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Default Re: 2011 Drew League

Originally Posted by DJMason
So creating threads where the entire point is to diss a mod is not trolling? Neither is coming into a positive thread (one of a few on this board) and accusing people of overrating DeRozan just because they said he played well in a summer league game?

Alright that's all the food your getting from me today.
I don't know which thread your talking about. I did create a thread criticizing funk a looooong ass time ago, but haven't done so since. And this has nothing to do with that so stop trying to stir shit up. People gave their opinions, I gave my opinions, excuse the **** out of me for having a different one than you.
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Default Re: 2011 Drew League

Originally Posted by lilbeastnani
I'm confused, so are you agreeing or disagreeing with me?


I think your analysis is a little bit slanted perhaps by the perspective of how some people treat you on this board and how you interact with some people. Perhaps because of how you percieve the criticism of Bargnani verses the lack of critics on Derozan :shrug:

To broadly summarize Derozan as no big deal of a flop may in fact have some merrit. I would hesitate to draw that conclusion but time will tell.

They guy has shown incremental improvement in my mind over 2 seasons but I have no illusions he will suddenly become the Kobe of his time immediately. I also have no reason to believe after only 2 seasons - he has yet hit the ceiling of his game/contribution as inferred in your post.

I do disagree with your assessment of his Defense. I have watched and listened to a lot of games - and attended over a half dozen in person (Toronto resident) the past two years. Derozan D is not lock down best in league - but it is not lazy or disinterested - something I have seen from a significant number of raptors players including Barges and Calderon but not limited to them. The same is true of Davis.

I like DJMasons comment - I am skeptically optimistic about Derozan and Davis. Excellent post !

I think most reasonably aware Toronto Fans share this . These two look like keepers as the base of what I hope will be a solid franchise.

I am also trying to answer you in a respectful considered manner to increase the level of civility on this board and post.

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Default Re: 2011 Drew League

The thing is no one is suggesting that derozan is an all-star or even that he has all-star potential. Just saying that his game is improving. Most players have some trouble in their second season and difficulty adapting to an increased role with more minutes. Demar did well in his second year, not earthshattering or anything but solid production from an NBA starter.

Perhaps it's unfair but the expectations on demar are lower than they are for bargs. But the world is unfair and the reality is bargs was a number one pick and is a big seven footer. All the guy needs to do is bring more effort. If he could only average 8-9boards the criticism would fade a lot.

Lil B, you need to chill. You obviously have an unhealthy bias and a bad attitude that is why people disrespect you.
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