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Default So the Nets badly wanted Marshon Brooks?

Wise move by the Celtics.

They just got a free 2nd rounder in 2014(If I'm not mistaken) from the Nets and got the player they wanted on the 27th

Johnson maybe are the really target of Celtics on that 25th and the nets came offered their 27th and a 2nd rounder because they were so afraid that the Cs will take Brooks on the 25th or the Mavs on the 26th.

So any insight about this kid? I've seen a banner like he's the next Kobe Bryant

I hope time will not come that Ainge will regret trading this kid away to the Nets
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Default Re: So the Nets badly wanted Marshon Brooks?

Danny is going to regret it, although they didnt really need Marshon.

I think hes more of a Kendall Gill type of player. Like people called him before, he is a jack of all trades who should provide an immediate impact for New Jersey. They're looking for someone, anyone who can play on the perimeter and take shots while D-Will draws most of the attention. Brooks is going to do that while also providing better defense than Anthony Morrow or Sasha could provide.

I think hes going to be a good player. Nets couldnt really go wrong with their picks.
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Default Re: скачать swf порн

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Quality post!
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