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Default Re: My Foreign Girl Experience (Long)

I'm still perplexed why there wasn't coke at the party

the build up was good but there was no ending

Keep us updated then

and be careful, fvk and chuck, dont keep them around
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Al Thornton
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Default Re: My Foreign Girl Experience (Long)

very relevant
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An uglier Lamar Doom
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Default Re: My Foreign Girl Experience (Long)

thanks for the posts thorp. That was a highly entertaining read. You have a great attitude towards life, so **** that depression shit.
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Dunking on everybody in the park
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Default Re: My Foreign Girl Experience (Long)

OP Listen to this advice very carefully

Paragraphs are your friends
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Tor Johnson.
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Default Re: My Foreign Girl Experience (Long)

great inner glimpse, slice-of-life thing. really cool that you'd be willing to share something like that here.

the narrative reminded me of the infamous "blindmute loli" saga, if you've ever heard of that one. just about as riveting, too.

i'm around your age bracket, not the best self-image, and look for completely different women normally, but would probably have duplicated your actions 100%. most of my romances with gorgeous younger women have ended with me being tossed aside eventually. yet that will probably never be a reason not to jump on the very next express... whenever it happens to be blowing its steam whistle. :P

EDIT: screw paragraphs. it's completely readable as is, and we need your attention on the writing, not the presentation. this isn't school or a magazine, for chrissakes.
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Default Re: My Foreign Girl Experience (Long)

Now that I have read it all, I thank you.

Don't get why Aesha was treating you like that when she had a boyfriend. So you smashed Anya and are now on the Columbian chick?

Wish I was there, Russian was my 2nd language, English the 3rd. I could translate their ramblings.
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NBA sixth man of the year
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Default Re: My Foreign Girl Experience (Long)

Originally Posted by unbreakable
10/10 story thorp.. as always love your riveting tells.. especially the last one about the chick you went to the tourny with..

just so i get this straight..

you liked anya, but anya has bf..

you smash aiesha twice..

now you might get the colombian? did i follow this right?...

also what is your job title? i hope to be able to splurge like you when im your age bro


Aisha is the one I really like. She's the Khazahkstani one who's sillouhette I have up there. First one I met. She seems the smartest. We have our poker habit in common. She's also an incredible artist. She spends a ton of her free time drawing. I've taken her to a couple museums. I really dig her, but she's got the douchebag boyfriend.

Anya was her roommate. Now lives in NY. Her and I hit it off pretty good right from the jump when I met her hanging out with Aisha. Probably because she's a little older than the rest of the crowd. She works in insurance, and did that in Russia too. She's just a little more grown up. She's the one I wound up with at the casino. She's also probably the hottest of the three if there were some sort of poll taken. Her english isn't as good as Aisha's, and even with that, I'm just not sure she's all that bright.

Cali is the Columbian girl. She is american. From Florida originally. She's the one I met up with after the casino night. Aisha tried to pawn me on her that night too. She's incredibly hot, but just seems even younger than she even is. Because of how she looks and the tattoos and everything, she just oozes sex, but when I got her out to dinner, and I'm sitting across the table from her, and she starts telling me this awfull story. Her parents divorced. Her mother died of an overdose when she was 16. She quit HS and took off to LA. Started some bullshit acting, dayrate kind of walk through roles I guess. Did a lot modeling, like car show girl stuff, and a ton of the body paint type of ComiCon stuff. She says her father got sick so she came back to help him, but if I had to guess I'd say she ran out of the money her mother left her and wasn't gonna be able to hang on in LA. And she's telling me this, and the tattoos are covered, and she's sitting behind a table, and she's like in awe of how nice this pizza place I took her too is (it is nice), and all I could think was how young this girl was. She didn't look like the tatted up fun toy who texted me that picture of her back anymore. I snapped out of it for sure. But she's a tough one for me. She's also the most accessible, in that she's single, local, and speaks english. We're going out for Sushi next Wednesday.

And I'm a mech engineer for a small family manufacturing company in the aerospace industry. I was a math major, and really good at it. I have a minor in psych. I do ok. I make 115 - 125K a year, depending on how we do which determines the year end bonuses. I rent half a duplex at the moment, but I'm house hunting, so my savings is in pretty good shape.
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NBA sixth man of the year
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Default Re: My Foreign Girl Experience (Long)

Originally Posted by Stuckey
I'm still perplexed why there wasn't coke at the party

the build up was good but there was no ending

Keep us updated then

and be careful, fvk and chuck, dont keep them around

I'm also surprised there wasn't coke there. I'm by no means a coke guy, but I do tend to splurge a couple times a year. I have a buddy in California who pretty much can't live without it. He's a chef. And when he's home, I tend to inbibe a bit. I have access to it. I considered bringing some just in case anyone was looking, but decided against it just not knowing what I was getting into.
And who knows, I wasn't everywhere all the time. Maybe it was happening in the bedroom or bathrooms.
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NBA sixth man of the year
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Default Re: My Foreign Girl Experience (Long)

Originally Posted by Graviton
Now that I have read it all, I thank you.

Don't get why Aesha was treating you like that when she had a boyfriend. So you smashed Anya and are now on the Columbian chick?

Wish I was there, Russian was my 2nd language, English the 3rd. I could translate their ramblings.

I could totally use a guy like you as a wing man. All my wing men have been taken up.

I'm not really blaming Aisha for what very well may have been a misinterpretation on my end. Some language barrier issues, and maybe some wishfull thinking on my part. I have a feeling she couldn't get Anya to come up from NY unless she had a "couple" for her, and that's why she pressed me so much to come. Anya was at the birthday party that couple nights before, and we were kinda clicking that night just because she's more inclined to drink with me and gripe about work and paying rent than these other young girls. Maybe Anya wasn't comfortable hanging out with a bunch of couples, which I totally get, and she asked Aisha to make sure I was gonna go if she went. That's my guess anyway. I can't imagine Aisha's boyfriend wasn't there that night, but I don't remember him if he was. There were a lot of people there.
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By Any Means
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Default Re: My Foreign Girl Experience (Long)

8/10- missing details about the sex
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Default Re: My Foreign Girl Experience (Long)

I had this whole thing sort of wrap up last night, so I figured I'd update the few people who were interested. Again, I'm aware that I'm petty wordy.

So after my dinner with the Tattoo girl, it became pretty clear that she was up for anything, and unfortunately also clear that she just wasn't the one for me. For starters, she smokes a ton of pot. Like 4/5 times a day. And she's filled with the young hot girl overly dramatic thing, which I didn't enjoy when I was young man. But there's still some hope. She genuinely digs basketball, enough to the point that she knew the Heat signing Birdman Anderson helped the bench depth up front. She's very Heat-centric, but still. So looking ahead, I got us killer seats for the Heat Net game last week pretty quickly (too quickly really).

Anyway. We go out for sushi in early December. She gets plastered on Saki, and we head back to Aisha's place after. Aisha and I are getting along really well as usual, to the point where Cali comes up to me and says she's gonna take off, but I should stay with Ai. This is really odd behavior for such a high strung hot girl, one who I imagine doesn't get rebuffed very often, and while I feel like an asshole doing it, I do stay with Aisha. The douchebag bf is nowhere to be found. She starts asking eabout Cali, and basically implying that she's insane, and doesn't get it with me ... well, she gets it, but she's sort of just giving me a heads up. Anyway, I spend the night there, and she and I are up most of the night, just talking really. And we agree to go out for dinner during the week.
She has a little yippee dog, and she says she wants another. So during the week I start looking up these dogs. We're texting each other a lot, and I send her a link to one of the dogs, and she wants to get it. She asks me to order him, and she'll give me cash. It's an expensive goddamn dog, and I'm a little hesitant, but I agree, but try to push her off until after Christmas. We go out to dinner, have a really good time. Hit up a small poker game later, and she's still talking about the dog, but now she doesn't want him for money reasons. Thank god I didn't order him. And now I'm getting the sense she's nuts too, but that seems to come along with the ******.
I do still have the tickets to the MMA fight at the casino, and I'm asking her if we're still going. I had gotten four, because I figured at the time her bf would come, and I'd drag along Anna, or if she can't go, I could always talk Cali into going. I remind her and she's excited about it.

Christmas comes and goes and we don't really see each other, but New Years I get a text and she wants to hang out. So we hit up a shitty bar near her place with a bunch of her friends. I get there late, but she's blowing me up all night to come. I did get there before midnight, and after the bar closed, we headed back to her place. Again, I spent the night there, nothing is happening because I'm still a little gunshy about the boyfriend thing, but I'm alright waiting on this chick, because I dig her that much. She calls her mother back in Khazakstan. I talk to her and her brother. Still no sign of the boyfriend. And I remind her again about the MMA fight. I tell her I have four tickets, so she can bring whoever she wants. I offer to call Anna ... I'm just sort of giving her the option to bring this dude, who I haven't heard a thing about now in a month almost. She tells me Anna is in Florida for new years, and "just us go".

I'm good with that, and a couple days later ask if she wants to spend the night up there. She says sure, and now I'm pretty psyched. I book a sweet, set up dinner reservations at Bobby Flay's resturant there. The plan is get up there a few hours before fight. Check in, grab dinner, see fights, go play poker, and then this goes somewhere.

She starts acting weird that day. She wants to push back the time I pick her up because she needs to sleep. I tell her it'll screw up the dinner reservations, she can sleep in the car, but I push it an hour. Then she asks me to pick her up at some nail salon, and when I get there she's still getting nails done. I wait in car for half hour. I finally get her outta there, and I'm still gonna get there in plenty of time. I had picked up a bunch of booze for our room, but we weren't gonna have time.
So we're on the way up, we're talking. She's starting a new dealing gig in West Chester, doesn't know how to get there, and I offer to drive her. She got a sewing machine for Christmas, and wants to get material, I know a good place for that, and we're gonna go there. Then she starts in about the boyfriend. Turns out ... married with two kids. Sounds like a real stand up dude. But as she's talking about him, and they had to "break it up", I can tell that she's not over this guy. For starters, the last thing a guy wants to hear about is your ex. But all of her breaking it up stuff is about "having to", not reall "wanting to". She's really hurting. She's still hung up on this guy, and I fall typically into my nice guy role. I tell her I'll talk to her about this, I'll give her advice, and I'll listen to her cry. I tell her that I'm really into her, that she should know that, it's pretty ****ing obvious, but she's not ready to give this a try with me. I tell her we'll go out to dinner, we'll go see the fights, and we'll play poker, and we'll have a good time, but I'll sleep on the couch, and we can keep just hanging out until she's ready, or if she's ever ready, for me to be more than just a nice guy she's friends with. It seems to break the ice, and while this will definitely take longer than I'd hoped, I feel like I'm heading in a good direction with a great chick.

So we get up there, she goes to spa to get toes done (I must've rushed her at her place). We head out to dinner. Things are going great. We head to fight, we're having a really good time there (an aside, the league was called the Reality Fighting League, and it was much better than I anticipated. 8 fights all ending in knockout except the main event. One cancelled because a guy came in overweight, and then they bought out the guy who didn't to tell the crowd that the guy was a ***** who got scared and decided to cheeseburger his way outta the fight. A girl fight. And everyone was pretty local, so you got a nice atmosphere of cronies. A ton of steroids pumping through the place). We run into a friend of mine there and we grab a drink her and her boyfriend together between fights, which was nice, because Ai's never really seen me in my element, I'm always on her turf.
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Default Re: My Foreign Girl Experience (Long)

.... then it gets ugly. Her phone starts blowing up. She's texting. She goes to smoke, which is code for going to talk on the phone. Now she's back and talking in Russian. I finally ask her what the hell is going on. She tells me Jorge (I thought the guy's name was Josh, but it's Jorge) was at her house, he yelled at her roommate, and she told him we were up at casino, and he's coming up here. I'm just beside myself. Understand that this guy's a scrawny worm of a dude. I'm by no means afraid. I'm just aggravated as hell.
The guy shows up, and she goes out to see him. Fights are still going on. She comes back to finish fights. I ask her if everything is alright, and she's obviously upset, I think mostly just over my obvious discomfort. We leave and she needs my phone to call him because he has her phone. He's up at Jordan's sports bar, and we're gonna go meet him. I'm not interested in that, and tell her that, but she's freaking out, and "this wasn't supposed to happen ... and whatever", and being the pushover I am, I go.
This guy is gonna do the Hey Buddy act. How ya been? Are ya up? How were the fights? How's the room? How was dinner? Now he wants to buy me a burger and drinks. I tell him I just had a 100 dollar meal, I don't really need his burger. He's ordering me chilli anyway. And in an effort to deal, I start knocking down vodka as fast as they can pour it. She goes out for a smoke, and the guy is still trying to buy me drinks, at which point I tell him not to turn this into a spending contest, because I work 60+ hours a week and don't have two kids, so that more than likely won't end well for him. He gives me the speech about how he ****ed up and fell in love with her, and I tell him to run that game on her, I'm not really interested. I know from my ride up here I have no shot here, I'm just trying to extricate myself from the situation.
We leave and again I tell her I'm heading to my room. Again she pleads with me not to. "We come to play poker we go play poker. Please, I so sorry." And again being the sucker I am, I follow along. Honestly a big part of the reason I'm on my own so much is I don't even like hanging out with my friends as couples. It's awkward and uncomfortable for me, so this really doesn't interest me. But I also know that it'll be easy to lose them in the poker room. It's not like you get seated together.
I head in, chip up 500 bucks, go to the 2-4 table, which I know will keep this cheap bastard away from me, and proceed to start blowing people off the table. I'm drunk so I'm far more agressive than I usually am. I catch a couple hands, and when I do I play them hard. And that means when I decide to bluff, which is much more than usual because of my mood and condition, people are buying it. Next thing you know I have a little over 4K in front of me. Now normally I'd leave here, but now I'm pissed, and feel like I'm salvaging this night a little. I wind up givin back some, get down to 2800 or so.
We're past last call, so I get up to leave. I don't see them, which is fine by me. But as I'm leaving they're out front smoking and arguing. She had two grand going up and was down one. He was just bullshitting around folding and biding time. I tell her I'm going to bed, she again pleads with me, and I tell her no. He's drunk, and I tell her that the two of them can come back, take the bed, argue, ****, or do whatever, I really don't give a shit anymore, but I'm not gonna spend all night giving back 2800 bucks to watch it.
I go back to the room, spend 8 dollars on an orangina from the mini bar, fill up my ice bucket, and pour in the Orangina and a liter of Vodka, and proceed to drink it out of the bucket.
I'm passed out on the recliner when she comes in. She's scratching my head to wake me up. Jorge is out in the hallway acting stupid. She says she's leaving. I tell her not to, the guy is too drunk, she shouldn't be driving back to bridgeport with him. Again I offer to let them both stay, but he's not gonna go for that. She lost all her money. So I call the front desk, they run my members card and see all the money I pushed around that night, and hook me up with a room for 200 bucks. I stumble down to the lobby and check them in, and off I go to bed.

The next morning I'm up pretty early. I text Ai to tell her I'm leaving at noon if she needs a ride. I'm sure she doesn't, but I have a thing about if I bring someone somewhere I feel obligated to make sure they're set to get home. I get no response. I try again before going for a massage. Then I do some shopping, and finally call just before leaving. It goes straight to voicemail, and I'm guessing the phone is dead. I check the front desk and they're checked out of the room. So I take off and then shoot a text later that night, just to make sure she's home and alright. Nothing.
I wind up at a buddies place watching football, and relaying this story to their wives. I'm actually starting to wonder if I did something to offend hr. I was pretty drunk, is it possible she's actually angry with me, it almost seems inconcievable. I'm getting the I should've thrown her bag out the window routine. And I'm forbidden from trying to contact her again. But after a couple days I talk to one of them and tell her I'm gonna shoot her a text to see how her new dealing gig in West Chester went (I was driving her there at one point). If I don't hear anything, then I'm out. Nothing ... and I cut off trying.

Now, I still have this crazy Tattoo girl to deal with. I've got these crazy seats to Nets Heat game from a month ago, but frankly I'm not interested in continuing with this circle. But I told her I'd take her, so we'll go. I offer to get a hotel, but she can't stay. I set up dinner reservations. I'm gonna leave work early, and we're gonna head down and have a long night anyway. But night before she backs out on me. She gives me some shit about her grandfather being sick and she needs to fly to Florida the next day. She even gets me to get her plane tickets online which she gives me cash for, but comes up short a couple hundred bucks. Frankly I'm almost relieved. I'd prefer to just be done. I head down myself since I already took Thursday off from work. I get lost heading down, and wind up in China town, and it strikes me that that's where Anna lives. I give her a call to tell her I'm lost by her house. She's at work, and can't come to game, but we meet up after for a midnight dinner. She gives me this crazy story about Ai's boyfriend being a Gypsy, and casting some sort of spell on her, and what an asshole he is. She feels bad for me. I should keep my distance from Cali. She's pretty ****ing awesome too, and we have crazy physical chemistry, it's ashame she lives a couple hours away.

Finally last night I go to play poker at a new spot I heard about. I get there and Cali is there waitressing. She gives me some crap about changing her flight to later in February. The whole story is just nonsense I'm sure. But goddamn she looks good, and I give her a ride home, and we stop by a bar near her place where they all hang out. A bunch of Ai's friends are there, and they start talking to me. Cali again takes off. I need to let this chick loose. It's tough to feel hurt about being strung along by a chick and feel like an asshole about stringing along another. I keep telling myself we're just having an occasional dinner and she's having fun, but it's not the right thing to do. And Ai's friends are talking to me. She obviously told them all about our trip, and I'm sure they were all very supportive, but they all also seem to dislike this guy, and would prefer me to be around.
About 1am Ai and Jorge come in. I'm pretty drunk, but not obnoxiously so. She spots me and avoids me like the plague. But her roommate is sitting with me. Jorge actually comes over to say hello. He must be a gypsy. Her friends call me over while Jorge is out smoking. She looks like she's gonna cry and mutters about being sorry and doesn't want me to look at her. But I go up to her and kiss her and tell her that everything I said is still true. That I'd love to give this a shot, but she's obviously in the middle of something. And it's not good. She doesn't even have a phone number for the guy. He disappears for weeks at a time. He says he's divorcing his wife, but who knows. But that's up to her to figure out. And then I left.

And I think that's gonna end this little adventure, at least for a while.
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Default Re: My Foreign Girl Experience (Long)

Good sh!t.

Great reminder of the adventures and mysteries life has to offer even when you're nearly a geyzer.

Thanks Thorp AKA the other half of ISH Connecticut the most dominant state in all of ISHdom per capita.
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Default Re: My Foreign Girl Experience (Long)

I'll read those two later posts but I can't believe I missed the OP.

My buddy's gf's brother is sorta going through something like you. Makes great money working as the head guy at MorganStanley in town. Got divorced recently. Bought a porsche. And is dating a porn star who turned 21 this past week and is going to school at the local college. She flys out to LA from time to time to film. She's ok with him ****ing her porn friends and her college friends. Even went to the playboy mansion on NYE and ended up doing coke off of porn star's asses at a hotel. And the porn star is apparently quitting and going to grad school for him.

And he's 36.

Great post...will lead the other two later.
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Old School Cool
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Default Re: My Foreign Girl Experience (Long)

You should make a movie because I am 100% not reading all that shit
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