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Default Re: How important is Caron Butler to the Dallas Mavericks?

Originally Posted by Flamboyant

Fernandez definitely is a great acquisition, but if not for him, Butler definitely should have been kept. I completely disagree with Caron being negative for team chemistry by any means. Of course when you win the title, one assumes things couldn't have been better. But Caron is a smart guy who knows his role, and is OK with taking a step back when others are hot. He is much more important then JJ. As good as JJ was in the last 2 games of Finals, people forget that he was non-existent in the first games. Plus JJ is a huge defensive liability. I respect your opinion, but I don't think JJ should be a priority over Caron. To me keeping Caron should have been priority #2 after keeping Tyson. But maybe getting Rudy has changed it.

I never said Caron wouldn't be willing to adjust his game if others were hot but if he were there then the other role players wouldn't even have the opportunity to get hot because Butler is going to get significant minutes. I think its a bit naive to think Butler wouldn't have disrupted chemistry. Saying he would have disrupted chemistry is not a negative for him. Its just that many of the guys who stepped up wouldn't have had the chance to do so with him there.

JJ was necessary for the Mavs because he was the only guy who could drive and kick. No one else on the Mavs can do this. And when you are stocked up with shooters, this is quite essential in breaking down defenses.

I am not trying to knock Butler because he is a very solid player, I just think given his serious injury and the great play with the core they had without him, that he is not a very important player to bring back. If they can sign him on the cheap, then I am all for it. But dont throw a lot of money at him.

To me, the Macs couldnt have played any better than they did this past post season. They over achieved big time and honestly, I think they played pretty close to perfect. They took down the reigning champs with ease and took down the big 3 in Miami. And they did this without Caron Butler.
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Default Re: How important is Caron Butler to the Dallas Mavericks?

Originally Posted by insidehoops
Obviously they just managed to win a championship without him, but still, they're better with him than without him, aren't they?

Of course, the size of his contract is a huge factor.

Here's Butler declaring that he hopes to stick with Dallas:
Had he played in the playoffs, the MAvs very well could have lost in round 1.
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Default Re: How important is Caron Butler to the Dallas Mavericks?

Originally Posted by Rowe
It is not that easy. All it takes is a season(which I think will be next year) in which the Mavs end up as a 5th seed and go home in Round 1. Then what? You've got a lot of money invested in a team going nowhere. You're fooling yourself if you think guys like Marion, Chandler, Butler, Haywood, & eventually Terry are going to be in demand around the league when the Mavs finally do decide to blow it up.

Im telling you I can only imagine how the 2nd half of the 2010's are going to be for Mavericks fans. You're gonna end up like those Knicks fans who felt we should've blown the team up in 1995, let alone 2000.

It really doesn't matter. Once Dirk declines a little the championship window shuts completely unless Cuban finds a way to pull in a top 15 player in the league somehow in the next year or so. Maybe we could swing D-Will....but I won't hold my breath.

I would imagine that the Mavs will be competitive for the next 3 to 4 years...assuming relative health and some decent signings or trades.

So what if we are terrible after that? That is what you want. I hope the Mavs are the worst team in the league 2 straight years. You build through the draft. Even with Dallas being a good sized market with a great owner, its not a big time free agent spot.

The best thing to do for the Mavs is to have a 4 year plan to continue competing for titles and then blow the whole thing up. Maybe you have a year in which you have a high payroll and aren't good, but that would also mean you have some expiring contracts to deal in some 3 team deals for some draft picks or younger players.

Cuban is a smart dude. Trust me, he knows enough to know that when we get bad, he'll make sure we are terrible. That is the best way to rebuild.
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Default Re: How important is Caron Butler to the Dallas Mavericks?

Originally Posted by kentatm
I think the Mavs are more likely to sign JJB and Stevenson than they are to retain Butler.

I hope least with stevenson. This Mavs team will need exactly what a healthy Butler would provide.

I'd love to see Dirk not have to carry such a heavy burden in both the regular season and playoffs next year offensively. Butler brings a lot to the table. I hope we keep him.

I'd rather have Butler than Barea. I think Butler is simply the better player.
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