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Old 06-25-2006, 02:34 PM   #1
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Default Da Bulls

Aiight bulls fans, the draft is coming, and we have the number 2 pick and 16 pick. So what do we do.In my opinion we need bigmen badly. There is no way we take Brandon Roy at number 2. He is a good player no doubt about it. But people we have Ben Gordon, how many times has this guy won us games.Roy is not gonna start over Gordon either.Why would our top pick in the draft sit the bench , not a smart move at all .16th pick you go with your big guard or another bigman.Shannon Brown will be a very good player here or Saer Sene.Ronnie Brewer i beleive will be gone.

#2 pick - Tyrus Thomas- he brings length, athleticism, toughness, size,rebounding, shot blocking, decent j, decent ball handler, can play 3 or 4,a game changer,energy,Hinrich and Gordon will drive the lane and dish it too him all the time,Also a very good passer.Chandler an him will be swatting shots all over the place.

#16 pick-Shannon Brown or Saer Sene- Brown has all the tools to succeed,3 ball, good defense, huge hands and arms,jumps out of the gym, great athleticism,energy ,hustle, and wants to get better. Michigan St. too , thats where Scott Skiles came from.Sear Sene is just pure potential. I watched the highlight reel of him, no one can say they werent impressed.He will bring some defense downlow right away.Give us another 7 footer, cuz god we need that .Maybe develope a sky hook or a jumper.Very nice form on his shot.Runs the floor unbelievably well.Tough too i saw him talkin crash to the New York kid in the Highlight reel.Bulls are very high on him since the awesome workout he had with us.

Lastly someone tell the Bulls coachin staff that Tyson Chandler can not back down people, he is to skinny an he is not strong enough.The coaches need to tell him to catch the ball around the post AND TURN AN FACE THE BASKET and just shoot over the top of people for crying out loud. Him being a 7 footer and being able to jump , whos gonna block that shot. Everyday practice it 200 times, then he will actaully have a go to move. When people start actaully guarding the j , pump fake an go right around them for a dunk, simple as that. GO BULLS!!!!!!
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Old 06-26-2006, 01:06 AM   #2
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2- Andrea Bargnani (if left)
16- Quincy Douby

Your scoring just got a whole lot better with those two picks.
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Old 06-26-2006, 03:15 AM   #3
Let's Go.....
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From what I've heard Douby has been getting OWNED in the workouts and is a bubble first rounder..
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Old 06-26-2006, 06:10 AM   #4
Bill Swerski
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#2 - Adam Morrison(play @ SG, also SF)

#9 - Rodney Carney(if GS trade goes thru)

#16 - Muhammad Saer Sene

Assuming the Knicks are the worst team this year, and we have spot 1-4 on lock, I have 2 picks for next year

#1 - Greg Oden

Since Oden will be gone #1, for certain

#2/3/4 - Chase Budinger
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Old 06-26-2006, 01:27 PM   #5
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A week ago, I would have said I wanted Aldridge with the #2 pick and Thabo Sefolosha with #16. Now, I'm not so sure...

2 - We should take a high-scoring, well-defending player. I'm thinking Rudy Gay or Randy Foye. With a backup for Gordon that can come in for him if he's having trouble defending and can also carry his weight on the offensive end, that would supremely bolster the backcourt. If we were to select Foye, we should consider moving down in the draft to do it. There are a few teams with picks high enough for us to consider trading down with that could give us a little something in return that would actually help us out too (Houston, Minnesota, Atlanta). You can say all you want that Gay doesn't have the heart, but Skiles could whip him into shape like nobody's business.

16 - Saer Sene. This guy is huge, and while he may not have the offensive game right now that most people, including myself, want out of the center spot, he and Chandler would be a nightmare in the lane for anyone that can get around our guards. He also is athletic, can run the floor, and gets physical with other players. If we are thinking of getting Tyrus Thomas, why not get someone with most of the same strengths (imagine if Sene had a 40-inch vertical), but who is also tall enough to play center. This would allow Chandler to get back to his 4 spot and become part of the player we invisioned him becoming when we traded for him.
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