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Default If the Oakland Raiders could have a "do-over" in the past 5 NFL Drafts ...

*looking strictly at the first round + first pick*

2007 - instead of selecting arguably the biggest bust of all time in JaMarcus Russell # 1 overall, they could have went with Calvin Johnson or Adrian Peterson.

2008 - Darren McFadden is a stud, hard arguing against that, but you can make a genuine case he's injury prone, even for a back which is all too commonplace at that position. Considering A. Peterson has an injury stigmata of his own, taking Calvin Johnson in '07 and keeping McFadden in '08 seems plausible, unless A.P. is drafted by Oaktown in '07 followed by the selection of Matt Ryan in '08 (*if ATL hadn't already snatched him*). That's a tough one; A.P. + Matt Ryan or Calvin Johnson + McFadden? Then again, there's the Flacco effect too.

2009 - highly questionable pick with Darrius Heyward-Bey. The late [not-so-great] Al Davis doing what he does best. Across the bay, SF picked up Michael Crabtree, but he's been a minor headcase and drama-queen from the beginning. Plus there's just no way you pass up on a guy like Clay Matthews knowing what we know now.

2010 - Rolando McCain. Many experts and analysts thought this was a good pick @ # 8. Coming off a title run with Alabama helped elevate his stock value, and at the time the pick made sense because Oakland desperately needed help against the run, but this guy is a major headcase and drama-queen. Taking C.J. Spiller doesn't make the best of sense considering McFadden is already present (or A.P. in the scenario above), and if the Raiders keep their focus in '10 draft on defense Jason Pierre-Paul? At any rate, you could almost put on a blindfold and point to any random player in the first round taken 9-32 and come out better off.

2011 - *crickets*

2012 - *crickets*

JaMarcus Russell, Darren McFadden, Darrius Heyward-Bey and Rolando McCain instead of Adrian Peterson, Calvin Johnson, Joe Flacco, Michael Crabtree, Clay Matthews, C.J. Spiller, Jason Pierre-Paul, etc.

Combine this with a lack of first round picks in '11 and '12 and I think you could easily make the argument the Oakland Raiders desire a "do-over" more than any other franchise.

Raider fans are a special breed of fan. Everyone is having a pity party for the Eagles ATM, but the real heartbreak is in Oakland, not Philadelphia.

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