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Default Article: The Bitter End, Shaw recounts shady fallout with Lakers' brass

I don't know if this was already posted, but I saw it posted today in the general boards so I thought I might post it here too.

It is a long article so I just quoted the most important portions. After reading this, I lost all respect for Jimmy Buss. I don't trust that things are in the right hands anymore. Whatever move Kupchuk wants to make must go through Jimmy Buss so don't expect much to happen. I sure don't.

Very good read. Enjoy.

Sports illustrated,
The Bitter End: Shaw recounts shady fallout with Lakers' brass
Ian Thomsen

INDIANAPOLIS -- Brian Shaw works and waits thousands of miles from Los Angeles, where he helped the Lakers win five championships, where Phil Jackson taught him to win at the highest level.

.................................................. .................

Yet Shaw believed his experience in the triangle -- supplemented by his understanding of other systems -- would help him become the Lakers' new coach when Jackson retired after their second-round sweep by the eventual champion Mavericks. Instead, Jackson was concerned for Shaw's future in L.A., because Jim Buss was taking control of the Lakers from his father, Jerry Buss, the most successful owner of the NBA's modern era.

"Phil let me know going into the interview [with the Lakers] for me to almost disassociate myself from him, that anything that I said about him or the triangle system would hurt me because of his lack of relationship with Jimmy Buss," Shaw said. "So when I did interview, that was the point that I tried to make about the fact that I had played for Phil only my last four years, and that I played for all of these other coaches."

They met at the home of Jerry Buss, where Shaw was interviewed by Jerry and Jim, along with general manager Mitch Kupchak. Shaw spoke of how he had been a point guard for six NBA franchises before finishing his career with the Lakers from 1999-2003. He mentioned that he had played USA Basketball in 1986 for Lute Olson and had tried out for John Thompson's 1988 Olympic team. Yet he found himself having to defend Jackson during the interview, he said.

"There were some things that were said that I won't really get into," Shaw said. "It was kind of bashing Phil Jackson, that I just refused to just sit and listen to. And that's when I said, 'Hey, I love Phil Jackson. I appreciate everything that we've all been able to accomplish under him. We've all prospered since he's been the coach here.' "

.................................................. ...................

But Shaw says Kupchak wasn't the one speaking poorly of Jackson.

"The negativity toward Phil didn't come from Mitch," Shaw said. "It was more from Jimmy Buss just doubting some of the decisions he made in terms of how he was handling and running the team and coaching the team on the sidelines, and sitting down instead of getting up. People look at coaches and want them to pace up and down the sidelines and bark instructions to the guys. That's not Phil's demeanor. That was viewed as a negative in my estimation -- but it won him five championships with the Lakers and six with the Bulls, and that was his coaching style when he won, so why was that not acceptable now?"

Shaw emphasized that he was not bitter that the Lakers chose to hire Mike Brown as coach in late May.

"If I'm playing devil's advocate on the way the situation went down, I could say, 'Well, they went out four-zip to Dallas so we need to do something completely different now,' " Shaw said. "At the same time, I can deal with the competition of another coach being hired instead of me. It was Mike Brown, and he has head-coaching experience, he's been Coach of the Year, he's taken a team to the Finals, he's coached a superstar [LeBron James in Cleveland], he's won a championship on the staff with San Antonio -- most of those things, the check goes in his box as opposed to mine. So I can accept that."

Shaw's issue with the Lakers was that it took three weeks for them to let him know they were cutting ties to him.

"The only issue I ever had with the Lakers' organization and the way things went down was the way I was handled after having given service for 12 years," said Shaw, who served as a Lakers regional scout for one season before joining Jackson's staff. "I didn't get [an answer] for three weeks after they hired Mike Brown. And I was still protecting them, because when reporters were calling me to find out what happened and how did they let you know they were going in a different direction -- they never did let me know. But I wasn't talking to anybody because I didn't want it to appear like it's sour grapes and he's mad because he didn't get the job."

.................................................. ...........

Shaw simply cannot understand why his experience with Jackson wasn't viewed as a strength.

"I love the triangle and I love Phil Jackson, and I respect him and I appreciate everything that I was able to accomplish under him," Shaw said. "But I'm not him. And so we did feel like we were lepers or something. I think somebody said there were 30 championship rings within the coaching staff of the Lakers, and then basically the whole staff is out on the street. Being affiliated and associated with Phil Jackson was to our detriment.

"And I don't understand how it could be like that. Any iconic coach who has accomplished as much as he has, I think always has had the ability to set up whoever is on the staff to continue the transition smoothly. When Jerry Sloan left [the Jazz], Tyrone Corbin, who was on his staff, took over. If [Spurs coach Gregg] Popovich was to leave, one of his guys would be there. When Pat Riley left the Lakers, Randy Pfund and whoever else came next, they were under him. When Pat Riley left New York, Jeff Van Gundy was his guy. And in this situation, the Lakers basically said anything associated and affiliated with Phil Jackson, we don't want anything to do with it anymore.

"It's the weirdest thing. It's like we should be ashamed, when it should be the other way."

Two weeks after he heard of Brown's impending hire, Shaw said he received a voicemail from Jerry Buss.

"Dr. Buss did call and leave a message saying that his son is in control now, and he has to let him make whatever decisions that he makes, that I was still one of his favorites, and that he was sure that I would be OK going forward," Shaw said.

One week after hearing that message, Shaw received a visit from Kupchak. Shaw said he did most of the talking in order to emphasize that he wasn't questioning the Lakers' decision to hire Brown, and to let Kupchak know that Shaw had been trying to protect the organization by not publicizing the Lakers' neglect of him.

"Personally, I don't have anything against Mitch, and he apologized for how everything was handled," Shaw said. "I made it very clear that I was not very happy with the way that I was handled, especially having to shield all of the requests for interviews because I didn't want it to come off the wrong way. I know Ronnie Lester, when he did an interview he kind of blasted the [organization] -- there's a whole lot of stuff that a whole lot of people wanted to say, and Ronnie said some stuff that needed to be said. But at that time, because it was still so new and so raw, if I would have got started [talking publicly], it probably would have been bad."

.................................................. .....................

"It was my first time really being around Mike Brown and I got an opportunity for five minutes to talk to him," Shaw said. "I felt there was this tension or awkwardness between us, and so I got an opportunity at the clinic to pull him aside. I think that so many people in L.A. anticipated or expected me to be the coach, and a lot of people wanted that. I wanted him to know that I really am OK with them hiring him. He got a lot of the negative vibe from folks not because of him and who he is and the way he coaches, but because of the way the situation went down with me. So my conversation with him was, 'I don't have any problems with you. You're more qualified in [a lot of areas].'

"I told him, 'I just want you to know that everything is cool with me, and if there's any way at all that I can help you, let me know. I have the pulse of this [Lakers] team better than anybody does, nobody knows them better than me. Anything that you need, if you're having a hard time reaching these guys, or you want to run something by me or bounce something off me, don't hesitate to call on me.'

"I offered that to him because I'm over it. I have relationships with a lot of the people in the organization and a lot of the people on that team. I want him to do well, I want the people that I know to do well and I want the fans there to give him a chance instead of coming down on him because they expected something different.

"So I told him that and it was strange. It was like a weight had lifted. It was like he took a deep breath, we hugged each other on the back, and he said, 'I really appreciate you saying that to me.' He texted me that evening that it was nice being around you the last couple days, it was nice getting to know you and I appreciate what you said to me.

"I really want the fans to give him that chance, and to not let the stuff that happened with me and the other people of the organization to put a damper on him and what he's going to bring to the organization going forward."

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Default Re: Article: The Bitter End, Shaw recounts shady fallout with Lakers' brass

such a shame. lakers been known to take care of their people. i understand a change of direction but it seems jimmy wants to get rid of anything people thought was his dads doing and make it his own. i hope he grows up.
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Default Re: Article: The Bitter End, Shaw recounts shady fallout with Lakers' brass

That's too bad...just as I had thought. Jimmy is not doing what's best for the organization. He is doing it because of personal feeling. This will eventually kill the Lakers. About Lamar, even though Kupchak said he is granting Lamar his wish...but behind the scene, I think Jimmy is behind all of it. I think Jimmy might also do this to indirectly make it harder to get Dwight Howard by having less trade option in trading away his Andrew Bynum. Everyone knows he is the one that wanted to keep AB. If AB fails, Jimmy's judgement also get graded for not making the right snappy people like Jimmy would defend AB at all cost to support his original call. Oh well...ship still sinking.

PS: I guess Phil knows what happen already what happen between him and Jimmy so trying to warn loyal Shaw to dissociate himself from Phil. This also means no matter what, bridge is already burnt between PJax and Jimmy (Lakers 2012-). PJ will never come back as capitan again as long as Jimmy is in charge.

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Default Re: Article: The Bitter End, Shaw recounts shady fallout with Lakers' brass

This is just one point of view. I mean, I am sorry for Shaw that it had dismantled the way it did, but Phil certainly was not going to be coach forever, let alone live forever. He was too unhealthy to endure long seasons full of traveling, teaching, coaching...etc. A change was going to come, and I would rather it had been sooner.

There is a new regime in laker land, and its going to take sometime. Jim Buss has an opinion just as all others have opinions. His commitment to trying to bring a superstar to this team has been admirable, and his persistence almost paid off with CP3....until Stern stepped in.

This is going to take some time guys. A very long time. You're talking about changing a personnel that has been around for a decade, and you have the best player in the league playing for him in all those ten years. This is not by any means a championship team anymore, and the sooner you guys can understand that, the sooner you can move on and watch the games for fun rather than comfort when they win.
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Default Re: Article: The Bitter End, Shaw recounts shady fallout with Lakers' brass

How it was all handled was poor.... Must hope shaw gets his chance soon enough. He deserves it.
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Default Re: Article: The Bitter End, Shaw recounts shady fallout with Lakers' brass

I got bashed by folks who no longer post on here for saying that once Phil leaves we are going to hear a TON of negative stuff about him and how he does things. Jerry West talks about it in his book and now Shaw is making mention of things.......there is so much more to come if people have the guts to speak up.

Jeanie Buss should be running the team, she'd do a tremendous job, but this won't happen because Jerry doesn't respect women in a business sense and Jeanie ruined her cred by sleeping with Phil. We all know Jim is an idiot.
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