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Default Rebuild the Knicks team that complements each other

Who would you build around, Carmelo, Amare, Tyson.

Honestly. I would build around Carmelo + Tyson but keep Amare if we could over Tyson. The idea of having Carmelo/Love/Tyson combo would be nice, Love out performs and goes to his extent. Amare just isn't the person to be on the same team as Carmelo it's one or the other. He has to pick his shit up, if there's some way we can ship Tyson for Love I would. Any way we can get Mo Williams? He's not doing shit on the Clippers, he's played 80%+ as a starter in the NBA since he's came, he has experience and doesn't make stupid play making choices. He would be a good fit here.

Amare < Love
Melo > Amare
Tyson < Love
Shumpert > Douglas
Mo Williams? _______________,


Fields, I don't know what to say about him anymore. He has trade value since his potential RIGHT NOW is still high. TD + Fields for? What about Scrola, could we somehow in this earthly planet get him? Guy does his THING. Performs, we need people who do just that and play with heart. I see Amare has completely lost that. Sometime he shows up, when he doesn't most of us here cool down on him and when he doesn't after the next few games, we only say the same shit.

It IS to early to be making threads like this, but on the other hand it's still fair to contribute because shit looks real bad for having such a high potential team, somethings wrong.

Players I've been unsure about - Toney Douglas, Mike Bibby, Fields, Harrellson, Walker. Players that earned respect, Balkman. I see him out there trying to perform, wtf where did he go all of a sudden, dog house? Iman Shumpert is doing his thing. He's going out there and performing.


seem to be a better combination but I doubt we will see this.

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