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Default Re: Questions Running Through My Head

Originally Posted by Posterize246
Feel free to answer as many as you want

1. Is Troy Smith for real? Takes over a 1-6 team and is 2-0 with them. 61%, 2 TD's, 0 INT's in those games along with 1 rushing TD. Is he the starter that the 49ers have been looking for or do you still see him as an NFL backup?

2. Is there 1 team in the league you would put in the top 3 of your own power rankings...and guarantee that they could stay there the rest of the season?

3. David Garrard may just be the league leader in QB rating after this week. Is anybody's mind blown? Mine isn't. Well, not completely. (by the way I would take Mike Jenkins off that team now )

4. 10 weeks in do you have any good grasp on how good these teams are? Chiefs, Raiders, Seahawks, Buccaneers, Jaguars, Titans, Texans

5. Will Mangini stay the Browns coach in 2011 with how well they've been playing? Is Holmgren still rumored to prefer someone else? Are there any "name brand" coaches out there that would bite on this roster with how well they've been performing or is a lot of this due to Mangini's work?

6. If Garrett leads the Cowboys to a 5-3 record or better, even without Romo, do you think the fans will want to keep him? Or still go after a big name?

7. In your opinion, has the Donovan McNabb trade been a failure? If you were Donovan McNabb would you want to re-sign with Washington? Did you feel the Eagles were dumb to trade him within their own division and do you still feel that way, or do you now think they were right to trade him where they could get best value regardless of location?

8. Have you ever seen a QB pass for 469 yards, 4 TD's, and 0 INT's only to lose by 20 points? (Matt Cassel)

1. i think he's a good game manager. Baltimore sports radio is always trying to diss him but theres a lil caller controversy going on today how they let him go without giving him a real chance. most people are calling his play a fluke. personally i think he's a very solid QB and it takes some of them a while to mature and come into their own. i think he could very well be the real deal, the problem is all of the 'experts' are going to hate on him due to his size, where he was picked at, and not having the same assets the top drafted QB's generally have. i do think he's better than Alex Smith. 49ers have some great offensive pass weapons and its a shame they've always hinged on a inconsistent QB.

2. Steelers

3. Garrard has been playing in a VERY conservative passing offense. only recently has he been able to start throwing it more, before recently they were so focused on MJD carrying the rock he barely had any opportunities. he's definitely capable tho.

4. not really

5. Mangini was behind the trade for Hillis. they basically got a pro bowl RB, maybe one of the most unique RB's in the league, and draft picks for a lifetime backup NFL QB....and last weeks play calling by Mangini in the upset against NE was exceptional. they should've beat the Jets if Chancey didn't fumble, which would've been 3 straight wins against 3 of NFL's top teams. no way Mangini deserves to be fired and most Cle fans are now on his bandwagon. Colt is lookiing like a really good QB too. Cleveland is probably one of my favorite teams to cheer for right now since they're such the underdog this year on a roll right now....loving the Browns bandwagon

6. keep him. he was too loyal and wanted around the league before this year that i doubt they forget all of that over the first half of the season under Wade. it is pretty funny tho how some new rules changes perspective and play. Wade is probably thinking wtf didn't Garrett suggest these ideas when we were losing?

7. it was dumb at first but now they look like genius's due to Vick/kolb. mostly Vick after this past week obviously. altho they didn't knjow that Vick would be such a beast before the season more than Kolb being able to hold his own. they got pretty lucky....or hit the jackpot with Vick. he's probably MVP of the NFL right now if he can keep it up.

8. who cares
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