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(no Dirk homer)
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Default What does the draft look like?

I dont usally follow the draft. So I know very little about this years class. How strong is it? Who are the future stars? Tell me about this years draft and what is interesting.
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Default Re: What does the draft look like?

This years draft sucks.

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Default Re: What does the draft look like?

Projecting how 'strong' or 'weak' a draft is can be a very difficult proposition. It takes a few years of these guys being in the league before you can truly evaluate the draft. It will be hard enough to figure out how good it was after next year, let alone proclaiming it as 'sucking' before it even takes place. There are a lot of unknown quantities in this year's class, such as foreign players like Enes Kanter and Jonas Valanciunas, which no one on here or in the general public has a lot of footage on or knows a ton about.

The guy who just won Finals MVP was just barely a Lottery pick in a year when the entire basketball world thought that the No. 1 pick was a no-brainer and sure-fire All-Star... That no-brainer turned out to be Michael Olowokandi and the guy who no one heard of is now one of the greatest players of all-time.

The second pick in that draft was actually a member of the team that Dirk silenced, but he wasn't one of the Big 3... It was Mike Bibby.

And, that draft was purported to be 'top heavy,' while after the Top 5, there was a huge drop. That was what the 'draft experts' were saying.

It turns out, the best player was a guy that no one had heard of and a lot of people probably laughed when his name was announced at No. 9 overall.

So, before you fall into the trap of listening to the so-called experts about how 'weak' this draft is, consider how often these people are dead-wrong in their projections.

I think there are two very good PGs in this draft... Kyrie Irving and Brandon Knight. Both guys have very large frames for the position, which is a key when attempting to project the jump from college to the NBA.

Derrick Williams is a beast... I'm sold on that guy. He has an 'it' factor.

As I said, the foreign prospects -- Kanter, Valanciunas, Vesley, Motiejunas, and Biyombo -- are unknown products, but it seems that the general consensus is that Kanter is the most NBA-ready of the bunch and Valanciunas has the highest ceiling (lots of comparisons to Pau Gasol).

Then, you have explosive scoring combo guards like Kemba Walker and Jimmer Fredette. I see both guys as nice complimentary 'spark' guys off of the bench. They're undersized, though, which could be a problem.

This isn't the deepest draft in terms of SFs and SGs. That said, I think that Kawhi Leonard could be a shut-down defender who can play multiple positions on the NBA level and we all know how important guys like that are. Alec Burks, Chris Singleton, and Marshon Brooks -- I think -- will make an impact in this league.

The difference between this year and most other years is that there wasn't that one guy that was clearly the No. 1 pick at the end of the college season that people could point to and say, "he will be an all-star."

Irving and Williams have shown flashes, but Kyrie only played 11 games, so he is sort of still a bit of a mystery and Williams really exploded onto the scene in his Sophomore year after a relatively quiet first season in Arizona.

All of that said, projecting how draft prospects will translate to the NBA is almost impossible, which is why I laugh at the 'this draft sucks' crowd. They are just parroting things that they hear from pundits or 'experts,' who are pretty much just guessing themselves.

There will be legitimate all-star caliber players in this draft just like there are in every draft. I virtually guarantee it. There will be a couple of those guys, a few really good players, a bunch of solid starters, a few guys that linger around the league for a while and then disappear and a couple of total busts.

It really won't be much different from any other year.

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noob cake
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Default Re: What does the draft look like?

Originally Posted by (e)
This years draft sucks.


2 possible superstars in Irving, Williams. Bunch of solid starters/role players, great depth, but no real high-end talent.
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