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Default So anyone have Super Mario 3D Land?

I don't have 3ds and don't plan to get one till the inevitable release version of one with the double analog (and after I get a Vita) but I am interested in this game. My main concerns is the difficulty level though. New Super Mario Bros on DS was a joke as far as difficulty level. It was easy as shit especially considering I bought the gba version of mario bros 3 nes right after and played it . That actually posed some type of challenge and is one of the harder mario bros games out there and thats a GOOD THING. New Mario bros was fun on DS but i couldn't give it higher than a 7.5 or maybe even a 7 because it was just too damn easy. The only time I ever died was just from being careless. So anyone who has this game and and has played it and beaten it..does it even have any type difficulty or is it easy as shit like new super mario bros on DS?

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Default Re: So anyone have Super Mario 3D Land?

Super Mario 3D land is a great game, the 3D effects are genuinely cool. The controls work great, and of course it's very fun. But really, it's not as fun as Super Mario Galaxy or as challenging as other Mario games. There were a few hard parts, but like a lot of people my deaths came from my own stupidity mostly. And overall it just felt like it whizzed by without very many memorable moments.

I'd still give it like an 8/10 though, one of the best 3DS games out there so far.
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Default Re: So anyone have Super Mario 3D Land?

The vita is going to get a early redo too. You'll see waht i mean first time you pick it up. It's huge and the buttons aren't the right spacing apart. Some are too close and some too far. (It's sick nice though, the screen is WOW and the games look sick. Sucks though that there is only one acct and no US store yet. My friend got his first, i was going to get one but i'm going to wait now. Too much of my stuff is on the japanese acct, it sucked out my motivation.)

If you get Vita post on it, curious what you think.

Oh, and Mario was sick fun. The second set of boards has some hard jumps. As a rule, if you want it to be mad sick hard, don't use the racoon tail. Some of the boards, if you can beat it without the tail, you are hardcore.
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