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Default Re: Is it pointless arguing you with your gf?

Pick a better gf, phaggot.
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Your King
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Default Re: Is it pointless arguing you with your gf?

Originally Posted by JEFFERSON MONEY
it's the same thing as talking to religous fundamentalists, dogmatic people of any creed, or persistent children with a small scope of the world.

there's no point.

you're better off hurling personal insults until they give up crying

it's kinda interesting to view their thought process in retrospect. every single sin and mistake you've done is highlighted, emphasized, and capitalized and all the good stuff is forgotten.


nowadays i just assume that it's never the issue she literally talks about, it's just some frustration mixed with some hormonal bs mixed with some attempt at gaining hand and it's gotta be vented someway somehow even at the most irrelevant, miniscule thing. frankly, i do the same thing (few people can really pinpoint their sources of distress, jealous of ishers with mature, low-maintenance gf's)

i read somewhere children (3-5) don't know what bothers them and often time if they're hungry (yet don't feel like asking for food) they'll start screaming about how dirty the floor is or how a neighbor never gets what they want, even though that's just a secondary angst. think its similar with many gfs

Thats not just girls man, you pretty much described a relationship with any kind of person that doesnt hold themselves to a higher standard.
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The Macho Man
Randy Savage
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Default Re: Is it pointless arguing you with your gf?

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
yeah, 9 times out of 10 you are better off agreeing even if you know she is wrong

But when I have to put my foot down, I put that shit, you're not speaking above me, don't even fckin try it woman.

every now and then you have to remind them who has the dick

You love arguing, I don't believe for a second you would concede an argument.
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Default Re: Is it pointless arguing you with your gf?

Depends on the argument. Certain things I'm willing to concede, but if she asks me to go to the movies on an NFL Sunday (for example), I will not back down, but when we started dating, I put certain things out there about myself from the get go
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