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Default Re: How and Why did Tebow become so popular?

he's white, he's christian, and he's a fukking winner.
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Default Re: How and Why did Tebow become so popular?

Originally Posted by Godzuki
so you're saying the bears were a bad D last year, or even being ranked 17th described them? so they were mediocre? and thats exactly why i brought up you guys using stats since if u watched the football season that bears D was one of the better in the league altho they had some pass D issues, definitely not a middle of the pack D tho

Yeah, don't use stats anytime they contradict what you say... And, no, I wouldn't say the Bears D was bad as they played a number of games against some of the top offenses in the league. I'm just saying they didn't have one of the top defenses. Also, why are you only focused on their defense? You're trying to excuse that the Bears were playing with Hanie at QB, Barber at RB, and their mediocre group of receivers. You can see why they were awful during that stretch. Hanie ended up getting benched in favor Josh McCown. You have to be pretty awful for McCown to get the start over you.

.....i brought up Dilfer because thats the way he played where he made a lot of throw aways.

Dilfer played as a game manager trying not to make too many mistakes, but he still completed nearly 60% of his passes while Tebow was down around 45%.

the SB Ravens played based on their D in a similar way. there are certain ways different teams play that you HAVE to acknowledge if u watch the least bit of football, and defensive minded teams like that who want to win/lose based on their D play so their offenses don't turn the ball over and give very little offensive opportunities.

So, if a team sees a weakness in a player (like say Tebow throwing the ball...), then they try to hide it with their strengths? Well, duh.

As opposed to say a air it out offense like the SB Rams or something where they're risking a lot but getting rewarded a lot as well for it. these things HAVE to be factored in if you want to try to make sense of Tebows stats that you're trying to put down and blame him for.

If Tebow could air it out, then they would have, but since Tebow is limited as a QB, their offense was limited, too. It's nice that you have all these excuses for him and want me to blame everyone else for his stats...

i blame Fox more then Tebow for the first 3 Qtrs in his ineffectiveness more than anyone, and their style of play for a lot of the things you all are putting on him.

Of course you do. You use every excuse in the book when it comes to Tebow.
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