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Default Game #2 Observations (Jasper)

After reviewing the game a 2nd time and stats here is my take :

As I had stated in my Game #1 breakdown and team adjustments -

Mav's brought an internal pace to their game.. so even if they were not in a fast break they immediate rotated the ball , instead of a more traditional set.
Within 4 minutes of the game , crisp passes and even if the shot was contested or missed the shooters were in rythem.
* this rotation was not allowing the Heat to clog the passing lanes , and made the Heat run out of sequence.
JJ and Kidd challenging the ball passed the mid court line : even though the Mav's know the Heat want a slow pass (seconds on the clock Shoots) they wanted to disrupt the Heats setup. Excellent Coach C. move.
*Game 3 Heat should do this to the MAv's to counter !!!!
While the first half sets the tone : JJ and Kidd looked to continue quick passes either in transition or half court sets , which opened those passing lanes to become slashing lanes for easy drives to the rack.
This became a weapon , and the Heat even fell into a less efficient weak side help on the final winning score of the game.
*Heat in Game 3 need to come to a man up defense early on ball , forcing ball handler off hand direction , keying his teammates to look for weak hand side passes to allow passing lane blocking.
A quick double team disguised in transition can be deadly as well.
If you watch this game again , you will see that when the Mav's have crisp quick passes , not only does the slashing lanes and passing lanes open , it makes the Heat defense "SAG" ... which opens mid range jumpers as well as front court players mid post offensive shots.
The key to all of Mav's offense is a quicker offensive flow for their shooters to shoot in rythem !!

Why was Wade's effort wasted : he brought his A+ game .. and Heat become some what complacant on the offense to alloow their super stars to dictate the offensive flow.. sometimes instead of Wade scoring on a tough attempt .. he would be better off to allow his teammates to recieve weak side passes for jumpers...
What eventually happened to Mav's sucked in the man up defense to a weak zone lane defense opening up the 3 ball shot.. low percentage shots that Miami missed time and time again.. making some .. ut not allowing a smooth offensive flow.
4 th qtr :
Believe this or not .. even on their 15 lead offensive performance .. the Heat lost team flow , and were making one on one type big shots that appeared to be daggers. Even Lebrons expressions showed that they thought the game wa under control.
Coach S. ran a set offensive play for Bosh who missed a low post finger roll , but that was the ONLY good posession throughout the game flow in this critical time.
Up to the 9 minute mark 10 pts up most points were lucky 2nd chance points.
As I stated Earlier .. Mav's come back was based on offensive flow.. because the Heat with 5 minutes left were playing weak defense man up .. the Mav's got into any easy up tempo flow .. and even burned the Heat on a long court pass layup.
Lebron :
His time is 3 minutes or less. He started taking over the game with 6 minutes left .. and the Mav's knew what was happening.
Ironically I counted the bad posessions and even though the Heat got cold , the total of 6 possessions during this time were attributed to Lebron and forced shots by him or his teammates with seconds left on the clock. Not a clock issue .. it was ball control that was a -12 point loss.
In other words the Mav's 17-2 run and Lebron taking over at the 6 minute mark was TO SOON.
Was D-Wade to tired to carry the 3 minutes he is assigned to ??
Last possession was Dirk against the Heat ... Bosh manned up , but dirk did a super star roll to the hoop finger roll with his injuried hand... you can bet that Bosh thought of this when he played the defense... as I stated before that slash lane wa sopen .. because Anthony weak side help was to late to protect the hoop.
If it was overtime .. I think Coach S. would of righted the ship.
Final conclussion : BOSH

He was in mid to high post offense , and the few touchs low post were contested and lost his rythem.
Believe this our not this series could hinge on his low post play and scoring.
He is doing a great low post defense , as well as helping his teammates . BUT the heat need his low post scoring to win the series.
Yep you read that right.
Expect the Heat to run plays similar to Dallas catching Bosh on the move to generate spacing for his jumper and low post drives.

THIS IS A great series...
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