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Default Re: Boston is only commited to 34mil in salary next season.. good spot for howard?

Originally Posted by Real Men Wear Green
No offense but there's no way Ray Allen could carry a team scoring 25+ ppg right now and if KG had that explosiveness the Cs wouldn't have those rebounding problems and his D would be much better. The star vets on this team play smart and play hard but they've definitely lost a lot of the abilities they had in their primes. Pierce is still kind of close but even he's fallen off, remember when he used to get 40+ vs LBJ? These days if he gets 18 on Bron it's a good night.

You bolded only a portion of the sentence. I said, for his role on this team. He's always been the complimentary piece amongst the 3. So for a guy who's just coming off screens all game, catching and shooting, I think he's as good as ever. His fitness and endurance are the same. He probably can't do what he did in Seattle, get the ball and just pull up from random spots for 25+ a game, but he can net you 18-20 and he can do it without having much offense run for him. He's always running for the offense.

And KG's explosiveness limits his rebounding a bit, too, you're right. But a lot of his rebounding issues this season have come from having no one competent enough to play center. The older he gets, the less valuable he is under the basket and the more he should be stretched, but due to no serviceable big man, the opposite is happening. But his defense is still elite. He was the rightful runner-up for DPOTY last year. He's still the best defender in the game at his position. If he moved to the 3 he'd be the best defender in his position.

And on Pierce, I disagree. I just think they've gotten used to playing the way they play. If the Celtics need Pierce to go for 47 against the Heat, I think he can still pull 47 on the Heat. We'll see if there's any context for him to do that right now, but he hasn't shown me he's any less capable of doing so.
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Default Re: Boston is only commited to 34mil in salary next season.. good spot for howard?

Originally Posted by AMISTILLILL
I guess I'm in the dark about how flippant, one sentence posts and blatant sarcasm somehow gets construed as 'getting defensive'. You seem to be reaching here in hopes of stirring up a total non-issue.

More importantly, how was I wrong? If you drive your car into a ditch once, would you consider yourself as having a history of driving cars into ditches? Of course not. The Celtics had a top 5 PG and an undisputed best center in the league once in their far reaching, storied franchise history. That's hardly a recurring phenomenon. If you think there are fans of the Celtics franchise unaware of those two players, your lack of faith in humanity is stifling.

I typically praise you as being a fairly on-the-ball, solid poster... but what's with the sudden antagonistic trolling?

Fair enough.

However, where am I trolling?

I just quoted your post and followed up with a post of my own.

Boston's history is the biggest selling point to any player, much more-so than the trend of star players going to the biggest media markets for social/promotional purposes. The Celtics Hall of Fame legacy of superstars is tempting for any player to want to follow in line after, but honestly I dont see any way Dwight Howard joins the Celtics. Hes spent enough time mapping out his career plan and he seems to believe it lies in being apart of the marketing gimmick called the "Brooklyn Nets".
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Default Re: Boston is only commited to 34mil in salary next season.. good spot for howard?

Originally Posted by shake N bake
Rondo, Jeff green, Howard.

plus pierce still has good 3 years. and ray is conditioning god and can play 3 more years

only garnett is the one whoes all gased out

once they all leave .. its howard's town

All chump change compared to the possibility of teaming up with Dwill and Dirk in Dallas.
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Default Re: Boston is only commited to 34mil in salary next season.. good spot for howard?

this is such a good idea since boston has easily the best players for the best money, rondo is a really cheap all star. his hype was similar to westbrooks when he signed that deal, and look at the difference in contracts
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