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Default Re: Alex Jones goes bat sh*t crazy on Piers Morgan

Originally Posted by Nanners
Cory Booker - Gun violence false debate

I think this guy will be president someday

Unfortunately, I think he might be too left for most Americans on some issues.
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Default Re: Alex Jones goes bat sh*t crazy on Piers Morgan

Originally Posted by bdreason
The problem is this country no longer belongs to the people. The process of electing people to represent our will (representative democracy) has been defiled by corporate america. Politicians win elections by accepting resources (bribes) from special interest groups and corporations, and from the day they are elected, pander to the interests of the groups that helped them get there.
This is a cop out. Americans love citing corporate influence in politics to absolve themselves of responsibility in the stewardship of the country.
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Default Re: Alex Jones goes bat sh*t crazy on Piers Morgan

Originally Posted by MMM
Yes you have the right to protect my self should there be a better balance between your personal right and our collective rights???

Irresponsible gun owners and the irresponsible lack of regulation need to be looked at so we can protect the rights of law abiding citizens.

I don't think everyone should have a gun. Particularly people with a history of violent crimes. I also think you should have to take a test under the supervision of someone who determines if you're competent and safe with your gun before you get a permit, similar to a driver's license.

I'm not against some regulations on gun ownership, but making guns completely illegal is just a nonsensical fantasy. And most violent criminals don't own their guns legally. Most don't want it documented, and most have had previous legal problems. Those are the people I'm really worried about. And if the average person isn't allowed to have a gun, many of those types, the people I don't want to have a gun still will.

Look, I hate people who don't look at gun ownership as a serious responsibility and treat it accordingly. There will unfortunately always be those people, just like there will always be drunk drivers.

Deranged nutjobs aren't the norm, though. And many of the times, it isn't their gun. What the gun owners have to do is keep their guns safe where only they can access them. Unfortunately, you can't police that. But what's to stop a deranged person from buying an illegal gun on the street?
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