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Default Re: Lennon or McCartney, mates?

Originally Posted by Overdrive
I'd Paul everyday any day. Lennon was more into the Blues and Rock 'n' Roll style of music, which reflects in their early work. Simple Blues progressions, some uptempo rnr and few cheesy ballads.

Paul's songwriting changed their culture. It went more mature and independant from the roots there music came from.

George was an underappreciated songwriter. His few songs stand out in the catalogue.

Lennon started his creative phase after the Beatles and his solo career is better than any of the other Members.

You and those 13 year olds wouldn't be better in 1963. And that's all that matters. On the other hand George Harrison would make Steve Vai cry if he was 13 now.

The inventor is more important than the one who copies it.

Anyone can play a Chuck Berry tune, but that man opened a pandora's box for guitarists when Johnny B. Goode was heard first.

What defines a good musician in the traditional sense?

WTF? Prime Axl couldn't hold a ton live if his live depended on it.
Watch the Live Tokyo '92.

Freddie Mercury, Roger Daltrey and Robert Plant easily shit on him - live.
1992 isn't prime Axl
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Default Re: Lennon or McCartney, mates?

Originally Posted by Take Your Lumps

Coming down from shrooms back in college I listened to this song over and over. I thought I was having an out-of-body experience.
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Default Re: Lennon or McCartney, mates?

Originally Posted by NumberSix
yup. Him or Plant. I guess you can throw Ozzy in there just because of his impact.
Daltrey > Plant
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Default Re: Lennon or McCartney, mates?

Originally Posted by RRR3
1992 isn't prime Axl

Ritz Rose was prime Rose and he was bad. Axl is just one of those singers that can't reproduce live. I guess he's one of the guys who need alot of takes for one song to make it sound good.

That's the total difference to guys like Plant or Daltrey, who sometimes where damn sloppy at recording, but didn't suck. Singers that want super polished shit in the studio do weeklong recordings of one or two songs, till they sound perfect, but have to give it all on on take(live that is) and don't have the comfort of a retake don't convince me.
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