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Uday Hussein
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Default Re: Creepiest person/thing you have seen in the streets.

Originally Posted by TheMarkMadsen
I once had a summer job going door to door selling siding, roof & basement finishing, window replacements etc etc.. anyways..

i had decided to pull a 10 hour day of going door to door in neighborhoods i wasn't familar with, in a windowless van that had attracted the attention of the cops on a few occasions. Seeing as i was out all day the only food i had been able to stop for was a quick meal here & there at QT. breakfast, lunch & dinner from a gas station, so around the 9th hour of this shift i start to feel something nasty rumbling in my stomach. I was at the doorstep of this house & they weren't answering their door, then out of nowhere the begining stages of mud butt started to hit me. I told the two other people i was working with at the time that i was about to shlt my pants but they just laughed it off. i told them to just keep going on our route & that i'd meet back up with them down the street. I then proceeded to ring the doorbell again at the house i was at just to be certain that they werent home, as the mud butt began to consume my body i immediately ran towards the side of the house & ducked under a bush, unfortunatly for me this bush wasnt that big & i was still extremely visible. I then proceed to have the nastiest god forsaken mud butt diareha extravaganza ever before. ALL over this siding of these poor peoples home. I then called the driver of the van that had dropped us off, pulled up my pants and sprinted from that house as if i had just robbed the place.

Oh god..
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Future D1 Dad
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Default Re: Creepiest person/thing you have seen in the streets.

Originally Posted by Geriatric
Got on the trolley downtown one day and sat down without checking out the people around me.

After I sat down I realized the two women sitting in front of me frightened me to death. (They had interior facing seats so I had to look right at them the whole time)

One was a younger woman, but was over 6 feet tall and beastly looking with the number 666 tattooed across her forehead. She had giant eyeballs that seemed to bulge out of her head so much I was afraid of one falling out and rolling over to me.

The other woman was ancient (we're talking the crypt keeper's doppleganger here) and was missing one of her eyes. Instead of a patch, she just had this hole where her eye was supposed to be. She was hunched over and maybe 4.5 feet tall.

They both lacked adequate mental faculties and smelled like warm garbage. Easily the most creepy duo I've ever personally witnessed.
too bad u didn't take a pic. did u think u walked into a horror movie set or what?
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College superstar
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Default Re: Creepiest person/thing you have seen in the streets.

In manhattan I saw this black, hasidic man who was blind and he slowly walked by me, bumped into me, and looked me dead in the eyes with his colorless eyes as if he could see into me. The feeling i got is unexplainable, ****ing weird...
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Default Re: Creepiest person/thing you have seen in the streets.

F*ck don't get me started.

When walking in Pakistan, I saw these crazy azz t***********s . The thing is if you don't give them money they will conduct a curse on you. I don't believe in that sh!t, but I kinda lost luggage on that trip. These f*kers are scary, they are oftne mentally challenged and will blurt out some weird azz sh!t.

Saw a homeless guy (while working at a Soup Kitchen) with long hair, elegant beard and no eye. Looked like Dumbledore. But his mannerisms were exactly like the Joker's. Weird.

Got on the bus. Was approached by this black guy who was thin had a sh!tload of foundation on and a really thin nose (no racism looked more Ethiopian). Asked me if he wanted my d!ck sucked. Later a regular fellow came and called him Tooty Fruity and he held eye contact with him for like...twelve seconds. Weird.

And then little girls and old women of all types.
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Default Re: Creepiest person/thing you have seen in the streets.

Met a bunch of guys in the city one night who were begging for change. They got talking to me and my mate about how they liked the same bands and stuff we had t shirts\patches for whatever. They then started telling us how one of them had only just gotten outta lock up this morning because his mate had bashed and threatened the only witness in his case. His mate then lifted his shirt to show us that he had a hatchet stuck down his pants and lifted his jeans to show us he had a kitchen knife down his sock and was saying how if any one comes to arrest them again they were ready for it. Me and my mate were trying to get out of the conversation at this point when one of the guys other mates comes up and starts yelling that we stole his jumper or some crap (he was off his head chroming paint all over his face) luckly the first guy who liked the same bands as us told his mate we were cool and we got to walk off with out being attacked by a hatchet wielding mad man lol.

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Default Re: Creepiest person/thing you have seen in the streets.

One time I walked out of a gas station and this dude pushing an old lady in a wheel chair came up to me and asked to use my cell phone. I let him use it and he calls somebody and leaves a message saying "our car broke down, Mom needs her diabetes medication, come on bro pick up". Then he hangs up and sighs really hard and asks me if I can give him and his mom a ride. I don't really know why but I just had a gut feeling about it and I told them no. As soon as I got in my car I checked my phone, he didn't even call anybody, he was just pretending to leave a message. A few days later they sent out one of those campus bulletin emails saying they had arrested these people. They were asking for rides, then luring people to a shady ass apartment complex. The "brother" would come outside and they'd jump you and steal all your shit.

TLDR: I avoided getting my ass beat/robbed because of a gut feeling
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I rule the local playground
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Default Re: Creepiest person/thing you have seen in the streets.

Originally Posted by bmulls
TLDR: I avoided getting my ass beat/robbed because of a gut feeling

Avoiding beatdowns and defecating all over peoples homes; is there anything a gut feeling can't be linked to?
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Default Re: Creepiest person/thing you have seen in the streets.

I got one more, its not as creepy as it is ridiculous and kind of funny. So there was this laundromat I used to ride my bike to (it was about 10 blocks). So I got there, I see some older black dude standing outside talking on the phone, so I'm like ok, cool whatever, proceed inside. I notice at the place where I usually park my bike sits a half drunken 40. Disregarding that damn 40, I place my bike near it, carefully, without knocking it over and proceed to do my laundry. About a minute passes, I hear through my headphones, some muffled screaming along the lines of 'move that damn bike, man'. Then before I can turn around and look whats going on, this dude is squaring up on me ready to fight, screaming in my face about what he was going to do if I don't move that bike. In my mind I knew I could have easily taken him, the guy is middle aged and skinny as hell. So I thought about the situation, I'm in a laundromat, the Asian dude behind the bulletproof glass is most likely ready to call the cops. To the other guy getting arrested is probably no big deal, to me it would be a huge blow considering that I am a college student and am hoping to get a job someday. So I decided to diffuse the situation and move the bike and proceeded to do the laundry. About 5 minutes after that happened, I see some other dude limp in with a cane shadily enter the laundromat, take a look around and bounce. After that the guy apologized and we had a long ass conversation about politics and life in the hood. That was probably the most awkwardly ghetto moment I've ever experienced.

TLDR: I almost got in a fight with some hood ass dude cause I parked my bike near his 40.

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