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Old 08-28-2015, 05:31 PM   #1
ruckus for president
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Default How would ISH of the 60s look?

idea taken from another thread

FastMilkDelivery: "Kind sir, could you please give me the phone number of that tall guy that scored 100 points, I hear he works a day job delivering milk"

SouthernBlues: "Oh golly, Betty Sue, that neg*ro runs faster than the robber we chased last week at our KKK meeting"

LAMovies: "Looking for a tall man to play the role of Goliath. Competitive pay."

Ol' Mack: "Back in my day they played a fundamentally sound, intellectual game, these days they are letting even black people play "

Minneapolis Post: "We lost our team to politics but we still have five, get that, FIVE, world championships, and the GOAT player. In a hundred years they'll be talking about him "

Grandpa Cork: "Bob cousy is a shame to the game he is palming every time he touches the ball, back in my day he'd be called for travelling. Every. Single. Play"

BostonDynasty: "Bill Russell is the GOAT. Wilt puts up empty stats"
Wilt20000: "Wilt Chamberlain represents black excellence"

Wilt Fan: "Wilt chamberlain has the most pleasing physique and demeanor, I had a wonderful night with him playing cards while the wife was out of town, I put many posters of him working out in my sons room. Little Lazaruss is already a fan!"

Minny Lakers: "I can't believe people actually think that these young black players like russell or chamberlain can even dream to accomplish mikan's fundamentals. Chamberlain is a loser and russell is a role player at best"

WiltGOAT " Bill russell is a role player, he can't even score 20 points."
RussellGoat "How does 11 rings ring you chocker? There's winners and then there's WILTing under pressure. Get that? Wilting "
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NBA rookie of the year
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Default Re: How would ISH of the 60s look?

Ilt would have multiple forum accounts propagating the endless tall tales that he had supposedly done.
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Dr Hawk
Local High School Star
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Default Re: How would ISH of the 60s look?

ISH lLOOKSlike a website of the 60s. 50s, even
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Zero Bias
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Default Re: How would ISH of the 60s look?

Visually, ISH would look the same, but maybe with a search feature
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Old 08-28-2015, 06:24 PM   #5
El Sid Stan
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Default Re: How would ISH of the 60s look?

There were no websites before 1991, obviously, but video conferencing, hypertext linking, and online collaboration were demonstrated in 1968 along with a mouse and word processing:

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Moe Harkless Bandwagon
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Default Re: How would ISH of the 60s look?

very white
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