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King Heno
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Default Q's 2007 Mock Draft:

1] Memphis Grizzlies - Greg Oden[Ohio State]

With already having Pau Gasol, Oden will solidify their PF/C rotation, then add in Rudy Gay at SF and you have a solid foundation. Although I think Durant is a better and will be a better player, Oden will just be a solid fit for the Grizzlies.

2] Phildalphia 76ers - Kevin Durant[Texas]

With Dalemburt at Center and Webber gone, Phila needs a solid PF, and if Durant puts on some weight he could be that guy. With Carney and Igoudala already, the 76ers will show to have some nice young solid talent.

3] Boston Celtics - Joakim Noah[Florida]

Maybe Yi-Jianlin here, but the Celts need a PF/C to solidify their youth and rotation. I actually expect them to trade this pick to get something else and be able to select someone else, but Noah would be nice with West/Allen/Gomez/Green/Jefferson/Telfair/Rondo and whatever else youth I'm missing, then add in Paul Pierce.

4] Phoenix Suns[Via Atlanta Hawks] - Marcus Williams['Zona]

Maybe reaching a bit here, but with rumors of the Suns wanting to trade Marion due to his salary, Marcus would be a nice solid replacement and went to a local school so it will help bring in some additional fans. Williams is a solid player who can run as well.

5] Charlotte Bobcats - Brandon Wright[North Carolina]

Bobcats take yet another Tar Heel, and with already being young and solid at the forward spots, Wright is what he is, a local guy. Throw him in with Okafor and Wallace, you have a solid front court.

6] Seattle Sonics - Al Horford[Florida]

After drafting pure Centers recently, I have a feeling Seattle will take another one this year, but as opposed to a project Center, they will take a solid one who can contribute. Thabeet would also be a big consideration for the Sonics due to his great shotblocking ability.

7] Sacramento Kings - Hasheem Thabeet[UConn]

Seems as if the Kings are in a one season rebuild mode after attempting to rebuild on the fly and with already having the wing positions solid, Kings could really use a post presence, due to Miller playing out of the post. Thabeet will come in and provide some defense and shotblocking.

8] Portland Trail-Blazers - Yi Jianlian[China]

After the failed Ha-Sueng Jin project, Blazers try again with an Asian big man, which I doubt will fail this time around. Magloire is expiring, and if he isn't resigned, Pryzbilla will be the main option for Portland so drafting a Center is just what they need to do.

9] New Orleans Hornets - Julian Wright[Kansas]

Wow, the Hornets could get a damn good player here with Julian Wright and if they do choose to run n gun, he would be the perfect option, but here comes the problem. They just gave Peja a huge contract and Wright is a SF, but is ready to play on the next level. Don't be surprised if the Hornets decide to trade down to get an offguard.

10] Milwakuee Bucks - Thaddeos Young[Georgia Tech]

Although not what the Bucks need with Simmons and Villanueva on the roster already with the ability to play the three, they draft Young here solely on talent, not on need.

11] Chicago Bulls[Via New York Knicks] - Aaron Gray[Pittsburgh]

Why Gray? Sure, some may say he's not worth a lottery pick, but Bulls take him due to need, as opposed to talent. They are pretty set from the 1 to 4 positions and are solid at the Center spot with Big Ben, but he won't be young forever and Gray can be a solid replacement.

12] Miami Heat - Marco Bellinelli[Italy]

Heat are very old at the point position and Marco can become a pretty good one with Payton as his mentor. Heat can use some youth at the point and soon, because I don't know how dependable Chris Quinn is.

13] Golden State Warriors - Al Thornton[Florida State]

After trading Diogu, Warriors can really use a big man they can develop along with POB and Biedrins. Thornton is compared to Harrington and with Warriors havin Al Harrington, who better to tutor him then who he is being compared to?

14] Los Angeles Clippers - Corey Brewer[Florida]

I'd really love Prince Luc in this spot from UCLA, but I highly doubt he declares and with Maggette most likely have been delt in the offseason, Corey Brewer would be a damn solid replacement for Corey, but is a better defender.

15] Charlotte Bobcats[Via Toronto Raptors{Via Cavaliers}] - Tyler Hansbrough[North Carolina]

Bobcats take yet another Tar Heel in the draft and by doing so, they will have four with Felton, May, Wright and Hansbrough if they are to draft them. Hansbrough|May|Okafor|Brezec could form a nice PF|C rotation for the future.

16] New Jersey Nets - Jeff Green[GeorgeTown]

Sure, you may say why don't the Nets draft a big man? Well with Carter a FA, why not S&T him for a big man, then drafting Jeff Green to come in and give the Nets some more wing help.

17] Atlanta Hawks[via Indiana Pacers] - Acie Law[Texas A&M]

Hawks need a point guard and Acie Law can come in and fill that roll. Law is a solid point who has a 2/1 assist to turnover ratio. After passing up on a handful of point guards, the Hawks shouldn't do that again, and should take this young man from the Aggies.

18] Los Angeles Clippers[via Minnesota Timberwolves] - Nick Young[Southern California]

Clippers might have this pick if Minny stays out of the top 11, and if it's this late, I expect them to draft a 2guard and what better then to go local and draft a Trojan by the name of Nick Young.

19] Detroit Pistons[via Orlando Magic] - Daequan Cook[Ohio State]

Detroit can use a solid backup 2guard as the Flip Murray expirement failed so might as well take Cook and hope he can come in and contribute being a mid/late 1st rounder in what's supposed to be a deep draft.

20] Philadelphia 76ers[via Denver Nuggets] - Rudy Fernandez[Spain]

Phila could use a combo guard and Fernandez is one who has a ton of potential in my opinion, would become very solid with this young and rebuilding Philadelphia 76ers squad.

Rest Will Come Later
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first off...the suns dont need to pick a local player to bring in fans
second...there is no way they would let brandon wright drop
third....marion will not be traded
fourth...diaw can play sf in the future
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Old 01-23-2007, 10:17 PM   #3
Let's Go.....
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well i agree with statman about the whole phoenix deal, that went a little off, but the rest is decent
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You think the Bobcats will draft two more PF after just drafting Okafor and May? That seems like a real stretch no matter what college they came from. I'd like to see Horford on the Suns myself, but that would be a stretch if they did have the #4 pick. I also don't think the Sonics, Trailblazers, or probably even the Kings would draft based on need. They need good players, not good fits at this point. I think the top 20 would go more like this (just going off my head):

1. Memphis-Greg Oden
2. Philadelpia-Kevin Durant
3. Boston-Brandon Wright (although I do see them trading the pick)
4. Phoenix-Al Horford
5. Charlotte-Marcus Williams
6. Seattle-Joakim Noah
7. Sacramento-Tiago Splitter
8. Portland-Julian Wright
9. New Orleans-Yi Jianlian
10. Milwaukee-Tyler Hansbrough
11. Chicago-Hasheem Thabeet
12. Miami-Thaddeus Young
13. Golden State-Marco Belinelli
14. LA Clippers-Javaris Crittenton
15. Charlotte-Darrell Arthur
16. New Jersey-Al Thorton
17. Atlanta-Mustfa Shakur
18. LA Clippers-Mirza Begic
19. Detroit-Aaron Gray
20. Philadelpia-Spencer Hawes
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Default Re: Q's 2007 Mock Draft:

i agree with your first 3, and you do make a decent argument for Williams, but that would still be too high. They'd be better off with Al Harford. Somebody made a comment about the Suns not passing up Brandan Wright...they will definitely pass on him. Wright resembles too much of a Marvin Williams. I really don't see the Suns needing this pick. They're better off drafting down and getting a solid backup for another position.
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