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Default What should be the plan for the end of this season?

I know this is a little premature, as we don't know what will happen this season. Maybe Bayless or James Johnson or even Bargnani magically morph into good players with defined positions. Maybe Bargnani devlops a set of testicles. Maybe Ed Davis goes down with a career ending injury. Maybe Solomon Alabi comes in and ****ing dominates. And who knows which player we might get in free agency in a few days.

But let's assume that the obvious happens. Bargnani remains his normal shitty borderline-retarded self, Calderon and Amir remain servicable and hard-working but clearly better suited as back-ups in this league, Jose still can't defend, Barbosa continues to wonder what he did to deserve being here, Derozan and Ed Davis make strides, Bayless and James Johnson don't, Weems gets re-signed because he is a lot of fun, Alabi averages 0.1 minutes per game, and Kleiza gets amnestied if he doesn't make an impact within the first 5 games. And we don't make a major free agent signing. And overall the team is TERRIBLE.

Assuming most of that happens, what should we do next season? We will be saying goodbye to Barbosa obviously, and hopefully Valanciunas will be coming over. God-willing Bargnani will die in a car wreck, but we can't count on that, so we're stuck with him for the rest of eternity.

Looking at the draft next year, it looks like most of the best prospects are going to be big men, especially power forwards. Since we already have two mediocre power forwards locked up, and a talented young one who doesn't want to be here, we would only be drafting a power forward if someone is being moved (not that I would mind that, Anthony Davis, Jared Sullinger both look solid to me). My hope is that we will be able to draft Harrison Barnes as our SF of the future. Failing that, Andre Drummond is a legit center with good upside.

I guess the point of this line of questioning is we are going to have cap space next year if we don't blow it on an ill-advised free agent signing this year. And the obvious position of need will be Point Guard.

So looking at the PG free agents next year:
Chris Paul - obviously not coming here
Chauncey Billups - won't want to come here
Raymond Felton - I don't really want him
Steve Nash - Obviously would be awesome in some ways, but his career is winding down and I would actually prefer he chases a championship ring (go to Miami for cheap Steve!)
Jameer Nelson - Has a player option, so there`s a good chance he won`t even be a free agent, and Orlando will make it their business to keep him anyways
Russell Westbrook - I would love to get him, but the odds of OKC letting him go are close to zero, and even if they did he would be EXPENSIVE
Nate Robinson - not really a PG
Jordan Farmar - has improved steadily, but I don`t really want this smug little bastard on our team, especially not for big money
O.J. Mayo - if he`s going for under $10 million per, I would want us to get him and try to make him a PG
Beno Udrih - um we already have Calderon, please god not another Euro PG
Derek Fisher - player option which he will exercise, plus he wouldn`t come here, plus he`s ancient
Mo Williams - player option which he will exercise, plus not a true PG, although for a low price I would be interested. He won`t be going for a low enough price though
A.J. Price - let Pacers keep him
George Hill - never been tried as a true PG, but solid player, for right price I would snatch him up
Goran Dragic - please god not another Euro
Courtney Lee - not a PG, but a winner and a half, I would love to get him
Andre Miller - ancient, no thanks
Jason Kidd - significantly more ancient than Miller
Baron Davis - ETO, plus really getting on in years and injuries
Ramon Sessions - everyone`s favourite journeyman stopgap PG who puts up ridiculous numbers on losing teams! **** no!
Derrick Rose - if we sent him an offer, they might actually, literally laugh us out of the league
D.J. Augustin - ehhhhhhh, he`s pretty short
Kirk Hinrich - he`s an option for the right price... unfortunately

So basically I have narrowed it down to (in order):
O.J. Mayo
George Hill
Courtney Lee
Mo Williams
Kirk Hinrich

maybes: Raymond Felton, D.J. Augustin, Jordan Farmar

****, not great options, how are we ever going to get a good PG?

Answer: we arent`t
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