wanting to be with Coach D’Antoni again. I think it was time for him to go, but I wish he could stay. It’s like one of those break ups where there was nothing bad but the two just grew apart. He was a prolific finisher one of the best in the game, but was a subpar rebounder. He caught a lot of flack for being a bad defender… and he was but there were a lot of times where our wing players let their guys get buy and Amar’e would have to be out of position to cover them. Fairwell Amar’e, best of luck to you in NY (unless you’re playing the Suns), here is a video of Amar’e to send him off:

The Draft

The Phoenix Suns didn’t have a first round draft this year, they selected Gani Lawal out of Georgia with the 46th pick. They also had the last pick in the draft and selected Dwayne Collins out of the “U” (Miami for all you non-hipsters) Collins however chose to go play overseas signing with Cimberio Varese a top teir Italian squad.

Gani Lawal

Gani on the other hand looks like he could be a Diamond in the rough. He has one heck of a motor and is a good rebounder. His offensive game is still raw but recently when the NBA did the Rookie photo shoot Gani was invited. Whats the importance of this? This photo shoot is for first rounders. In a write up about the Summer league this was said about Gani
“The Suns’ second-round pick out of Georgia Tech was only the Suns’ leading scorer, rebounder, shotblocker, while also shooting 50 percent from the floor during the entire summer league. One talent evaluator remarked that he can’t shoot a lick, but that it didn’t matter, because “he doesn’t need it anyway.” Lawal was all over the court this week, playing with boundless energy. Suns fans will see a lot of Louis Amundson in Lawal’s game. I’ve already praised him enough in this article.”
Recently in another article talking about Earl Clarke it mentioned that Gani may be taking some of his playing time. So hopefully good things from him for a long time to come. Also Gani also got a guaranteed contract from the Suns something you almost never see for a second rounder.

Earl Clarke

Disappointed a lot of people in the Summer leagues. Word last year was that he was ready but they were rewarding players like Lou Amundson with playing time. This Summer league didn’t show much of him being ready at all. He fell in love with his jump shot and missed a lot. In a recent article it mentioned that he might be losing his playing time to some of the new additions and may be traded if he can preform good enough during the preseason to warrant another teams attention. Sadly I and many other Suns fans hoped he would pan out and who knows maybe he will, but things are not looking good for him in Phoenix.

Matt Janning

Not a lot on him right now, but he was a surprise in the Summer League. One of the things I liked about him was that he hit the boards averaging just under 6 boards a game. I expect that number to go down if he makes the team but I hope the effort doesn’t. He’s 6’5” combo guard who Dan Majerle compared to Jeff Hornacek. He went undrafted but the Suns liked him enough to give him a shot the Summer League roster, and then liked him even more and signed him to a Multi year deal.

Hakim Warrick

After the departure of Amar’e the Suns acted quickly and inked Warrick to a multi year deal, that was laced with incentives for playing time etc.. He seems like he could be a great fit in a run and gun offense and lets face it if you play with Nash you play better. We could see something from this kid that he hasn’t shown yet in the league. However the signing of another player may cut into his playing time. We’ll see how he does, he’s no replacement for Amar’e by himself but it appears the Suns wanted to replace Amar’e piece by piece rather than in one swoop. Leading us to the other player I mentioned

Hedo what hedo, Hedo Turkoglu

I for one am really excited about this trade, Magic fans might tell you he is clutch, Toronto fans might tell you he’s a lazy pizza eater, one of them is going to be right… A lot of what the Suns accomplish this year seem like it will come at how well Hedo can do. This was the Suns “BIG” Acquisition of the offseason. Obtained in a trade from Toronto for Barbosa this year, he waived money just to come and play with the Suns. The Suns nearly landed him a few years ago but he instead signed with the Magic and played insanely good ball for them. He has shown that he can be extremely clutch but last year in Toronto it just did not work out. Hedo provides us a lot of versatility,he can handle the ball, play the 3 and the 4 for us. He can help take the pressure off of Nash both in handling the ball and taking last second shots. Many years it seems that as Nash goes so does the team, this year we may see that it will fall on how well Hedo plays for us.

Josh Childress

Back from overseas, the Suns made a trade to aquire the athletic 2guard. from what I understand he can't shoot a lick, but is a slasher and can finish. He can rebound and will help keep our bench deep. He's 6'8" so he can probably and will probably switch to SF a couple of times. His height also can be used to create mismatches on smaller teams. He's nothing more than a bit player but again he keeps out bench deep and that could make this move a pretty solid one.

Channing Frye

At the end of the season, no one knew what was going to come of Channing Frye. He frequently made mention that he'd be a fool to not test the market. In the end though the Suns and him reached an agreement. Channing for a stretch lost his confidence and went a stretch and had a helluva time from the three point stripe (I'd like to find the exact number but can't). He did however start doing other things that I liked, rather than just sulking he began to go for rebounds, getting easy buckets at the rim, and he shot his way out of it. Yes it made for an awful 3 pt percentage and we all yelled at him for it but there is only one way you're gonna make a shot, and that's by shooting it. During that time he was faced with a lot of questions from the media and if you look back he handled it really well. Also we don't need Channing for easy buckets and rebounds we need him for 3pts and spreading the floor, realistically he had to keep shooting his way out of it.
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Default Re: The Suns offseason breakdown (thus far)

Leandro Barbosa

The second player in my post that is leaving rather than returning, but I could not be more happy to see this one go. If you’ve ever read any of my posts you may have picked up that I did not like him. Not as a person but as a player. Much like Boris Diaw, I simply could not stand their on again off again confidence. Barbosa was a fan favorite no doubt, which is probably why he got a huge contract extension a year or two ago. After he injured his wrist though, and the improved play of Goran “The Dragon” Dragic the Suns knew they could now part ways. Barbosa was brought in on a draft night trade with San Antonio.. and those basterds sabotaged us and we didn’t even know lol… He was supposed to be part of the transition from the Nash era to the next. First they tried him at being the next PG of the Phoenix Suns but when that failed they tried to make him the new SG of the new era Suns. When that failed they added a “beep beep” whenever he came in off the bench or when he scored and wha la! We had ourselves a fan favorite.

The front office looks different

The Suns and Steve Kerr parted ways this offseason, many rumors circulated and no matter why it happened it happened. I for one was a fan of Steve, he had a lot of balls to admit that the Shaq trade (something that he knew would make or break him) and traded him for basically nothing to the Cavaliers. Gone also David Griffin as head of basketball operations

In his place we now have long time agent Lon Babby as head of basketball operations. His clients included Ray Allen, Grant Hill, Hedo and others. I am not sure if he still represents any players at this time though. Also filling the role that Kerr left is Lance Blanks. Blanks learned the role while under such GM’s/coaches as Joe Dumars, Greg Poppavich and Danny Ferry. Hopefully he has learned all the right things from them, that’s one heck of a pedigree to come from. Dumars having a few rings in Detroit, Greg Pop… well we all know about that **** sucker lol and Danny Ferry did anything and everything he could to keep Lebron happy. Making Confrence finals and a trip to the NBA finals once.

One face staying the same (and thank goodness) is Alvin Gentry, recently signing an extension through the 2012/13 season. Under the helm of Gentry the Suns have managed to refind them selves after a period of transition under former coach Terry Porter. Alvin Gentry brought back the run and gun but was able to get the players to buy into playing DEFENSE and REBOUNDING THE BALL!! He gained the respect from the players being both fun and stern when he needed to be (see Amar'e portion), and he got the Suns to be entertaining and fun to watch again. You can definately tell the difference in the attitude of the players from the Porter system to the Gentry System. Gentry also did something that out previous coaches hadn’t done, something that very nearly brought us to the NBA finals last season, what is it you ask? Develop a bench, during the season Gentry let the bench play through struggles in order to find confidence for when he’d need them the most. In doing so the Suns were able to get past the Blazers in round one, SWEEP the dreaded Sprus in round 2 and nearly forced a game 7 against the Los Angeles Lakers who eventually won the whole shabang a bang against the Celtics. Gentry will be in a tough spot this season having lost his all star power forward and no doubt having a weaker starting lineup. Our Bench though seems to be stronger and that may be enough to prove the Nay sayers again this year like we did last year.

Two players I think that I haven’t talked about because they neither stayed or left, but I think would be great if they had great… no… outstanding years.

Robin Lopez

No doubt last year after finally cracking the starting lineup the Suns went on a crazy run. Lopez finally got further out of his twin brothers shadow (casted from Stanford and NJ, that’s a big shadow). Lopez showed mobility, heart, a knack for rebounds and block shots and a hook shot. People may have not noticed but it seemed that outside of trying to just dunk the ball, Lopez fell in love with the baby hook. Putting up some big games and numbers for us the Suns went on to win 21 out of 26 games before he was injured, and missed the rest of the season and the first two rounds of the playoffs. I hope that he has a fantastic year carried on from last year and has a bigger role in the Suns offense. Robin have a great season but please do not break a leg.

Goran “The Dragon” Dragic

Wow, look at what this kid was able to do with just a little bit of confidence. Do we have a successor for Nash or do we have a new 2 guard, both? Who knows but one thing is for sure he came out of his shell last year. Single handedly won a game for us in the second round against the Spurs. The kid played huge, and the Suns are big on him. He’ll still be riding the pine this year with Richardson still having the starters job (deservedly so, he played great last season and in the post season also). Suns need to lock up Goran and let him develop into the special player that he appears to be turning into. Goran led his Slovenian team to the final 8 for the first time ever, but ran into Suns teamate Hedo and was bounced out of the World Championships.
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Default Re: The Suns offseason breakdown (thus far)

Never knew Dragic was called the dragon. at toronto calling turkoglu a lazy pizza eater. I liked barbosa though, without him the team isn't as high-tempo.Overall a good offseason. The suns are of my top 3 teams to cheer for.
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Default Re: The Suns offseason breakdown (thus far)

That's a pretty good breakdown. Agree with most of it.
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Default Re: The Suns offseason breakdown (thus far)

Thank for the views, comments, and reps everyone I'll add some things as they come to me or happen. Hope you all enjoy and feel free to disagree or disagree, it makes for good conversation!
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