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Mr. I'm So Rad
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Default What Is Your Player Profile?

Like if you had a paragraph description of yourself what would it be?

Your strengths, weaknesses, play style, go to move, etc

For me it would be something like this.

Play Style: I'm a shorter player but what I lack in height I make up for with length and determination. My game is more perimeter oriented but I can bang down low for rebounds with guys much bigger than me. I'm a mostly offensive player that can give you consistent, well rounded scoring.

Defense: On the defensive end, my perimeter man defense is sound. I can lock guys up if I want. I can be lazy on the defensive end though and I'm not the greatest help defender. I am a tenacious rebounder and will grab as many boards as possible even when I'm not involved on the offensive end.

Offense: On the offensive end, I can score in a multitude of ways and it is what I am best at. I can drive, I can shoot the long ball with the best of them, and I can post up. Outside of scoring, I am a very willing passer. I'm not a great playmaker, but I will always look for the open man and have no problem giving the ball up to a teammate who will make good decisions with the ball. My go to move is to post up on the left block and shoot a turnaround fadeaway. I make that shot 9/10 times no matter who is guarding me.

Miscellaneous: I always believe that good teamwork will prevail. Even if a guy isn't a good offensive player, just letting him touch the ball or feel involved on offense will make him want to do other things well such as rebound and defend, which are the most important things. I am a passive player for the most part, but when I need to take on the scoring load I can do it.
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Default Re: What Is Your Player Profile?

Play Style: Even at 5 foot 8, I still play like a power forward. If I'm on defense I tend to stand around the rim(outside of the point). If I'm on offense without he ball, I'll roam around the 3-point arc. so you can say I'm a lot more defensive minded type of player. I'm more engage on the defense than I am on offense (see Offense - Playmaking/Ball-handling for reasons why).

Offense - Shooting: For jumpers, I can shoot from any range. My best shots are around the free throw line area. However, if I'm on the drive or penetrating towards the rim I can only shoot from the left wing because I'm a Southpaw. I can only bank of the left side of the board. In terms of post moves, I do have a good quick release hookshot.

Go-to move: I like posting up at the leftwing the best as I usually go for a quick hook once I'm 3-5 fee away from the basket.

Offense - Playmaking and ball handling: I don't like to play with the ball that much because I feel the need to play on the left wing whenever I have the ball. My offense and playmaking becomes too predictable as I usually go for a drive on the left side of the rim or I'll post up at the left end. My ball-handling ability is very poor; main reason why I don't want the ball in my hand more than 10 seconds.

Defense: I love battling for rebounds, so I'm very active when boxing out. I like defending the paint and or around the rim, even if I'm not as tall as everybody else. I'm actually better at perimeter defense because of my speed and peskiness but it does take a lot out of my stamina and I get fatigue easily. My only weakness in defense is defending the back-to-the-basket post up moves, I find it hard and frustrating defending this.

Miscellaneous: I'm definitely a defense-first type of player. I don't care that much about scoring points. And with poor hands I definitely don't want to be the playmaker either. I get extremely excited on the defensive end more so than the offense. A huge block, defensive stoppage or critical rebound are the things that energizes me.

Summary: I'm a 5 foot 8 short guy who wants to be (and plays) like a 6 foot 9 Power Forward.

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Enter the Dragic
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Default Re: What Is Your Player Profile?

Writing this as if were another person evaluating me, so in third person.

Bobby cox: 5'11 (6'0 in shoes) 170 pounds

Smooth and polished offensive game. Great footwork with an array of moves especially on the block. Fantastic passer. Can slot home tough passes with ease. Good post entry passer. Comfortable handling the ball, has the mindset of a PG, but better off the ball. Excellent movement. Is a threat on the breaks both with the ball and on the wing. Very much a threat to hit the 3. Must play tight. Solid pullup jumper. Good with the pick and roll/pop. Doesn't turn the ball over much. Not a good finisher at the rim, but has a decent floater. Not too much of a threat to take his man off the dribble, but is capable of putting it on the floor and making something happen. Can be passive. Doesn't look to score as much as he should. Overall, smart offensive with the ability to score from anywhere, but generally won't be the leading scorer due to his willingness to pass and lack of assertiveness.

Defense: Not a good defender. Average at best. Can be beaten off the dribble. Feet are not that quick. Sometimes active hands, but generally plays it safe. Decent post D. Good position defender with willingness to go body to body and bang. Hands more active down low. Solid help defender. Knows angles well and willing to take a charge. Decent rebounder. Overall, can be exposed defensively, but tries hard and doesn't get down.

Misc: Decent size. Decent athlete, but not particularly quick. Relies on hesitation and fakes to get from point A to point B. Not very long. Is willing to go on the floor for loose ball. Good hustle, but won't blow you away. Good mindset and attitude. Looks to make the correct play and get others involved. Isn't too worried about mistakes, but at times can be frustrated. Vocal on defense, but isn't necessarily a tone setter. Works hard for the team.

Player Comparisons:
Ray Allen A well rounded player who excels at shooting. More of a Jason Kidd type with the ball in his hands, but with the ability to pullup and a little more aggressive looking for his shot.

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Saw a basketball once
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Default Re: What Is Your Player Profile?


Offense: Very good jumpshot. Great mid range game. Can hit the 3 consistently. Good dribbling with a polished offensive game and post moves. Has a pretty quick first step and good body control allowing him to finish with the foul. May get a little reckless when driving to the hoop. Able to get offensive rebounds and putbacks occasionally. Gets out to score and win

Defense: Gets lazy at times and gambles for steals and blocks. When motivated can play above average defense and has quick feet and hands.
Able to block/deter shots and rebound well

Misc:Average size but good length. Above average speed for my size and position and strong. Scorer through and through. Hates to lose very much

Player comparisons: At most times I'm a pure scorer. I fancy myself a small version of a little of wade and kobe?
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Learning to shoot layups
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Default Re: What Is Your Player Profile?

200-15ish lbs

Strengths: Is good at warming seats.
Weakness: Can only warm one seat at a time.
NBA Comparison: Ball boy
MAX NBA Potential: Eddy Curry, since he can warm up several seats at the same time.
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Old 10-04-2011, 04:56 PM   #6
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Default Re: What Is Your Player Profile?

6' 1", 185 lbs

Position: SF/SG

Offense: I'm a streaky shooter. With range past the NBA 3 point line, I can make it rain when I'm feeling it. I normally start the game by shooting 2 or 3 jumpers. If I make one of them, then I'll continue to shoot, if I miss than I'll resort to driving and dishing. My ball handling isn't anything special. I tend not to bring the ball up court. I'm good enough at dribbling to slash to the basket, which I mainly use my size(people I normally play against at the gym range between 5'8" and 6'3") to power myself to the basket. I get a lot of offensive rebounds and tip-ins. My biggest weakness is that I get out of control when I'm handling the ball and I'll try to do too much. If I relax and stick with shooting or simple drive and dish, I won't go wrong. Once I try to get fancy, I end up losing the ball or I'll pass to the other team.

Defense: This is where my cigarette smoking catches up to me. I can run fast, but I get winded easily. I'm fairly good at defense, but not great. I can keep the ball handler in front of me and he most likely passes the ball or resorts to long range shooting(I slack off a lot). I tend to talk to the ball handler. If they are a below average shooter, I'll constantly talk them into chucking. I'm good at recovering. Plenty of times, the ball handler thinks they have a wide open fastbreak layup and I'll run my smoking ass off and get the block.

Go-to move: Either the step-back jumper or I'll spin to my left and pull up immediately for a fall-a-way jumper.
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Default Re: What Is Your Player Profile?

offense: Can't catch and shoot but I got the sickest jumpshot off the dribble. Handles are top notch. Offensive awareness is very nice, i have nice courtvision. My passing is nice but nothing fancy. All in all if it's not a shot off the dribble I won't make it at a high percentage.

Defense: I'm quick on my feet and can keep with my defender but not a good ball hawk. I can't rip many people on the spot even if you are a weak ball handler. I rarely ever go for shot fakes though and barely many people just blow past me.

Mis:only 5'10 but have long arms. Trash talk the hell out of you, but first niccah to run away when a niccah want to fight lol real talk, I aint bout all dat getting a niccah ass whooped on da court for doe.

Playstyle:Allen Iverson/Kevin Johnson.
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Home of the 16
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Default Re: What Is Your Player Profile?

Yall shouldve played pro ball.. Oh wait.
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Default Re: What Is Your Player Profile?

Play Style
6'4 SF/PF with range. Scorer mostly, not a great ball handler because I've always been the best shooter on my teams, kinda used to resort to taking a lot of jumpers. Pretty athletic, I can throw down a 360 for example.

I'm a solid help defender and post defender, but I'm not that good at defending smaller, quicker guards. They can put me on skates.. I'm a solid rebounder I guess.

As stated above, I'm a scorer. I can shoot and slash, and I'm one of the guys who can actually catch fire and make a bunch of threes in a row. On the downside, I'm not a great passer, I won't turn it over or anything but you won't see me making any brilliant passer or something like that.

I'm also kind of a choker haha, I've been given the ball and the greenlight in a bunch of close game situations and thusfar I've not made a whole lot of it.. to my own dissapointment mostly..

My go-to-move is basically anything revolving a spin left, whether I shoot out of it or make a layup or dunk, I'm a lefty so it works perfectly. I'm working on a stepback but I'm not too good at it yet, I'm best as a catch and shoot-shooter.
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Default Re: What Is Your Player Profile?

Originally Posted by $LakerGold
Yall shouldve played pro ball.. Oh wait.

lawl unfortunately what we could do other people can too. some better than others.
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By Any Means
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Default Re: What Is Your Player Profile?

I'm about 5'9", 165 pounds.

I'm so done with slashing and attacking the cup like I used to. I got tired of getting hacked and missing most of my layups because the people I run into(even randoms) tend to be inspired by the bad boy pistons defensively.

If I were to compare myself to an NBA player, I would be like a Wizards Jordan. I'm deceptive with my athleticism, good defender and offensively I'm playing the old man's way. Good footwork, using angles, pump fakes and well hidden push offs. I find myself playing with my back against the defender these days and using fancy footwork instead trying to blow past people. My fadeaways are spot on, I just had a shoulder injury from a car accident that weakened my shot a bit so now most of them are hitting the front of the rim instead of going in.

My handles are above average, I'm not breaking people down left and right but I can go where I want and protect the ball .

My main weakness is just rebounding, I'm always getting caught out of position these days when this used to be one of my main strengths.
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Sonics bandwagoner
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Default Re: What Is Your Player Profile?

6'1 175lbs

Offense- Before I lost some quickness and agility due to multiple ankle sprains and a severe case of jumpers knee, I was a slasher/scorer. Preferred to get guys 1 on 1 and beat them to the rim. Nowadays, I like to operate a slower pace. Catch it in the post, operate as a PG through it, and either make plays with my back to the basket, or go to my post game and try to back the guy down. If that isn't working, then I like to face up for a quick jumper or jab step to the baseline. My jumper has always been iffy so I really try to rely on footwork and fakes. Those are pretty much my bread and butter now. On a fastbreak I'm money. I'm either getting a layup, dunk, or getting fouled.

Defense- Long arms(6'7 wingspan) help me mask lack of super quick lateral quickness. Good IQ in terms of staying with quicker players with great handles. Stay in front of them and don't gamble. Not the greatest help defender but I'm alright. For me, it's all about being smart and sneaky, and making the most of my size. My weakness is playing against stronger guards who like to drive. Some guys will just bully you out of the way and that's hard to stop. I love the challenge, though.

Player comparisons- Probably a mix of current Carmelo(minus the shooting touch) and current Kobe....but with the body type of Rondo. I just like playing out of the post and making "basketball" moves. Not necessarily plays where I'm going to use my athleticism to make something happen. I'm still usually the most athletic dude on the court but knee has really set me back. I almost always need to a screen to get past someone and don't have the same lift as I once did. I love playing against guys who are 2-3 inches taller and 15-20 pounds heavier. It really makes you work that much harder.
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Learning to shoot layups
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Default Re: What Is Your Player Profile?

5'11 158 lbs (3rd person)

Offense: Great scorer who has has a pg pass first mentality. Able to drill the open 3. Uses his excellent footwork and hesitations to get past defenders and is a nightmare for slower guards because of his quickness. Has a great floater which he uses to get past taller guards and big men. Left handed scorer but dribbles better with off hand. Has played against d-2 talent and more than held his own. Understands the pg position and is very patient.

Defense: Great on ball defender. Uses his speed and anticipation to crowd below average ball handlers and plays the passing lanes particularly well. At 5'11 he is at a disadvantage help grab defensive boards when there are 6'+ guards and big men on the court.

Weakness: Drives sometimes but not a great finisher around the rim, Lacks the explosive in the vertical jump to do so. Not the strongest guard so often gets bodied around by bigger defenders. Fades away on shots even when wide open which results in many shots coming up short. Plays passing lanes way to much during the game. Decent ball handler but far from great often tends to dribble to much in traffic which results in turnovers. Great Scorer, but not consistent/efficient. Many times going into shooting droughts which hurts his confidence.

Misc- Very injury prone. Has had 3 ankle sprains within 2 years. also a bad case of jumpers knee on 2 occasions. at only 22 this is not such a big deal but def note worthy.

Player Comparisons: Best Case Scenario- Brandon Jennings
Worst Case scenario: Ronnie Price
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Default Re: What Is Your Player Profile?

Age: 22
Height: 6'
Weight: 160
Race: White
Build: Ripped
Position: PG

Offense: Vocal on the court. Runs an offense smoothly. Unlimited energy and intensity on this end of the floor.

Excellent and very consistent jump shooter. Will instantly rise and shoot if any space is given. Looks to iso at the top of the key or post up on the low block. Great court vision. Uses screens off-the-ball for a dependable catch-and-shoot.

Average speed off dribble despite an excellent first step. Poor finisher at the rim in traffic. Uses the floater or baby hook to finish down low.

Depends on the pump fake and crossover to do work. Mostly works in the mid-range.

Defense: Sound fundamentals. Good footwork defending man-to-man on the perimeter.

Doesn't flounder, but doesn't wow. Gets very few blocks and steals. Below average rebounder.

Excellent help defender anywhere on the court. Doesn't gamble.

Good floor-leader. Outspoken. Deadly shooter from anywhere. Decent post game. Solid play-maker off the dribble.

Mediocre defender and limited rebounder. Little impact on defensive end.

Player comparison: Cross between Chris Paul and Ray Allen with a post-game mixed in.

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Dunking on everybody in the park
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Default Re: What Is Your Player Profile?

way too right-hand dominant a ball handler.

Terrible court vision.

often unreliable jumpshot.

unapologetically dirty defender

Sometimes forget to box out or fight for rebounds.

holy shit I need more practice
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