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Default Re: How Lakers Been Scouting in 2012...Signs of Failures Dooming ahead?

Having a ton of video and a state of the art video room does absolutely nothing for you if the people watching and evaluating the tape are terrible at scouting or analyzing. Hell, I'm a damn good driver but put me in the top car in a Nascar race and I will finish last. Equipment is not enough. A 3-5 man team is no where near enough to scout....I don't care how much video and fancy equipment you need more people, more people = more time.
Huge difference between 3 guys watching video for 10 hours a day and 20 guys watching video for 8 hours a day...30 hours compared to 160 hours.......very simple and reasonable math.
Anyone who is not sure what to believe should simply look at the results and THAT will tell you all you need to know.
Remember Mike Brown saying that he didn't know who Jeremy Lin was......this was less than 20 hours before they were going to play against him.......Is that what you call high quality scouting????? Results people.....RESULTS!!!!

As for tampering......are you kidding???? You should see how many scouts are buzzing around even high school games with elite players....I mean even pro scouts. They stay within the rules but the communications are there, the connections are made. Even the sponsors are all over the place, they are constantly having showcases and combines......many many more than ever get publicized.
I go to a ton of these things as I have my current and former players all over the place.
Scouting for teams who are serious will never go to video only. You can't talk to the parents of a video......too much more can be done and established in person.

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Default Re: How Lakers Been Scouting in 2012...Signs of Dooming Failures ahead?

Originally Posted by BØBØ
Bertka is the head of scouting for now.

Lakers buy a ton of video from Elias Sports and other houses as do most teams now. They have a state of the art video room that would make a few new rooms blush. In 5 years teams will hardly have feet on the ground for scouting, the video is just as good. Plus with all the rules in place for tampering on the pro level, even in the D league and as much trouble as college kids get for even looking at a scout sideways there's no reason to be there anymore.

Europe is headed up by Ettore Messina 4 or 5 time Euroleague championship winning coach, Euroleague coach of the year too I believe. He's not a Phil Jackson but in Europe he's looked upon in the same light. This man knows his basketball and between him Moser and Bertka the Lakers have a first rate scouting department.

Why the Lakers don't respond is simple. They never have and never will respond to peons. Dwyer is a blogger. And think back when was the last time you can remember the Lakers setting the record straight? Only people they respond to is when one of their own steps or speaks out of line like when Kobe spouted off about Pau recently as an example.

If the Lakers started responding to every false rumor or poorly written article they'd have no time to play basketball.
thanks for the info again bobo, I read a handfull of nice articles about Bill Bertka, including from a book written by Pat Riley where Riles shared how thought he just formulated a great defensive scheme only to be embarassed when Bill pulled out a book showing that exact concept. Unfortunately, Bertka would be 85 yrs old this year. I can't help but wonder how much work exactly he is putting in or how focussed/sharp is he nowadays. Collecting and watching tons of videos is a great tool to scout but what about doing extra research re: their character? How they communicate with coaches etc? I mean I always felt that former UCLA Bruin might be a good asset for the NBA until I read how bad is this guy's character recently.
Another great point is about the presence of Ettorre Messina.
About not responding to articles written by outsiders, well, what about fans, esp those season ticket holders? I have a friend who is one, he explained how Mitch and some of his associates tried to reach out to them, communicate via town hall meetings esp before the arrival of Pau, that they are "trying", during the time they were struggling...

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