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Default Re: Could You Score in an NBA Game?

Originally Posted by Rake2204
Ron Artest tried that once:

However, while Ron Artest is an NBA skilled 6'8'' monster, the issue for most of us trying to drive is the fact that NBA defenders would not allow it. I have to be honest, most amateur defenders I've faced have not been great. That said, there's been some amateur guys, a few shorter than me (I'm 6'3'') who were just flat out strong, quick, and physical enough to not really even allow me to get a step to the bucket without them waiting for me. And those guys weren't that great, so to picture a 6'6'' NBA defender picking me up... I am not getting to the hole off the dribble ever. So creating a chance to get fouled would never happen.
Ron Ron with his drives to the rim. I know he's a beast and all, but in this vid, he is straight up playing like an amateur....and look, he made a few :) I agree that it would be incredibly difficult to get to the rim, but with some help from teammates within the system, it should be possible. We aren't talking about 10+ points....just 1 or 2 A good point was brought up about conditioning. We are assuming top shape, in order to score. My conditioning right now, wouldn't allow me to score on 5 year olds looool.

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Default Re: Could You Score in an NBA Game?

Originally Posted by Rysio
dude's like 6'6 200lbs im sure he could but when its his turn to defend he aint got nothing for me.

ok, enough.. some of posters here.
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Default Re: Could You Score in an NBA Game?

The best player I've ever scored against is Andre Turner. By then, the guy was 36 IIRC and coming of a torn ACL. He was 2 weeks away from returning and coach told us to play some 1-on-1 before the end of practice. The score was 21-2
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Default Re: Could You Score in an NBA Game?

Absolutely. There no doubt in my mind. When your a great 3 point shooter like me, you will definitely score. Put me next to LeBron and Ill hit atleast 2 a game.
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Default Re: Could You Score in an NBA Game?

Originally Posted by GOBB
You would hardly get time and when you do this idea fast breaks would be there for you is funny. Stop.
I said if they let me do that , ofcourse they wouldn't but I just said that if given that kind of chance I could .
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