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Old 02-07-2011, 12:59 PM   #1
Serious playground baller
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Default Any tips for improving the mental aspects of the game

I'm probably older than most of the players on here and more than likely have less experience than the majority as well. I didn't ball in play highschool or even junior high school. In fact the only year I did play was 6th grade and I only played a few minutes a game and can probably count the points I scored on one hand. I started playing every Saturday over a year ago and have been working on getting better ever since. I am a pretty good ball handler, a decent shooter and a decent passer. I would be much better at all of them if I could quit making stupid mistakes though.

I have a hard time making the right decisions. I force passes and often times throw them too hard. When my passes work they are usually great but I am picked off a lot and even throw it right pass my teamate.

As I said I am a pretty good ball handler. I usually dribble too much but it seems like its pretty hard for defenders to take the ball from me despite that. Even if they knock the ball lose or hit it away I usually get it back. However it seems like I dribble the ball off my foot at least once every Saturday. This usually happens when I am not being guarded.

My shooting is alright when I am practicing but pretty streaky when playing especially from outside the arch. I'll make 4 or 5 in a row then miss 4 or 5. I also tend to shoot when I shouldn't an pass up good shots.

Any tips?
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Decent playground baller
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Default Re: Any tips for improving the mental aspects of the game

A great way to get better is to play games with people who are on a higher level than you. You don't get better (you might get worse) playing people at the same level/lower than you, so always try and play with people who you feel like know what they're doing and can work with you on their team.

Other than that, just work on your skills. The mental abilities and ability to make good decisions under pressure come from game situations, so you should remember to run pickup if the competition is good.
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Old 03-07-2011, 08:38 PM   #3
Saw a basketball once
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Default Re: Any tips for improving the mental aspects of the game

Experience in a stressful, competitive environment is the best mental skills builder there is.

Other than that it's pretty much get the basics down: work on skills and fundamentals (although if you have a big disparity between your abilities in practice and your abilities in games, that's a big sign you need to spend more time playing and less time practicing), make sure you always take care to warm up properly, etc.
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Default Re: Any tips for improving the mental aspects of the game

you should do what the two guys mentioned above in practice/scrimmage. always run with people that's better than you to get better

but since you are looking at improving mental aspect, i would say try playing with people at your level to get your confidence up. if you are always playing with people that's better than you, chances are they are gona give you the looks that you suck and you'll start double guessing yourself

in-game experiences you can always learn from playing tournaments or reffed games, playing with confidence only comes when you trust in yourself

Practice , practice and practice. the only way to convince yourself that you are good is that you are prepared, and you prepare yourself by practicing so you know every shot you take is going to be money
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Old 03-08-2011, 02:57 AM   #5
Enter the Dragic
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Default Re: Any tips for improving the mental aspects of the game

Simple... Practice consistently and game experience. Find out how to practice the right way tho... don't just shoot around, get on a structured program practicing how to attack from anywhere and different moves/countermoves. Know how to play the game too... many people just don't know how to play really... they know the rules, but they don't know the nuisances of the game that make a huge difference. By practicing tho, your confidence will go up becuase you will be getting better... then in game it will come slowly but keep practicing and your in game success will go up. Eventually everything will come easy. That doesn't mean you will socre everytime, or even that what you do will work everytime... but you will know what you want to accomplish and you won't be in a hurry.
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Old 03-08-2011, 01:02 PM   #6
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Default Re: Any tips for improving the mental aspects of the game

watch more basketball play more and try to stay concentrated you have all time of the world there is no shot clock
and of course work on your skills if you are confident in your skills than you shouldn't be making dumb decisions
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