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code green
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Default Windows Phone users....let's talk apps.

I know there won't be many people here that have Windows phones, I know we're pretty evenly divided between Apple and Android....but there's got to be at least a few Windows Phone users. Let's talk apps. This is hands-down the biggest flaw of the WP ecosystem, but there are a few gems out there. Any apps you guys use regularly and would recommend to other users? Also, include the device you're using since some apps are locked to certain phones.

Apps I use daily on my HTC 8x:
Cracked (app for viewing articles from Interesting stuff from time to time if you haven't checked it out)

Garmin Street Pilot (The 8x doesn't have built-in turn by turn directions yet, and since HTC hasn't released theirs and we don't have access to Nokia Maps, I had to go 3rd party. The trial gets the job done, directions up to 30 self miles, which works since RI obviously isn't California.)

Guitar Chords (Self explanatory, teaching myself how to play. Not going well btw )

PC Remote (Connects to your PC via WiFi and acts as a keyboard/mouse if you don't have wireless ones already)

Podcast Picker

Snes8x (SNES emulator)

YouTube Browser (No official YouTube app or even broswer access since Google is a dick)

WP Central (Great site for reading up on new articles/app and game recommendations/ tips and tricks)

Games: Where's My Water, Word tWIST, Stupid Test, Doodle Run, Sudoku, Pac-Man Championship Edition.

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Default Re: Windows Phone users....let's talk apps.

In comparison to Droid and iOS it doesn't have as much of a selection, but I haven't had any trouble with 3rd party services of what I want. It seems like most people have been bitching about Facebook and Instagram apps, which I could care less about.

I use for my Lumia 920:

Metro Tube: Best Youtube app I've come across

ESPN Scorecenter: Live tile can be frustrating as sometimes it doesn't update or stops updating mid-game.

Rowi Lite: Twitter app, does all I need it to do.

Runtastic and My Fitness Pal: I have these two synched. Runtastic is probably my favorite run tracker that I've tried so far and MFP keeps me up to date with my diet.

The Chive: Good for pics of girls and some random other stuff

Amazon Kindle and Raccoon Reader: Have a few books on there

Baconit: Reddit app

Fuse and Newser: Still deciding which one I want to be my newsapp

XBox Smartglass: Let's you use your phone as a controller, allows you type some stuff and has some good accessories for some games.

I've been looking for a decent podcast app, but I've only tried one or two. The stock podcast app can be a bitch, sometimes it doesn't download new episodes of what I subscribed to so I want to get a different app.

Games: Don't play them much, but I have: Mirror's Edge, Wordament, Sudoku, Robotek.

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