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Default Why the Raptors need to take a Flyer on Kaman..

Bar all other moves for the supposed possibility of a 50 game season - the Raptors need to take a run at Chris Kaman.

The Clippers are:
1) Cheap
2) Have D'Andre Jordon as the 5 of the future playing beside Blake
3) Have a decent bench back up in Jake V.
4) Could use any number of the types of players the Raptors have off the bench.

Kaman is in the last year of a $12.5M large and probably wants another large 3 year deal in the same range. Say $12M or more.

The Raptors have:
1) Cap room to add $12- 14M per season for 3 - 4 more years *
2) Need this type of player to solidify D
3) Need a mentor down the road for Jonus V
4) Need the true 5 to focus the offense around DeRozan/Davis support in the short term with the big three in the mid long term assuming we keep the core of Derozan/Davis/Vally

* the cap hit absorbed assuming the $11M - 4 years for Barges is swapped over for Kaman.

If the Raptors can trade Barges for Kaman it is win win scenerio for both players and both teams:

Clippers get a skilled player of size to play a different look than Jordon/Blake and get contract certainty for 4 more years.

Raptors get the true 5 to play and then play/mentor their overall number 1.

Further he is another Euro big and will help the draft pick settle into the NBA game and North Amercia so we dont loose that in loosing Barges.

And I quote:

His main asset for Germany, though, is his rebounding. Nowitzki is 7 feet tall, but he does like to spend a lot of time on the perimeter, leaving Kaman to do a lot of dirty work on the boards. Kaman doesn't disappoint, as he has led Germany in rebounding for the tournament and gotten the team some much needed garbage points. Germany's offense is prone to stalling out because they don't have a lot of ball movement, so Kaman's rebounds provide a much needed boost at exactly the right time.

Has Kaman recovered from his injuries? Mostly, I'd say. He's not as aggressive as I've seen him be in the past, but even so, he knows how to utilize his skills well. Even if he never reaches the All-Star level he was once at, he would still be extremely helpful to Griffin on the other side of the paint.

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Default Re: Why the Raptors need to take a Flyer on Kaman..

The only way I'd want Kaman is if Bargnani is going the other way but we all know that would never happen. Adding Kaman to the current roster would be a mess because that would just cut Davis', Amir's and eventually Valanciunas' playing time. If the Raptors were close to being a good team I'd be for it but with the current state of the roster? Nah.
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Old 09-26-2011, 04:18 AM   #3
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Default Re: Why the Raptors need to take a Flyer on Kaman..

**** no. 29 year old white 7-footer with injury problems, yet would demand I high salary? He's a good player when healthy, I won't deny that, but at his age he would be more useful to a good team, next to a star power forward, or even as a star bench big, not on a rebuilding team (Raptors) next to a shit power forward (Bargs).

Kaman's presence would improve us, but NOT enough to be worth giving an older injury-prone center that kind of contract. We need to be young and rebuild for this season, he would only take away time from Valanciunas (it might even convince the kid to pull a Fran Vasquez). I want only younger free agents, like Thaddeus Young or Jeff Green.

Like qwyjibo said, I would only trade for Kaman if it means we can finally be rid of Bargnani forever.
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Old 10-03-2011, 12:05 PM   #4
el gringos
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Default Re: Why the Raptors need to take a Flyer on Kaman..

Kaman is a good idea, but trading bargnani for him is stupid
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Default Re: Why the Raptors need to take a Flyer on Kaman..

I pretty much disagree obviously with most if not all above.

I mean yes I specifically propose Barges for Kaman.

I dont think its stupid at all - I think it is a win win situation for both teams.

Toronto gets a defensive stopper in a weak defensive team. The cornerstone of what they want to achieve - much as the same (or similar) coaching staff put in place a'la Chandler and Dallas. Furthermore the guy have 2- 3 years of potential strater minutes in him by all accounts ; the perfect player to mentor the young guy we have coming in. Euro heritage, inside game, d discipline. Barges remains a talented piece but I am unsure how willing he is - and unsure how willing Toronto Management is - to continue down the path of 1st round draft choice "game changer expectations" placed on Barges. Simply a fresh start for both is probably best.

Kaman means 1 more win? 3 more wins? 5 more wins? I doubt 5 frankly.

Hell the change in attitude around defensive responsibility put in by the new coaching staff means as much as that.

Having the mature vetern player among a team of young guys is the way to building a winning mentality. By all assessments I have read Kaman is that perfect piece.

Clippers get a talented player - outside in game to stretch D - nice piece to compliment what they have - cost certainty 3 years.

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Default Re: Why the Raptors need to take a Flyer on Kaman..

I would rather keep Bargs and keep sucking for the foreseeable future so we get higher picks. Kaman would be beneficial for this team and I am just not down with that.
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