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Default Re: If Dirk doesn't win this year.

With a few bounces going the other way Dirk could win the title this year. He still can as it is. The talk about him needing Dwight is absolute nonsense, or about him not being good enough.
There's only a few guys that could take any combination of talent to the title, great two-way players that were also reliable in crunch-time. Those would be Hakeem, MJ, Kareem, Shaq, Duncan, Russel. I'd even to some extent exclude Bird, Magic from this list. Garnett, Kobe too, as well as Malone and Barkley. LeBron too as of now.

So as far as being good enough to lead a team to the title, Dirk is not in the top tier with the guys I listed. But still a reliable scorer in crunch-time and a great #1-option.
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Default Re: If Dirk doesn't win this year.

Originally Posted by ConanRulesNBC
What if Dallas were to get Chris Paul and keep most of the team in place?

Would a...


lineup compete? Paul made Chandler a double double player almost every game. Seeing Paul and Dirk together would be... holy crap. Marion can still play and hopefully Butler gets back to 100%.

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Default Re: If Dirk doesn't win this year.

Chris Paul is not going to Dallas. He said himself that he wants to start a Big 3 of his own in NY. Dalllas has a better shot at Dwill...
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Default Re: If Dirk doesn't win this year.

Originally Posted by SCdac
Lots of teams in the league have made the Finals... since 1995, nearly half the franchises in the league have made the Finals.

Lebron could probably win more with less... Hence, Dirk "needing" more talent around him... Lebron is the better player, just like Duncan, and just like Shaq, and Garnett too.

The only two Finals teams Dirk has been on have emphasized defense and had good defensive players (IE. Dirk isn't going to make up for a weak defensive team himself, if anything they make up for his average defense). They wouldn't be there without Dirk but he's going to need a great team to win, greater than the average playoff team IMO.

Think about it, we're talking about a Dwight and Nowitzki pairing. That's arguably the best PF and C in the league (at this time). If that's what it takes to win a title than that says something.

Dirk would need more help to win a title than Shaq, Duncan, or Lebron is obvious.

He's not as good as them.

Just so you know, only 3 teams have made the finals from the West Since Dirk became a Mav. Lakers, Spurs, and Mavericks.

Lakers and Spurs both have had much better teams throughout. Just a fact.

You said Dirk needs the best team to win. I don't understand that statement when he's now carried two different teams that have no business even making out of the 2nd round in 06 and 11 to the cusp of a title.


Give Dirk an all nba player and a quality team just like Shaq and Kobe and Wade and KG have had this decade and he would have won titles as well.

But whatever, people like you over-rate the absolute shit out of the current supporting cast.

Do people still think Dirk has more help than Rose? If Rose played 75% as well as Dirk has these first three games the Bulls would have been up 3-0.

Dirk doesn't need Howard. You put Deron Williams on this team instead of Kidd this year and its an easy title. Not a doubt in my mind. Is Deron Williams so good it makes it unfair or something? LOL
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